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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Unbounded Hindu hatred of Radio Mirchi’s RJ Sayema

This is not the first Radio Mirchi’s RJ Sayema has exposed her Hindu-hating traits and insulted Hindu sentiments. But Bharat is a ‘forgiving and tolerant’ country, and hence thinly-veiled Islamists like Sayema, Munawar Faruqui, and Mir Asgar Ali are given celebrity status and applauded by left-liberals for each mockery of Hindu Dharma. 

Don’t get deceived by her amiable voice you hear on the FM station; Radio Mirchi is a known cradle for Hinduphobes who openly mock or hate Hindu culture and religion. On the occasion of Diwali, a tweet by Mirchi’s Sayema surfaced online and went viral like wildfire. 

In the tweet, she had mocked Diwali by using an old sweet package to store vegetables like onions, garlics and chillies and used that to sarcastically wish ‘Happy Diwali’. 

RJ Sayema’s Diwali ‘greeting’

Such shocking display of under-handed bigotry, and the contrast with her Eid greeting, forced even the usually unflappable Hindi news anchor Ashok Shrivastav to comment on twitter while tagging the Radio Mirchi handle –

Let’s refresh our memories with what RJ Sayema has been upto over the past few years. A short public memory is the single-most important tool that enables such sly bigots to maintain their mask of civility.

Apologia for Tablighi Jamaat and super-spreader Markaz event

An apologist for radical Islam, RJ Sayema had come forward to support the Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) in April 2020, when members of the Jamaat held a massive congregation flouting all Covid norms in Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz, then proceeded to disperse and transmit the virus to different parts of the country, avoiding govt. requests to get themselves quarantined and tested, attacking police and spitting and sexually harassing nurses.

Defending the TJ, a fundamentalist Islamic group considered a ‘gateway to terrorism’ by security experts, she labelled their serial law breaking an ‘innocent mistake’, and instead labelled ordinary citizens who criticized the Tablighis as ‘bigots’ and spreader of ‘fake news’

This is the audacity a closet-Islamist like RJ Sayema enjoys in Bharat, where you get to defend a fanatical organization that flout rules and endangers public, and then you can blame citizens for criticizing the defaulters.

Such elements are emboldened by the secular Indian state when court after court let off the offending Tablighis with paltry fines, and even the CJI rebuked web platforms for ‘communalizing’ issues and spreading ‘fake news’, while hearing a petition by the Deobandi org Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind seeking action against those responsible for disseminating “fake news” about the super-spreader TJ event.

Whitewashing violent anti-CAA protests

RJ Sayema not only whitewashes crimes by Islamists but also encourages and incites them to go all out against the government and Hindus. In Dec 2019, Sayema had thrown in her lot behind the fundamentalist Islamic orgs violently opposing the humanitarian CAA law. The protests in Delhi were centered in the Jamia Millia Islamia university and soon turned violent, with bus burning and stone pelting leaving police and media personnel injured.

RJ Sayema, like a loyal member of the ummah, used her verified twitter account to rally the troops to resist the ‘kafir’ government:

“People gather in large numbers at Delhi Police headquarters, Jai Singh Marg near Patel Chest Metro Station at 9 am, December 15 to protest against the ongoing violence by Delhi Police against Jamia students,” she tweeted.

Bitterness over RJB verdict and Ayodhya Bhoomi Puja

She gets a sickening and sadist pleasure from repeatedly and routinely deriding the Hindu sentiments. A day before the Bhoomi Puja to start the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, this is what RS Sayema tweeted-

A bitter Sayema lamented that one can’t keep hopes from humans (read, Hindus).

Hindus finally and legally won their rights over the Ram Janmabhoomi after almost 500 years of wait. It was conclusively proven from archaeological and literary evidence that a grand Ram temple had existed at the birthplace of Sri Ram in Ayodhya, which was destroyed at Babur’s orders and a mosque constructed over the ruins to celebrate the victory of Islam.

Islamists have never reconciled with the Supreme Court order, and mainstream Muslim bodies like AIMPLB have threatened that the decision will be overturned when circumstances change. An important part of Bharat’s civilizational heritage is being restored, which will contribute to healing the scars of history and strengthening social harmony.

As a nation and people who have suffered so much from Abrahamic colonialism and supremacism, Hindus have nothing to feel apologetic about, and if anything, should consider themselves lucky to be living in a time when the much-awaited and deserved Mandir is being built. 

Hypocrisy: Sermons on Diwali vs Let us celebrate Eid the way we want!

Hypocrisy personified, this radio entertainer keeps targeting Diwali and complains of crackers, shaming the Hindus for celebrating their religious festival. On the other hand, when people call out how millions of innocent mute animals are barbarically slaughtered in the open and within residential societies on Bakr-Eid, Sayema again shames Hindus for ‘not allowing Muslims to celebrate their festival in peace’.

Hinduphobia over old military traditions

Everything in Bharat has to be stripped of its Hindu roots, for closet Islamists like RJ Sayema. These same people will swoon over glorified Arab history, mosques and institutions rooted in Islam when they visit Middle-Eastern nations.

‘Islamic Republics’ of Pakistan and Bangladesh to our left and right will not elicit any comment from them. But an old tradition of a military band playing the Hindu aarti ‘Om Jai Jagadish’ tune, raked up on twitter by a retired general with an agenda against the current government, had Sayema’s blood pressure shooting through the roof!

Not only is her mind narrow, but her vocabulary is pretty limited as well. Hence, when a poised and eloquent public speaker like Manoj Muntashir went on to expose bitter truths about Mughals, and Anand Ranganathan quoted verses from the Quran, the triggered and riled up radio jockey, struggling to find a solid rebuttal, could only name call the highly accomplished and articulate duo as ‘bigots’.

It is the misfortune of our country that generations of Hindus fell for the chicanery of such closet-Islamists who slyly denigrate Hindus but stifle all critical examination of their own religion and culture.

In our neighbouring countries, Hindus are persecuted and treated worse than animals over fake blasphemies engineered by Islamists, as was recently demonstrated in Bangladesh. In Bharat, closet-Islamists like Sayema and Munawar Faruqui mock Hindus and commit sacrilege against Hindu deities; but when challenged on social media or through legal channels, they promptly play the victim card. Dialogue is impossible with such indoctrinated minds. The only solution is to deal with them firmly, by replying in the language they understand and through unrelenting application of the law.

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  1. This is “secular” India ! India honoured an ex-army Pakistani soldier , what about advocate Ravindra Ghosh from Dhaka, he is fighting for minority Hindu rights in Bangla desh. He faced numerous attacks from Bangla deshi Islamists. No honour for him!!


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