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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Journalist asks ‘Which gods are they impressing?’ #KollamTempleFire Tragedy

In yet another example of the deeply entrenched Hinduphobia within Bharat’s English language media, National Security Editor of the leftist ‘The Hindu’ newspaper was found making an offensive tweet over the Puttingal temple fire tragedy which struck Kollam in Kerala on Sunday.

#KollamTempleFire Journalists Offesnive Tweet

When the Uphaar cinema fire occurred in 1997 killing 59, did journalists’ ask “Which bollywood star are they impressing?”; for the Kumbakonam school fire in 2004 killing 83 children, did any journalist ask “Which education were they seeking?”; for the Hajj stampede in 2015 killing 2236, did anyone dare tweet “Which god are they impressing?”.

NO. Each of those tragedies was correctly treated as an administrative & human failure. Rather than question the role of the State Government, district administration & temple management committee for this gross negligence, our ‘secular’ journalists are taking potshots at the easiest target around – Hindu devotees. Until a thorough, independent investigation is carried out, even foul play cannot be ruled out as there is precedence which shows how Hindu temples have been targeted in Kerala by Christian missionaries.

Josy Joseph’s implicit message through his tweet is clear – If only those superstitious, ignorant Hindus had not congregated at their temple for their annual fireworks celebration, they would be alive today. The gods they are trying to impress could not save them today. When faced with protests on social media, Joseph deleted his tweet and apologized ‘if anyone is hurt.’ But his boss, Malini Parthasarthy, railed against those ‘heckling’ the journalist and demanded that his ‘freedom of expression’ be respected.

How did these same ‘secular’ journalists react when a short-circuit caused a fire in a Delhi church?

Last year, there was a fire in a Delhi church, which was used as one of the incidents to build up the ‘Christians under Attack’ narrative. Interestingly, these reports of church fires, vandalism etc. stopped coming once the Delhi Assembly election was over and the ‘secular’ AAP party had registered a thumping win. Even though police investigation showed that the fire was caused due to a short-circuit, lets see how ‘secular’ journalists of the same ‘The Hindu’ newspaper reported the incident –

Father Cyril Patrick told The Hindu: “This is surely not a case of short-circuit. The CCTV footage recorded at 2 a.m. shows a burning object falling inside the church premises. I do not want to name any person or group, but I think this is deliberate mischief to create panic.”

“If a short-circuit had burnt the crib how are the other lights around the crib still functional. They were all connected to the one around the crib,” he said pointing to the light around the Christ statue.

Meanwhile, prayers were conducted in the church as usual. The devotees who came to the church were, however, scared and insecure. “I am extremely sad about the state of affairs in the Capital currently. Why are people trying to attack our religious institutions,” said Suzzane, a devotee.

“Every time there is a fire in any church, the police say it is due to short-circuit. Why are short-circuits only happening in churches. Who are they trying to fool. We all know it is an attack by miscreants,” said Mathew, another devotee.

Each and every journalist in our English language media had blown these minor incidents in Churches of Delhi completely out of proportion – their message was clear: Hindus, emboldened and with direct approval of Narendra Modi, are out for the blood of Christians.

Going by the standards of our ‘seculars’, Hindus would be well within their rights to suspect foul play by Christian extremists in the Puttingal temple fire.  After all, Kerala is ruled by a Christian CM Oomen Chandy of the Congress party which is led by Roman Catholic Sonia Gandhi. It is also a stronghold of various missionary organizations who have spread their tentacles far and wide across Bharat with an aim to harvest Hindu souls. Through her actions during UPA-1 & UPA-2, Sonia Gandhi has proven her dislike for ordinary Hindus and never lost an opportunity to fix them –

  • She passed the 93rd Constitution Amendment and a sectarian laws like RTE which places private schools run by Hindus at a massive disadvantage vis a vis their minority run  counterparts.
  • School syllabus was severely distorted during her time to further the negationism of Islamic violence in Bharat, gloss over our Hindu past, and distort the role of revolutionaries & Hindu nationalists in the freedom struggle. Even the Nehru-Gandhi family, specifically Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, all of whom are very much contemporary politicians, also found their way into various books used by students at different levels in schools.
  • Her key appointee, YSR Reddy, the Christian CM of undivided Andhra Pradesh from 2004-09, gave massive state patronage to Christian missionaries who harvested souls by the millions. YSR’s regime was so corrupt that a Wikileaks cable showed the US  Consul General commenting that YSR’s Government had ‘”widespread corruption that was beyond the pale even for India”.
  • She introduced the term ‘saffron terror‘ to create a false equivalence between Islamist terror and the so-called Hindu terror. In fact her son Rahul Gandhi told a US diplomat that ‘Hindu terror is the biggest threat facing India’.
  • Sonia Gandhi even pushed the draconian Communal Violence Bill, which if it had been passed, would have put the burden of proving innocence on accused Hindus; the Bill assumed that any riot is essentially the handiwork of the majority community.
  • National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (NCMEI)was established in Nov 2004 to ‘protect and safeguard the educational institutions which are established by the minorities in India.’ With this, minority run institutions were given ever more autonomy and kept further out of the purview of the state of Bharat and its judiciary, while at the same time burdening Hindu run schools with the draconian RTE!

The list is endless – damage to our defense preparedness, allowing ISI to spread its tentacles deep within our polity, mind-boggling corruption which has eaten away at the innards of our country, NPA ridden Public Sector Banks, crumbling infrastructure etc.

But to the credit of Hindus, not one person (including those belonging to what is branded as the most bigoted organization – RSS) has tried to play ‘communal’ politics over the fact that Hindu devotees were charred to death in the state of Kerala due to negligence of a Christian CM, in a state where politics and society is dominated by the trinity of Christians-Communists-Islamists. All Hindus ask for is the right to a dignified existence & for our traditions to be given the same patient hearing accorded to other communities – but even that is too much to ask from the bigots masquerading as independent journalists in the mainstream media of Bharat.


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