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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Instagram thinks saying “Genocide against Hindus isn’t a crime”, doesn’t violate ‘community standards’

After Facebook and Twitter abetting hatred for Hindus to flow freely on their platforms, Instagram has joined the list by declaring that calling Hindus as sub human and justifying Hindu genocide aren’t against its community guidelines. It refused to take down a post which spewed hatred against Hindus and asked the complainant to unfollow, block or mute the Hindu hater instead.

A Twitter user had posted a comment from Instagram and the response from the social media to a complaint against it. The post reads, “I didn’t do any crimes against humanity, and a genocide against Hindus isn’t a crime against humanity either because they aren’t humans to begin with xdxdxd”. The comment was made by an account ‘muuhhsab’ in reply to another account ‘shashankroyat’.

Someone raised a complaint against this comment with Instagram, but to their shock they received a reply from the review team saying “it doesn’t go against our Community Guidelines”. It actually advised the complainant to “avoid seeing” such content and suggested that he/she unfollow, block or mute the account that made the Hindu genocide comment.

It isn’t really surprising considering the things Facebook, another Meta owned social media platform, and Twitter do. Facebook had blocked users who shared information about the violence and sexual assault on BJP supporters in the aftermath of West Bengal assembly polls in 2021. 

It also refuses to take any action on accounts spewing Hindu hatred on a daily basis and abuse Hindu deities. It should be noted that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had said that Facebook will “fight to protect your(Muslims) rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you.”

This isn’t the first time for Instagram either as there are numerous posts abusing Hindus and their beliefs are considered “not in violation of community standards”. Hindu Post had written in the past on how Instagram accounts using filthiest language for Hindu deities in the name of freedom of speech were allowed to continue even after thousands of complaints. Such nonchalance has only encouraged Hindu haters and come to calling for their genocide and yet Instagram fails to see the human rights violation in it.

It is time the Bharatiya government and well established Hindu diaspora take measures to see social media giants see the light and seriously work towards ensuring Hindu human rights.

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  1. What Bharatiya government will do ?”Human rights is for all. Then why do you need a minority commission ? Are the Hindus, the majority not entitled to human rights?” P. Deivamuthu – 2006.


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