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Friday, December 9, 2022

Ex-Indian Express journo Irena Akbar accuses Dalits of ‘gang-raping & killing Muslims in 2002 riots’

Dalits are constantly bombarded with the faux-notion of ‘Jai Bheem-Jai Meem’  – Bheem standing for Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and Meem for the Islamist Owaisi-led AIMIM party. But all Hindus know better than to trust the Islamists who feign brotherhood with Dalits for political gains and expansion of Islam. The same was proven once again, when Indian Express’ former journalist Irena Akbar took to Twitter last week and exposed her unvarnished hate for the entire Hindu samaj, including Dalits.

While the capital city was set on fire by the anti-Hindu rioters, one user, Aamir Usmani exhorted Dalits to ‘come out on the streets and fight against the Hindus’. Irena Akbar jumped to respond in the most venomous manner imaginable. She accused the Dalits for doing the ‘dirty job of gang-raping and killing Muslims’ during the 2002 Gujarat riots, adding for good measure, “We (Muslims) owe them nothing”.

Pulling out the victim card and crying ‘Gujarat Riots’ is a standard tactic of Islamists. In their imaginary world, the riots will always remain a state-sponsored pogrom, never mind the fact that the riots were sparked by arguably the most brutal crime the nation has ever seen – 59 Hindus burned alive by Islamists in Godhra – and that the riots witnessed the death of over 250 Hindus as well, mostly in police firing.

We cannot stress enough times on how Dalits, just like OBCs, Brahmins or Baniyas, are an integral part of the Hindu fold, howsoever much ‘secular’ political parties and other anti-Hindu forces try to manipulate their real issues for political gains. And the atrocities committed on Dalits by Islamists, even when Muslims are numerically far less in number in Bharat than Dalits, shows just how much of a charade this manufactured ‘Dalit-Muslim unity’ talk is.

From being killed for celebrating Bharat’s victory in cricket, to being assaulted after BJP’s victory, from having their daughters raped and murdered, to being assaulted for wearing a pathani suit, the Dalits of Bharat have suffered all kinds of brutalities at the hands of Islamists. You can read all many such incidents here. Moreover, the plight of Dalits in a Muslim majority nation is just unimaginable, as Pakistan & Bangladesh have proven.

The statements made by Irena Akbar, true to the narrative pattern she perpetuates, are gigantic lies. Being confronted by netizens, she chose to delete the tweet, forgetting however that nothing is lost on the internet. Users had taken screenshots of her hate-filled anti-Dalit tweet before she could delete it.

One user, who claims to have done his internship at the Indian Express shared that he would never want to go back to work with that employer because of ‘journalists (like Akbar) who are self-righteous and filled with hatred’. He tagged Indian Express Executive Director Anant Goenka and told him that his newspaper had lost credibility because of such employees.

A former reader responded stating that the highly biased reporting on the CAA by the Indian Express had compelled him to discontinue from its readership since December 2019.

In December 2019 itself, a former colleague of Irena Akbar, Ishita Yadav, exposed Akbar’s Islamist mindset. She revealed that Akbar was ‘hateful and angry’ even back then, at a time when Congress was in power at the centre. Akbar was obsessed with stories about her religion, and even wanted to do a story on how ‘amazing Zakir Naik’ was.


We wonder if Irena Akbar managed to influence her boss Shekhar Gupta (editor-in-chief of the Indian Express from 1995-2014) into doing his NDTV’s ‘Walk The Talk’ interview with Zakir Naik where Gupta called the hate-speech and terrorist-funding accused Naik as the ‘rock star of tele-evangelism’, ‘a preacher of modern Islam’, and the interview ended with Gupta wishing Naik ‘keeps on growing in popularity’. Or maybe it was Gupta who convinced Irena Akbar about how ‘amazing’ Zakir Naik was?

Ishita Yadav’s tweets rightfully points out the Islamist hate coursing through likes of Irena Akbar – even when the Modi government was not in power, and Manmohan Singh had announced that Muslims have the first right to Bharat’s resources, Irena was just as hateful towards the country as she is today. For an Islamist, living in a kafir-majority country is something to be endured until the time comes to convert Dar-ul-harb into Dar-ul-Islam. Irena should relearn taqiya from senior Islamist journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani, who recently advised Muslims protesting CAA to appear inclusive ‘as part of strategy’.

The Modi government and the supposed “fascism” the liberals have associated with it, has just given the closet Islamists an avenue to come out and thrive with full might. Their fundamentalism and strong religious fanaticism, however, predates May 2014.

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