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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bombay Begums: normalising teen sexting, alcohol & drug intake, prostitution; with a dash of Hindumisia!

Hindumisia runs deep in Bollywood, add to that sleaze, drug abuse, teen alcohol consumption, and prostitution and you have Pooja Bhatt’s Bombay Begums directed by, not surprisingly, Alankrita Shrivastav whose earlier offering Dolly, Kitty aur Chamakte Sitare also passed off mindless sex, adultery, and Hindumisia as women’s rights and creativity. Hindumisic Netflix, which has hosted anti-Hindu content earlier too, is airing this series.

Bombay Begums has gone a step too far by not just portraying but also normalizing sex chats, casual sex, alcohol consumption, and drug abuse by minors which has now been taken cognizance of by child rights body National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) that has ordered Netflix to stop streaming the show and submit an action taken report. NCPCR has contended that such shows pollute impressionable minds and might lead to child abuse and exploitation.

Normalizing negative teen behavior

In one of the scenes, a 13-year-old is shown to snort cocaine and gulp down alcohol only because the boy she has a crush on rather carefully names Imran Siddiqui (there comes the Hindu girl loves Muslim boy angle!) is dancing with other girls. The director has left no stone unturned to make every negative condemnable behavior look ‘cool’.

For a country that is grappling with an increase in crimes related to children including online stalking and blackmail using photos and videos, normalizing teenage drug and alcohol consumption instead of showing the devastating and negative effects of the same would only make the younger generation imitate on-screen behavior as is the wont with most teenagers.

In recent times, several cases have come to the fore where gangs have been caught blackmailing and extorting money from females including teens by threatening to expose their nude and morphed photos on the internet. In July last year, a gang of 6 from Tamil Nadu and in February this year reports of a digital stalker Rahim Khan who had blackmailed over 50 girls across Bharat being taken into custody from Haryana have come to the fore.

In such a scenario, minor school girls being shown to take pictures of their ‘developed’ body parts to impress their classmate Imran only seems to suggest that such behavior is par for the course. Such portrayal is only going to encourage more Rahim Khans, Mohammed Mohideens, and Mohammed Shariefs among others to lure and trap young girls by encouraging online stalking.

Alcohol and drug abuse by teenagers are ‘cool’

Alankrita Shrivastav who introduced ‘rebelutionary feminazism’ in her Dolly, Kitty aur Chamakte Sitare, which is nothing but moral degeneracy promoting adultery, has taken now moral degradation to the next level by insinuating that teenagers smoking cigarettes and doing “dhandha” (prostitution) amounts to freedom of choice.

Normalizing prostitution as a choice when the reality is the exact opposite

Shrivastav conveniently overlooks the fact that human trafficking is one of the major problems plaguing Bharat where scores of young girls are kidnapped and pushed into the flesh trade. “Dhandha” is not a choice but rather a curse forced upon numerous girls, especially from poor families, abducted and enslaved by criminal-minded elements.

Readers might recall the case of a Hindu minor girl who was kidnapped, raped, and enslaved in a brick kiln for six months by Shaqib. The Bhopal sex racket where many underage girls were sexually exploited by veteran journalist Pyaare Mian who also used to invite businessmen, builders, eminent personalities, and politician friends to rave parties is another case in point. We would also like to highlight the case of Mohammad Salauddin who arrested in Delhi for kidnapping a minor girl from West Bengal and trying to sell her to traffickers in Rajasthan.

By legitimizing prostitution as a choice, Shrivastav is simply attempting to sweep the huge human trafficking problem under the carpet where most of the victims are underage girls from poor families who are abducted and forced into prostitution. Reality is the exact opposite of what is shown in Bombay Begums which glamorizes prostitution.

Objectifying woman

In fact, the makers have even shamelessly attempted to justify sexual favors as a means to advance one’s career. There can be nothing more degrading than a supposed woman-centric film implying that it is a woman’s body and not her talent that helps her become successful as a career woman.

Liberal dose of Hindumisia

No web series or OTT show is complete without Hindumisia these days and Bombay Begum is no different. The antagonist in this is series is a lecherous tilakdhari (sporting the holy Hindu vermilion) politician from a saffron outfit.

Not satisfied with the saffron Hindu symbolism, the makers have ensured that he also interprets the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita to justify getting physical with the woman by stating that satisfying his lust is the woman’s Dharma. Not only is this lightyears away from the teachings of the Gita but also a direct assault on the beliefs of Hindus. Would the makers ever dare to depict a villain reading from the Bible or Quran in a similar fashion?

In fact, even in shows where the plot involves Islamic terror if a character is shown referring to Quran to justify terror, later in the show the lead character almost always makes it a point to show how the villain is misinterpreting the Quran and acts deferentially towards it. But no such clarification is provided for distortion of Gita.

Woman empowerment is turning into a sleaze fest these days and with each show, Hindumisia is taken to the next level. Creative license is simply another name to abuse Hindu Dharma and depict the Hindu society in a bad light.

(Featured Image Source: The Indian Express)

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