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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Congress trolls rain threats and abuses on journalist Shiv Aroor for sharing Rahul Gandhi’s comment

Journalist Shiv Aroor is being threatened and abused by Congress trolls wishing him ill only because he shared a video of Rahul Gandhi’s comment. The clip shows Rahul humiliating RSS chief Shri Mohan Bhagwat for not having ‘women around him’.

Aroor faces Congress troll attack

The barrage of troll attack began when Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera put out a tweet reading “some of us were perhaps wrong in expecting better from Shiv Aroor”. This was clearly an attempt by Khera to insinuate that Aroor had deliberately shared a shorter version of Rahul’s speech.

Following this, Congress trolls descended on Aroor’s timeline with abuses and threat. One troll with Rahul Gandhi’s picture as his DP (display picture) wanted to know if Aroor’s father was also a ‘thief like him’.

Then there was on Armaan, a Rahul Gandhi fanboy, who said “Mum calls you dallal as well? Remember the future generation will call your kids a traitor’s kid”.

PC: Shiv Aroor Twitter Page
PC: Shiv Aroor Twitter Page

There were others who questioned when Aroor was going to join the ruling BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party). There were viler comments such as one which said that Shiv’s family should have ‘killed’ him the day he was born and that he should tell his children that he is a ‘pimp’.

PC: Shiv Aroor Twitter Page

A Congress supporter named Ajay Kamath dragged Aroor’s mother into the discussion as well. He went on to claim that Aroor’s mother was right when she had said that she had erred in expecting better from him. Another Congress troll commented on Aroor’s lineage and said “Not surprising…one have to have a lineage for having such a mindset”.

PC: Shiv Aroor Twitter Page

Not just abuses but there were threats of physically harming the defence journalist as well. One Congress troll wrote “Kabhi raste peh mil… there ko pata chalega r*ndi ki aulad (Meet me someday on the road. I will set you right, son of a prostitute)”.

What did Aroor tweet?

Aroor posted a 28-second clip of Rahul Gandhi with a facepalm emoji indicating an expression of dismay, exasperation, or embarrassment. In the clip originally shared by Asianet News, Rahul Gandhi addressing the All India Mahila Congress meeting can be heard as saying “You must have seen 3-4 women around the picture of Gandhiji. Did you see any woman with Mohan Bhagwat? Did you see it? It can never ever happen”.

PC: Shiv Aroor Twitter Page

Following the barrage of abuses, Aroor tweeted the entire speech which shows that the journalist had in no way attempted to quote the Congress leader out-of-context. There seems to be no deliberate attempt at distorting facts as insinuated by Khera.

In the extended video, we hear Gandhi saying “Their organization crushes women empowerment. Our organization gives women a platform. Narendra Modi, RSS did not make any woman their Prime Minister. Only the Congress party did (in a reference to his grandmother Indira Gandhi)”.

As is apparent, the extended video is merely a continuation of Rahul Gandhi’s speech drawing a comparison between RSS/BJP and Congress. There is no discrepancy between the shorter version of the clip initially shared by Aroor. In other words, Rahul Gandhi wasn’t being quoted out of context.

Merely sharing the clip has triggered the trolls who have been abusing Aroor despite the fact that he didn’t even comment on the Congress leader’s speech nor did he make any personal remarks about him. Congress trolls have always been intolerant of anyone who merely point out the obvious.

Funnily, a resolution has been passed by Delhi Mahila Congress ‘appointing’ Rahul Gandhi as Delhi Mahila Congress President.

Whatever be Rahul Gandhi’s intentions, his comments on Gandhi being surrounded by women has certainly turned the spotlight on MK Gandhi’s experiments with celibacy. This involves among other things experiments that were undertaken by Gandhi to ‘test’ his sexual resolve, an aspect of Gandhi’s life that his supporters and Congress always tries to keep away from the public eye.

As is his wont, Rahul Gandhi was merely spreading falsehoods regarding the BJP/RSS to score some brownie points with his audience. That he was factually incorrect makes no difference to him or his audience.

Someone needs to remind the Gandhi scion that ‘being seen in the company of women’ or doesn’t amount to women empowerment. The present government has the highest number of women cabinet ministers in the past 17 years and the RSS has a women’s wing named Rashtriya Sevika Samiti.

(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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