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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Delhi HC curtly dismisses plea to remove misleading claim in NCERT textbook about Mughal emperors giving grants for temple repairs

The Delhi HC (High Court) refused to entertain a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) that sought the removal of misleading claims regarding Mughal rulers Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb found in class 12 NCERT history textbook. The Delhi HC further remarked that the petitioner should file petitions on tax evasion while referring to him as a ‘champion of PILs’. It also stated that PILs were being filed randomly.

Delhi HC dismissed misleading claim removal plea

Institutions in Bharat, including the judiciary and bureaucracy, have time and again displayed their ‘love’ for the Islamist rulers of Bharat. Mughals are a favorite with historians, filmmakers, and others who prefer to paint their rule as a ‘golden era’ and Mughal rulers as ‘tolerant’ and ‘champions of religious harmony’ despite the fact that evidence on record shows that this is far from true. The present Delhi HC ruling should be seen in this light.

A report by The Indian Express on the Delhi HC judgment says:

The division bench of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh termed the petition a waste of the court’s time and warned to dismiss it with cost. It was later withdrawn by the petitioner after the court expressed its strong disapproval against the PIL.

“You are saying you have a problem that Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb had no such policy for giving the grants for temple repair, etc,” the bench observed. “We are unable to decide the present policies of the Centre and state governments and you are talking about some policies of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb. You want us to decide about the policies of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb? The High Court will decide?”

According to the book “Themes in Indian History (Part II), all Mughal emperors gave grants to support the building and maintenance of places of worship. Referring to the reigns of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb, the book notes that even when temples were destroyed during wars, grants were later issued for their repair. It was argued before the court that the claim made in the book was not factual.

Bharatiya judiciary that admits frivolous PILs at the drop of the hat as pointed out by BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad earlier this year has termed this plea as a ‘waste of time’. The apex court has ample time to ‘waste’ on deciding whether roads should be straight or zigzag or if Odomos should be classified as insecticide or medicaments under the GST law. Most HC’s across the country spend their time on frivolous issues.

Anti-Hindu Mughal rulers

As much as the Delhi HC would want to brush inconvenient truths under the carpet, the fact remains that Mughals were Islamists who never issued grants for repairing temples. Aurangzeb was a fanatical Islamist who put his own brother Dara Sikoh to death. The torture meted out to Netoji Palkar and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj by Aurangzeb to force them to accept Islam is on record.

In Bharat as well all Islamic dynasties including the Mughals levied jizya on their Hindu population. Although Akbar is said to have abolished jizya, Aurangzeb re-introduced the levy in order to ensure that Islam is propagated and the practice of Hindu Dharma comes to an end. This intention of Aurangzeb is mentioned in no uncertain terms in his biography Maasir-I-Alamgiri by Saqi Must’ad Khan.

Maasir-I-Alamgiri quotes Aurangzeb as saying that the main intention of jizya is to bring an end to the “religion of the kafirs” and ensure that a majority of people are converted to Islam. Another aim of jizya as clarified by Mughal Era Sufi Scholar Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi is to insult ‘kafirs’. Koranic injunction says that ‘kafirs must pay the jizya with humility’.

Mughals from Babur to Aurangzeb have indulged in razing temples and gurudwaras as recorded by their chroniclers, biographies and even these rulers themselves have recorded these destructions in their autobiographies. At times they razed a lone temple and at others, they indulged in mass destruction. Maasir-I-Alamgiri states that between March 1679 and August 1680, more than 300 temples were felled by Aurangzeb. Official Mughal records show that in January 1705 Aurangzeb issued orders to destroy the Pandharpur Vittal Mandir and slaughter cows in the holy temple premises.

For long leftist stranglehold has distorted the country’s history where crimes of Islamists have been whitewashed in the name of secularism. Rather than correcting this false propaganda, NCERT has gone ahead and brought in woke madness in the curriculum. It is probably too much to expect the secular and colonial-minded judiciary to take petitions, such as the current one, seriously.

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  1. Courts often behave as the biggest stumbling block for any attempt to correct the false and bogus history written by leftists.


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