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EVR ‘Periyar’ : Are Tamil Brahmins Jews or Aryans?

Here is EV Ramasamy (Periyar)’s own words from Kudiarasu 20-3-1938.

One of the side effects of the Dravidians’ portrayal of Tamil Brahmins as “Aryans” is the association of some of the glorious qualities found in the Aryan race such as discipline, truthfulness, hard work, courage, military organization, clarity of thought. In the 1930’s, the Aryan race rhetoric was on the ascendant with Germany rapidly weaponizing.

Here is Periyar wondering if Tamil Brahmins can be better compared to the Jew.

Translation follows :

  • What are the Aryan qualities do you see in Tamil Brahmin (Paarpaan) ?
  • How can we say they are Aryan?
  • Jehovah is the god of Jews. There are so many similarities between Hindu religion and Jew, so why can’t we propose that Tamil Brahmin is not Aryan but a Jew? Jerusalem temple and Hindu temple are similar with courtyard, pond. it must have come from there no?  They also have holy men in Palestine HIndu also have.
  • Did Jehovah become Siva?
  • El word – the Arabic could have become Vel, right?
  • There are trees, naga (snake) in the temple. In Eden also there are trees and the snake story. Is there no relation?

In Page 2, he lists the qualities:

  • Jews think that they are the chosen one, Brahmin also say they are from head of God.
  • Jews show lamp during worship, Brahmin also do it.
  • Jews don’t mix with other castes, Tamil Brahmins also don’t mix with other castes.
  • Jews have no fixed country to call their own and also have no patriotism, Tamil Brahmins also have no country to call their own and have no patriotism. What is the difference?
  • Jews do not work hard but always go in search of money. Same with Tamil Brahmins.
  • Jews don’t care, have no responsibility to society but only focus on getting close to the rulers and then getting into power and torturing  and killing others. Tamil Brahmins also do the same.
  • Jews stories and philosophy is totally against rationalists, similarly Brahmins religion story are also irrational? See isn’t there a big similarity?
  • Jews are not courageous – instead of ruling through valour they are experts in sectarian and dividing and ruling. Since Brahmins are exactly like this (no courage)  – you tell me isn’t there a possibility the Jews and the Brahmins are the same?
  • In appearance and colour also Jews and Tamil Brahmins are very similar.

Therefore, instead of calling Paapans (Tamil Brahmins) as Aryan, isn’t it better we (Non Brahmin) call them the Jew? Therefore, I request researchers to go through this and see if Brahmins are Jews or not.

I am not focusing on refutation in this post just sharing the primary material as-is.

Of course, all the accusations are vile and can be easily refuted by just inverting the questions to any group. For instance, do Chettiars and Nayakars freely mix with other castes? Do Naidu have patriotism or a specific homeland? and so on.

(This article was first published on the author’s blog on 9th September, 2020 and is being reproduced here with permission, after minor edits to conform to HinduPost style-guide and improve readability.)

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