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Sunday, June 4, 2023

The coverage of UP elections has again shown Hindu-hate of liberal-secular media elites; time to punish them

Bharat has witnessed yet another historic election. Yogi Adityanath is the first UP CM to complete a full term and get re-elected. BJP has registered a victory in Uttarakhand too and looks likely to retain Goa and Manipur.

But after the euphoria of yet another significant victory for the long-suppressed Hindu soul of our country subsides, we must not gloss over the naked Hinduphobia spewed by the entire cabal of liberal-secular media elites who control the national media discourse. We are talking about the likes of Prannoy Roy, Shekhar Gupta, Aroon Purie, Ravish Kumar, Rajdeep Sardesai, Siddharth Varadarajan etc.

Their coverage of the UP elections and results is full of Hindu-hate and anti-Hindu bias, both overt and covert. So normalized has such discourse become that most Hindus just laugh it off as frustrated rants, rather than recognize it for the hate speech it clearly is. The differential treatment of Muslim and Hindu voters is also reflective of the deep anti-Hindu animus that these elites harbor.

Here are a few samples:

1.) Hindus are incessantly and condescendingly probed about their ‘caste’ and community specifics, and any conversation with them is manoeuvred to disregard their agency to think for themselves and somehow elicit comments critical of BJP. Or they are vilified and demonized for merely standing up for Hindu rights. See exhibit 1, exhibit 2

See how disappointed veteran Hindi journalist Ajit Anjum (nee Kumar) looks when a lady answers his usual ‘which community are you from?’ question with a ‘We are Hindu’ answer.

2.) Muslims who want the entire community to mobilize for the option most likely to defeat BJP – ignoring all other considerations like infrastructure, law & order, prices, employment that Hindus are expected to consider before voting – are lionized as ‘intelligent’.

So nakedly communal mobilization of Muslims fueled by anti-Hindu bigotry of Islamist clerics and supremacist Ashrafi elites is ‘good’.

Before the results, there was open cheering in some media outlets and among media elites for a corrupt, nepotistic and criminalized party like SP, which is also in cahoots with Islamists. Another twitter thread lists some of the outrageous statements coming out from different quarters, including calling RSS/BJP as ‘snakes’.

Post results, we are seeing Hindu voters being demonized, with comments like “Dismantling of Republic with mobilization of public”. What else is a democracy supposed to be, if not mobilization of public? This is the same as decrying ‘majoritarianism’ just because more and more Hindus are refusing to be divided into groups and vote for crooked feudal parties. The same charlatans cheer when Muslims, Christians and Sikhs are brainwashed and mobilized against BJP/Hindus by their religious institutions and radical clerics.

Ravish Kumar is unhappy that Brahmins could not be separated from BJP (remember all the noise around death of gangster Vikas Pandey?).

The trend towards flaming fires of separatism by glorifying ‘sub-nationalism’ as a form of federalism is now being openly spoken of by the media elites. Foreign analysts are coming on these post-election TV debates and declaring ‘death of democracy’ and slandering UP’s badly-needed anti-conversion law as ‘slide in democratic norms’.

All this chatter must not be taken lightly. This slow drumbeat is designed to delegitimize our elections, create an international pariah out of Bharat and shame and intimidate Hindus. The ramifications are being felt across the Western world by our hard-working, law-abiding Hindu diaspora.

These elites don’t care what the common man/woman thinks of them, or how their lies are being exposed on a daily basis. They believe that once a friendly regime is back in power, they will silence their opponents and rebuild their tattered image. Right now, these anti-Hindu elites are operating with impunity, safe in the knowledge that there is no downside to their actions and they only need to win once.

Those representatives that we Hindus vote into power are also at times found seeking approval of this same venal elite or going soft over the dehumanization of Hindus. Hindus have already paid a terrible price in West Bengal for merely exercising their democratic rights, and continue to do so. We are being murdered from Kerala to Karnataka, and raped and beaten from UP, Maharashtra, Punjab and AP for choosing BJP.

Unless our government takes immediate and decisive action against the unscrupulous and Hindu-hating Nehruvian elites who are orchestrating this bigoted campaign of calumny, all these election victories will unfortunately not amount to much in the long march of history.

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