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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Secularism: the ultimate Al-Taqqiya?

In the previous article titled “Al-Taqqiya: The Tactic of Deception” we understood how the Islamic community uses deception to trick their enemy (e.g. Kafirs). In this context, we now examine how the followers of Islam in Bharat often use ‘secularism’ to attack Hindus and answer the question: is ‘secularism’ the ultimate form of Al-Taqqiya? 

Legacy of Muslim appeasement

In the 1940s of undivided Bharat, it is worth remembering that Muslims wanted a separate Islamic country and partitioned Bharat on religious lines. In the Provincial Elections of 1946, 95 per cent of Muslims of undivided Bharat voted for Muslim League that led the demand for partition. 

Despite their role in breaking Bharat and not moving to Pakistan, the then PM Nehru resorted to Muslim appeasement politics. Muslims were allowed to keep the British era Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937, whereas Hindu and Christian personal laws were codified. Continuing with the Muslim appeasement of her father, Indira Gandhi in 1973 helped establish the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). Muslims have vehemently opposed the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) even though it is written in Article 44 of the Bharatiya Constitution.

History of Secularism in the constitution

What does ‘secularism’ mean? Before we dive into the topic, do you know how the word ‘secularism’ was inserted into the Preamble of the Indian constitution? And did ‘secularism’ exist in the original Bharatiya constitution written by the Constitution Draft Committee headed by Dr B.R.Ambedkar? 

In the images above, the one on the left is the original 1950’s Preamble of the Bharatiya Constitution. On the right is the current Preamble of the Bharatiya Constitution. Notice the words, “Socialist Secular” is missing in the 1950’s original Preamble. These two words were added by the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of Bharat by the then PM late Indira Gandhi, possibly illegally, when the entire country was placed under the brutal and tyrannical Emergency rule from 25th June 1975 to 21st March 1977. Interestingly, the Preamble explicitly mentions ‘Liberty of… belief, faith and worship’ and ‘Equality of status and of opportunity’, then what was the need or the intention behind inserting ‘secularism’ in an undemocratic manner?

Why was ‘secular’ introduced? What is the meaning of ‘secularism’? What purpose does it serve?

The concept originated in Europe and the original meaning of secularism is the separation of governance in a country/kingdom between the Church and the State as practised in Western countries. However, in Bharat, Indira Gandhi’s secularism was to mean equality before the law and religious neutrality of the state. 

As per Indira Gandhi’s secularism introduced in 1976, the Bharatiya government and all its constitutional bodies will not be partial towards any religion. Now that we know how secularism started, let’s examine how it went and how it’s going:


In the 70’s, Indira Gandhi’s government intensified the voluntary population control with the aim to reduce the expanding Bharatiya population. A cursory look at the posters, stamps and government issued leaflets show how the campaign mainly targeted Hindus. If Bharat was a ‘secular’ country why was the ‘Hum Do Humare Do’ campaign only targeted at Hindus and not other communities? 

The impact of such targeted campaign on Hindus was profound. As per a Pew study in 2021, Muslims still have the highest birth rate in Bharat. Hindu birth rate is 2.1 per women while Muslim birth rate stands at 2.6 per woman. 

In the 80’s, under the garb of ‘secularism’ Bharat history was systematically de-Hindu-ised. Bharatiya children were not taught the glorious Hindu history of Chatrapathi Shivaji, Lachit Bhorpukan, Viyanagara Empire, Laliaditya Muktipeed, Cholas, Pandavas, but Mughals and the British were glorified despite their murderous zeal to annihilate Hindus and Hinduism.


Congress formed the National Commission for Minorities in 1992 to appease Muslims in the aftermath of the demolition of the Babri Masjid. In 2005, Sachar Committee was formed to study the welfare of minority communities. In 2006, Dr Manmohan Singh infamously declared, “Muslims have the first claim on resources”. A Ministry of Minority Affairs was created and A.R. Antulay became its first Cabinet Minister. This raises the question: if all religions are considered equal before the law (as per secularism) then why a separate commission for minorities was created? 

Minority Ministry received the highest ever fund allocation of Rs.5,020.50 crores for the year 202-23 in comparison to Rs.3,531 crores in 2013. According to Indiaspend.com, in 2006-07 the funds allocated to the Minority Ministry was Rs.143 crores.


Bharatiya taxpayers were funding the Haj subsidy given to Muslims for undertaking their pilgrimage to Mecca. Crores of rupees have been spent on Muslims for Haj. In 1994 it was Rs. 10.42 crore, in 2013 the total subsidy given was Rs. 680 crore, which was reduced to Rs.405 crore in 2016. In 2012 Supreme Court passed an order asking the Bharatiya government to gradually reduce the Haj subsidy. Finally, in 2018, the Bharatiya government completely scrapped the subsidy. The state governments of Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh provides subsidies to Christians wishing to visit Jerusalem for pilgrimage.


Since independence Hindu temples were brought under state control whereas Churches, Gurudwaras, and Mosques were kept out. Bharatiya Hindu temples continue to pay taxes and tolerate interference by the Bharatiya government and judiciary in the functioning of their place of worship. No other religious place of worship is under government control nor does the judiciary interfere in their management. 

The Government distributes the money donated by Hindus in temples to various Muslims and Christians causes. For example, as per the article, The Endowment Act: Are Temple Funds used for non-Hindu religious purposes on MissionKali.org, Tirupathi Temple funds are used by Christians to propagate Christianity in Andhra Pradesh. In Karnataka, Congress governments approved the use of temple funds for developing other religious places of worship. The current BJP government reversed the order and assured temple funds will be used for development of only Hindu religious places.

In 2020, when Bharat was battling Covid crisis, Left-Christian-Islamist cabal called for using temple gold to fund the financial burden imposed on the government while conveniently leaving out cash rich Muslim Wakf boards and Christian churches. 

Impact of secularism on Hindus

What have Hindus received in return for being secular:

  1. Genocide of Hindus in various riots like Moplah, Noakhali 
  2. Hindus driven out of their homes 
  3. Temple land, public land, and Hindu homes grabbed using the Wakf Property Act
  4. Forcible occupation of public space to read namaz
  5. Muslim youths using fake Hindu names marry and convert Hindu girls, abduct, stalk, rape Hindu girls, behead them for resisting conversion
  6. Stone-pelting on Hindu religious yatras
  7.  ‘sar tan se juda’ rallies 
  8. Beheadings for supporting Hindus who call out hatred towards other Hindus 
  9. Using protests by blocking roads causing economic loss and inconvenience to fellow citizens
  10. Oppose implementation of Citizenship Amendment Act, abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, National Register of Citizens (NRC) and Uniform Civil Code (UCC). 

As the Indic awakening is growing stronger everyday, in January 2020, eminent Indic lawyer Vishnu Shankar Jain has petitioned the Supreme Court to delete the words ‘socialist, secular’ from the Constitution. Hindus are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this petition.

In conclusion

The anti-Hindu cabal has deceived Hindus for over 75 years. The inference that can be drawn by examining the various examples provided above is Indira Gandhi’s Secularism is nothing but a state-sponsored jihad against Hindus. It is the ultimate Al Taqqiya, to deceive Hindus and turn Bharat into an Islamic state by 2047

-by Team Stop Hindu Hate

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  1. Hindus are at 2 front war with 2 predatory so called religions backed by leftists/urban naxal/sickular opposition parties.
    Most sad part is so called Hindu Hridaya samrat has done nothing to uplift hindus in part 8 years.Only photo up tokenism to milk hindu votes to win elections is what bjp/modi has done.He is continuing same appeasement politics of sickular parties.Now modi wants to woo pasmanda muslims who are more than 80 percent of muslims. All these so called backward muslims are no less jihadis than ashraf muslims.first modi thought about banning 3 talaqs to gain votes of muslim women which failed,wooing shias also failed, now going for pasmanda muslims which is going to be 100 percent failure project of bjp for sure.bjp guys never learn from past failures,wooing jihadis endlessly in one form or other without any shame backstabing the hindus who are voting endlessly to bjp thinking these guys are going to do good to hindus which never happens.


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