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Friday, April 12, 2024

Kerala Fire and Rescue officers train PFI cadre

Kerala Fire and Rescue Services officers were seen providing ‘training’ to the members of the Popular Front of India (PFI) in Aluva, Ernakulam on March 30. The incident came to light after photos of the training session conducted at Aluva Priyadarshini Municipal Auditorium went viral on social media.

Kerala police ended up training around 100 PFI cadre in resuscitation treatment and fire and rescue operations. This was done in spite of the fact that existing rules clearly state that fire force officials should not participate in political and religious programs. Firefighters themselves had complained that participating in such programs is a serious violation of service rules.

Criticism is mounting following PFI state secretary CP Mohammad’s remark while speaking at the function. Ominously, he said that rescue and relief workers should be prepared to “save the country from other challenges facing the country”. What exactly are these ‘other challenges’ that he referred to, is being questioned. Mohammad said that what he intended to say is that the PFI cadre should be ready to deal with ‘natural disasters as well as man-made disasters’.

There are also allegations that the PFI threatened the officers involved and forced them to participate in the event. Reports suggested that there was disagreement within the force and many questioned why they were training known extremists. (BJP) leader K Surendran made it clear in a tweet that the orders to train these jihadi terrorists came directly from higher-ups in the police and political hierarchy.

It is well known that radical elements in the Kerala Police have a group called the Pacha Velicham (Green Light). Allegedly, they receive orders from the quasi-terrorist outfit PFI, head-quartered in Kerala but which has now spread its tentacles all across the country.

In the case of fire force officials training PFI cadre, it is this very group that claimed that they were invited to a ‘cultural program’ organized by PFI. They added that all that they did was to provide the PFI cadre with tips on rescue operations when some PFI workers requested them.

After the images of the event went viral on social media, the Kerala government asked the DGP of the fire force B Sandhya to submit a report on the incident. In the report, Sandhya said it was a big lapse on the part of the force to train extremist organizations and sought action against the officials who were involved. Sandhya recommended action against five officials, including the regional head of the force. 

Sandhya claimed that the decision to train the PFI workers was taken locally and that higher-ups were not informed about it. This means that what happened is either negligence on the part of the authorities or incompetence. Both do not augur well for society as a whole or for the future of Hindus in Kerala. 

So basically what we have is a situation where dozens of extremists are renting auditoriums and assembling while all that the Kerala home department can do is issue a few circulars. Many now believe that, before long, Kerala will go the Kashmir way where the state turned against its own Hindu citizens and it ended in Hindu genocide. This time around, the scale of the horror could be much higher since Malappuram district alone has around 10 lakh Hindus and 30 lakh Muslims.

The report by the technical director of the fire and rescue services department recommended action against the regional fire officer, district fire officer and three others, who imparted the training to the PFI. That report is currently under the home department’s consideration, and that department is handled by none other than CM Pinarayi Vijayan himself. Hindus were not surprised when the PFI brushed aside the incident calling it the ‘communal polarization agenda’ of the RSS.  

Barely a month has passed since a Kerala police officer named PK Anas was dismissed from service after leaking official information stored in the police database to the PFI. That data contained photos, details and addresses of 150 Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) workers in Kerala, who were on the PFI hitlist. Intelligence reports found that this leak led to the brutal attack of one such worker named Manusudhan, from a ST community, in front of children and the cold-blooded murder of BJP OBC Morcha chief, advocate Renjith Sreenivasan who too was hacked and killed in front of his family. 

The leader of the opposition in Kerala, V D Satheesan sought strict action against the erring officials. The Congress leader took a swipe at Hindus when he said that the ruling front was appeasing extremist elements in both, minority and majority communities. In fact, both the Congress and the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) are political partners and the IUML is an openly Islamist outfit. They are also the ones who secured victory for Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad after he was routed by Smriti Irani in Amethi.  

As usual, the Home department is hoping to downplay the incident and has suspended two officers and transferred three. It is feared that the ones who authorized this violation will go unpunished and those suspended will be back in service, in no time. Incidentally, a fire and rescue training certificate from Bharat can help you in both gulf countries and in nations where the Taliban rules.

The fundamentalist PFI was founded by radical Islamists with terrorist backgrounds in Kerala and it is now spread across Bharat. This organisation has organized terror training camps in jungles of Kerala and routinely holds military-style drills which are thinly-veiled area-domination exercises. Their role in fomenting trouble on religious lines is well documented and the last time they were in the news was during the violent hijab row in Karnataka.

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