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Five instances when a Muslim man can hit his wives: Sharia laws by Sirajudheen Al Qasimi Maulvi Kerala

Speeches by Muslim clerics about Sharia laws often lead to criticism. A new video of the controversial Maulvi Sirajudheen Al Qasimi from Kerala teaching his supporters how and when to physically abuse their wives according to Islamic law is going viral on social media. Qasimi is from Pathanapuram Taluk in Kollam and spoke at a public forum at Adikattukulangara in the Alappuzha district.

As per Qasimi, there are five occasions when a Muslim man can beat his wives.

First, a wife who does not cooperate with her husband in bed at night can be beaten, provided she is not mensurating and is healthy. She should not be ‘impure’ or have any diseases. If a perfectly healthy woman doesn’t cooperate with her husband in the bedroom, beating her is accepted per Sharia law. This is how Islam teaches physical relationships, Qasimi added.

Second, the wife who goes out (from home) without her husband’s permission can be beaten. Shariat says one doesn’t even have to pay the expenses of a wife who goes out without her husband’s permission. Such a wife is asking for trouble and should be well whipped.

Third is when a wife does not pray despite hearing the Adhan (Muslim calls for prayer). Wives who fail to pray should not be shown any mercy and thrashed. A Muslim should beat a wife who does not pray.

The fourth occasion is when a wife does not bathe after physical intercourse. If she does not bathe, she is impure and will incur the curse of Allah’s angels. So ladies who do not shower should also be pounded.

Fifthly, a Muslim lady should be beaten if she does not appear prepared as her husband wants. The Prophet did not like a wife who came to bed without henna. A husband purchases all the clothes, gold, and Suruma (eyeliner). So, the lady should groom herself properly for him (please the husband). She should not show off to the locals. Qasimi’s controversial rant goes on and on.

Alarmed citizens wanted the Women’s Commission to take action against this radical Islamist who openly called for violence against women based on their religious beliefs. Non-Muslims know that such legal measures are doubtful in ‘Secular’ Kerala. This is prompting even more daring chauvinist comments from the fundamentalists.

Sharia laws are one of the most criticized of all time. Protests are strong in several countries against the imposition of Islamic laws overriding modern justice systems. Muslim clerics, including in Bharat, continue to impose outdated rules and regulations on the faithful. Experts opined that Islamic principles restrict the freedom and rights of women.

Unless educated Muslim men come forward and oppose such atrocities against women, these trends will continue. Unfortunately, they are not yet ready for change and persist in hanging on to interpretations of radical fringe elements like Qasimi. These supporters should remember their daughters might face the same fate (beatings) once they get married. Incidentally, Qasimi admitted he does not have girl children.

Last year, Mahsa Amini was killed in Iranian sharia police custody for “wearing her hijab improperly.” Lakhs of Muslim ladies participated in massive anti-Hijab demonstrations worldwide. Bharatiya Islamist women entered their shells when their sisters in Iran and the rest of the Muslim world revolted.

That did not prevent reasonably educated Muslim ladies from Kozhikode from joining hands to oppose atrocities in the name of how they dress. It was in solidarity with the Iranian women agitating against the obsolete compulsory Hijab. Independent Islamic Thinkers organized the agitation on 6 November.

In May 2022, M T Abdulla Musliyar, a Samastha leader, publicly abused the organizers who presented a prize to a 15-year-old girl. The victim attended a Madrassa run by the same leader. Inviting such girls onto the stage is anti-Islamic, he growled. 

The man in question was the vice president of a Salafi Wahhabi group, the Samastha Kerala Sunni Islamic Educational Board. The caucus runs thousands of madrassas and mosques where lakhs of Islamists send their children to learn about the Quran, Islam, Islamic history, rituals, and Arabic.

The incident occurred at the annual Madrassa program near Perinthalmanna in the Malappuram district. The prize was handed over by Panakkad Sadiq Ali Shihab Thangal, the current Kerala State President of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). Back then, all that Shihab could do was smile meekly. This time (in the beating up wives comments), he preferred silence.

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  1. Listen man… Quran only allowed hitting a wife In one single condition.. If the man is good and he provides her all the thing she wants.. Every thing he provides her.. And after getting those thing she wants if she fights back with him or if she goes against their marriage agreement.. Then the first step is admonish her.. Means try to negotiate with her.. If she still to continues even after negotiation second step man should change their sleeping place.. If she still continues to go against him last step is atlast he can strike her.. Only a low strike is allowed.. Not even a hard strike allowed under these circumstances..and he can’t strike her on his face or gave her physically and mentally damage.. Only a small strike is allowed.. For ex hit her with hankerchief.. Cause it’s not much painful.. But not more than that he can’t beat her with anything else.. Only hacker chief was an example.. And more importantly it’s is allowed when man is good but woman is bad.. It does not apply on a good wife.. Plus it is also said it is best to avoid to strike her in these circumstances.. It is also said follow prophet Muhammad way (peace be upon him). Who never striked her wife.. So in short beating is allowed in only these circumstances.. But it is better to avoid even in this condition.. Reast all the condition that idiot maulana has given are not from our book.. So don’t go on social media.. Read first and then tell.. Due to this type of people Islam is shown always wrong.. But it’s not wrong when you will read it with your eyes.. Without going on social media.

  2. Maulvi Sirajudheen Al Qasimi concocted religious beliefs with Sharia Law to justify waging violence on women. Just imagine what hundred of thousands of Islamic children will learn in their madrassas — abusing of women while learning Quoran, Islamic history side by side!
    Many Muslim peoples nowadays are well-educated. Why they don’t come forward to weed out such evil ideologies?
    When the Muslim world is getting reborn with open-mindedness and liberalism globally, this kind of people must be ostracized and brought to book.


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