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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Meet Avadh Ojha, famous IAS coach who praises Osama Bin Laden’s “achievement”, claims Islam ‘liberated’ women

IAS coaching appears to be dominated by Hindumisic leftist elements who poison young minds set to enter the bureaucracy and much like ‘secular’ politicians as well as distortians (those who distort history) present a sanitized version of Islamo-Leftism.

Following the revelation of the kind of ‘coaching’ provided by institutes such as Drishti IAS and Vision IAS, it has come to light that popular IAS coach Avadh Ojha has been glorifying Islamism and terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden. IQRA IAS is an IAS training institute based in Maharashtra and Avadh Pratap Ojha, who is a lawyer by profession, is a senior faculty of History at IQRA IAS.

According to Ojha, there was complete darkness in the world and Mohammed brought Islam to enlighten the world. He also claimed that Islam grew through peace and not by the sword. Nothing can be further from the truth as Shri SR Goel had pointed out in his book The Calcutta Quran Petition (TCQP). “Then the apostle prepared for war in pursuance of Allah’s command to fight his enemies and to fight those polytheists who were near at hand whom Allah commanded him to fight”, says TCQP (p. 280). There are many such verses highlighted in the book that busts the lies propagated by the likes of Ojha.

“There was darkness all over. Women were being burnt in Europe in the name of witch-hunting. In India, there was Sati Pratha. Girls were being killed in China. There was darkness all over, and amidst the darkness, Mohammad Saheb was standing with a lamp in his hand”, Ojha further says. He adds that he suggested the institute be named Iqra IAS as there was a lot of darkness in the world.

Glorifying Laden, he says “Osama Bin Laden knew whom he had to fight. He attacked America and demolished the Twin Towers. The world came to know his name. He slapped the United States of America in its home. It is an achievement. He only attacked once. This is called a dream. It does not matter the American forces picked him up from Abbottabad”. He also equated the Taliban with great warrior races such as Rajputs, Marathas while highlighting the failure of America in Afghanistan in recent times.

Those who have attended his classes have also posted their opinions with some putting forward the view that the tutor is only interested in self-promotion while others have said that these videos are merely the tip of the iceberg and his lectures on history are even more controversial.

There are several factual errors like the one about the practice of Sati that was hyped up by British colonial missionaries to justify their ‘civilizing mission’ in Bharat. It has time and again been pointed out that this was neither a customary ritual nor widely practiced. None of Raja Dashratha’s wives committed sati after his death. Similarly, the Mahabharata has only scattered references to sati – one being Madri, the other being of Vasudeva and Krishna’s wives committing sati after the death of their husbands. But there are countless examples of wives of fallen warriors offering them funeral oblations. 

While Ojha celebrates the Taliban, it is perhaps time to remind him of the horrific deeds these so-called warriors have indulged in. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, horrifying details of how Taliban terrorists raped even the dead bodies of women were reported. It is exactly because of the sort of inhumane barbarism that current-day Islamists like the Taliban are displaying, that practices like Jauhar became prominent in the medieval age when Hindu women feared necrophilia by Muslim invaders.

This is how one whitewashes the truth and brainwashes students who then go on to become bureaucrats making policies for the populace that demean the Hindu culture and tradition. That this is taking place in one IAS coaching institute after the other is a matter of grave concern. Part of the problem also lies with the unrevised leftist history that continues to be part of the curriculum.

No wonder Babudom in general lacks empathy that probably stems from the fact that their training module is a continuation of the British Era. The basic issue with both bureaucracy and judiciary is a total disconnect with the country’s ethos, culture, and Dharma. This is due to the indoctrination they receive both from coaching institutes and post-selection training in the form of the material they read before exams (newspapers like The Hindu are recommended reading), in their Mussoorie training institute, and in their jobs. 

(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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  1. I heard leftist are inside the system..but here these people are even producing even before entering to system ..this guy justifying laden attach on usa ..he meant innocent life’s doesn’t matter when u want to reach the goal…it’s same what mao did in China…shame that such people get headline in India

  2. Ojha says “Aurangzeb was very imaandar n sympathetic to hindus. This is why he killed his father n brother but never hurted his hindu best friend raja mansingh” To me Ojha looks morally bankrupt


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