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Friday, June 2, 2023

“We surreptitiously put tracts inside Irumudi of Ayyappa devotees”- the despicable lows missionaries stoop to

Missionaries stoop to a new low everyday to establish their god as the One True God, and such a despicable act has come to light now. In a video shared in Twitter, a missionary can be seen gloating about deceiving Ayyappa bhaktas to place tracts (Christian religious texts) inside their Irumudi.

In a video posted by @HLkodo, a Twitter user, the evangelist gloats to his followers about taking advantage of their good nature and deceiving Ayyappa bhaktas. He describes how missionaries were sent to target them, during the mandala season. Ayyappa bhaktas who undertake a 41 day mandala vrata and go on pilgrimage to Sabarimala visit major temples on their way. Madurai Meenakshi, Kanyakumari Bhagavati, Rameshwaram, etc are never missed by the pilgrims.

The missionary says, “A huge number of buses would ply into Rameshwaram carrying Ayyappa bhaktas. We would be carrying tracts in our hands. I myself have gone. We would wait near the Pamban bridge. We would act like we were some stranded tourists..4 or five of us would stand there hiding the tracts. When the buses carrying Ayyappa bhaktas come there we would ask for lift”.

He goes on to explain how the atmosphere inside such buses would be spiritual with enthusiastic bhaktas singing Ayyappa bhajans. “They would sympathise with us and give us lift. We would stand in the bus and insert the tracts inside the Irumudis surreptitiously”. Irumudi is a pack traditionally carried by Ayyappa bhaktas on their heads during their pilgrimage. It contains the offerings for Ayyappa like rice and ghee. The pack itself is considered very sacred and the moment it is tied, Ayyappa bhaktas carry it on their heads except when on vehicles.

That missionaries take pleasure in desecrating such a sacred thing shows how deep their hatred for Hindu dharma is. Ayyappa bhaktas, once they take deeksha and wear mala, lead an austere lifestyle and should follow vows of never lying, being patient, calling everyone as “swami” in the sense that brahmam resides in everyone. The missionary’s language mocks this innocent nature of the bhaktas. Supporters of the Ready To Wait campaign held the view that the decision to allow women of all ages in Sabarimala was a move to break it’s unique tradition to make the job of missionaries easy. With this revelation their conviction stands vindicated.

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  1. I am a staunch supporter of Hindus , Hinduism and Hindu culture. I do not use Twitter or any other social media platforms. I do not understand Tamil and I cannot, therefore, answer your question as to whether I saw any signs of it being doctored. I do believe the report since I have read the the seminal work of Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan and also other books by RM. However , I do comment against anti-Hindu writers and commenters at other sites also, Swarajya, TFIPost, Organiser , Vijayvaani, TNIE , etc. So when I Use this information I must know that it is authentic since I have no other source to confirm that. In such situations – ” indicate that this is very much true ” is not not enough, I and many like me, must know that IT IS TRUE. You may have depended on this Twitter user and know that the person is reliable, but I do not know that. I have burned my fingers a couple of times before ( not HP source ) and so was trying to make sure that I can confidently cite it. I read HP every day, and respect the effort you are putting to give Hindus valuable information. So when I cite HP as the source I want to make sure that I don’t bring disrepute into HP. I am assuming from your response that the report is reliable.

  2. Is the video authentic ? Did HP fact check ? If real , it will strengthen Hindu criticism of Christian proselytizers ; if not, it will end up as another stupid blunder of Hindus.

    • Please explain what makes you think the video is “inauthentic”? Did you see any signs of it being doctored etc? Doesn’t the history of evangelism, the hate-mongering and unscrupulous acts they have repeatedly shown themselves capable of, indicate that this is very much true? Please learn to appreciate the hard work being done by diligent twitter handles like @HLKodo, who are working without resources or any support system, painstakingly studying evangelist videos with the sole aim of educating fellow Hindus.


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