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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Upset that his converted children won’t perform final rites, Hindu man donates his house to temple

Vexed with his son and daughters for converting to Christianity, a man has donated his Rs.2 crore worth house to a temple. The old man was upset that his converted children would not perform his final rites as per Hindu traditions and decided to give away his hard earned property to the temple.

Velayudham, an 85 year old resident of Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu, was hurt by his children embracing Christianity. He worked as a Health Inspector for the TN government and built a house which is now worth Rs.2 crore with his earnings. He has 2 daughters and a son. All of them are married to Christians and converted to Christianity as well.

Talking to local daily Dinamalar Velayudham said, “As a follower of Hindu Dharma I wanted my children to perform my final rites. Both of my daughters have married Christian men and are in government jobs. My son works in a private firm and he also married a Christian woman. All three of them have converted to Christianity. So they are not going to perform my final rites as per Hindu traditions”.

“I own a house in a 2,680 sq.ft property which is worth around Rs 2 crore now. I don’t want to give the house to those who have changed their religion. So I have donated it to Kumarakkottam Murugan temple which is my family deity. Those who have converted to Christianity will not perform any rites even when I die. So I don’t want to give my property to them. My second son and daughter are residing in a part of the house. They can live here as long as myself and my wife live. But the moment we die the temple will take over the house”.

Velayudham handed over the property rights of the house to the temple and gave the documents to the HRCE minister as the temple is under the department’s control. The sad thing is that missionaries have infiltrated HRCE with the help of cryptos and have been encroaching, illegally selling/buying temple properties. This is a classic example of how conversion breaks families. Shradh is a very important part of Sanatani lifestyle by breaking which missionaries destroy the relationship between children and parents and their grand tradition. 

In March 2021, am 18 year old boy was driven to suicide after his family, thanks to missionaries in his village, pressurised him to convert to Christianity. In 2017, a father had mercilessly thrashed his son for not converting to Christianity in Karnataka. The father used to be the hereditary pujari of the village temple and the son took up his responsibilities after the former converted.

In Goa, HinduPost had covered the case of a Hindu maid who was being pressurized to convert by her own relatives who had converted to Christianity. The maid’s uncle (A Kannadiga) who was a worshiper of the goddess Yellama earlier, after embracing Christianity told the maid that she was worshiping the devil and that she would go to hell if she didn’t embrace the true God — Jesus Christ. 

Another boy who converted claimed that his parents would be going to hell because they rejected Jesus and worshiped ‘forms of the devil.’ In East UP’s Jaunpur, a Hindu mother belonging to a Scheduled Caste had complained that her 22-year-old daughter was kidnapped by a missionary gang operating in their village – they threatened to kill the girl unless the entire family converted.

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  1. This is really heart warming to know that a father kept the tradition p above his own children. I hope more people will teach there children the dharma over facing this situation in old age.

  2. People must think Jesu Masih was not a christian nor his gore fathers.Mohamad was not a muslim nor his forefathers.World scientists must investigate who were their forefathers? After deep research it will come out that their forefathers were Hindus.Hindus are not only forefathers of humanbeings but all species in this world.George W Bush unior when he was about to become president of America second time said ,”I am christian by birth and full faith in bible except the part showing creation of universe because world scientists have disappoved the theory of creation of universe given in bible.”Can any scientist of world dare to disappove theory of creation of universe given in Srimad Bhagvad Gita? or as given in Dasav Mandal of Rigveda as seven Mantras of Nasdisuktam?That is why only Dharma exist in world is Sanatan Vedic Arya Hindu Dharma.Others are panth,mat only ie man made.They dont know the philosophy of creation of universe,destroy of universe ,age of universe and age of perlya.We sanatan Dharmavelambi know answer of above questions because our Parmatma is only real who made the universe and could transform himself as universe.Total age of universe is 31,10,40,000000000 years.At present age of present universe is 1972949121 years.These blind christians are mere crippled religious body.Jesu Masih read Srimad Bhagvad Gita from Bhartia saints for ten years as their disciple and incorporated to some extent in Bible.If that portion is extracted from bible it will not remain as trustworthy.Hindus must have garav in Sanatan Dharma and feel blessed being taken birth in it,in Bharat Bhumi.Ajay Sharma

  3. Father and mother is the valuable assets in this world, so I hope the children understand the situation and respect their needs as they getting old… matter who you are or you can be in any religion in this world….my personal advice don’t break the truth of life by changes…in the form of religion…..

  4. Namaskar Everyone!

    Ever heard the proverb: “A BLIND PERSON FOLLOWING A BLIND PERSON AND A BLIND PERSON LEADING A BLIND PERSON”? — What would be the consequences?

    People have to comprehend the difference between the Eternal “Dharma” and the three men-created “relgions”. If we breakdown the word “religion”, it means: re (joining, committing to) and legion (a cult) — so make up your mind!

    Besides, since around 4,000 years that the three Abrahamic relgions have been in existence, Judaism (created some 4,000 years back), Christianity (modified some 2,000 years ago) and Islam (adopted some 1,400 years hence forth), what have the majority of the followers done? Kill, Murder, Plunder, Invade, Colonize, LOOT, Convert, ENSLAVE AND ABUSE, Proselytize through coercion or other heinous and despicable means, and have perpetrated other crimes against humanity not befitting humane and civilized people.

    All the three have some very good teachings and the most important COMMANDMENT is “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” — Has there been even ‘one follower’ who has followed this Commandment, forget about all the other Commandments! — ELSE, THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE, ISN’T IT?

    So, what happened to those humans before 4,000 years ago — when there was no Chrisitianity and there was no Christian God? So by their inference, all of them “went to hell”? HOW RIDICULOUS AND HOW LUDICROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything depends upon “KARMA” — AS YOU SOW, SO YOU SHALL REAP. (You want to eat an apple and plant apple-seeds; after a few years, there will be an apple tree and you can enjoy the apples. However, you want to eat mangoes or bananas and plant “apple-seeds”, THERE WILL NEVER BE “MANGO OR BANANA TREES” — ONLY, APPLE TREES — DID YOU GET THE MESSAGE?) WHAT GOES AROUND, WILL ALWAYS COME AROUND.

    No one — not even me — can escape from the Eternal “Laws of Karma”. In order to get enlightened, please read “BHAGAVAD GITA” — IT IS THE ETERNAL MESSAGE OF THE ABSOLUTE GOD.

    Good “Karmic Luck” to all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (4 JANUARY 2022)





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