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Friday, June 9, 2023

Shri Vitthal naam smaran has a positive effect on the human body & mind, helps control several diseases say researchers

Naam smaran is an age-old Hindu practice that has now been found (archived tweet) to affect the human body and mind positively. Researchers of Pune’s Ved Vidnyan Kendra and The Inamdar Heart undertook a study to determine the benefits of naam smaran.

What is naam smaran?

Naam Smaran/Smaran is the practice of chanting the name of Bhagwan repeatedly. According to Narada Bhakti Sutras, Bhagwan manifests in places where devotees remember Him and chant His name. “The Name of God is extremely potent and powerful. It contains all the powers of God. Just as a seed contains a huge tree with its roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits, the name of God contains His Greatness, Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Patience and other qualities. It is the most effective cleanser and energizer”, notes an article in The Speaking Tree.

As per Hindu Dharmic beliefs, the practice of naam smaran cleanses one’s mind and heart just as washing cleanses clothes and bathing cleanses our bodies. Even when we bathe in the morning, dust and grime gather on our bodies. Similarly, our minds are polluted constantly by various internal and external stimuli. Hence, there is a need to remember Bhagwan and clean our minds.

Naam smaran relaxes our minds thereby making us stress-free. Furthermore, a relaxed mind produces thoughts that have a positive effect on our bodies. One can chant Bhagwan’s name silently in one’s mind or aloud even as one goes about one’s daily routine. Naam jap doesn’t necessarily require meditation and other yogic practices (but it must be mentioned such practices only intensify the positive effect of naam smaran due to the still thought-free state of the mind).

Positive effect of Shri Vitthal naam smaran

Thirty persons were selected for the research by the doctors. They were asked to chant the name, Vitthal two minutes every day for the next ten days. The participants were asked to chant the name with concentration and from the bottom of their hearts. According to the research, chanting Vitthal naam improved the performance of their hearts.

“We conducted medical tests of the thirty participants before starting the project. We asked them to chant Vitthal Naam for 9 to 10 minutes. After we again conducted ECG, blood pressure, clinical examination, and other tests. By analyzing the results we learned that on account of Vitthal naam smaran the heart functions improve, blood pressure comes down, and other positive effects were also seen”, Dr Avinash Inamdar informed the media.

Researchers also studied the science behind the word (swara shastra). It was discovered that while chanting Vitthal naam, the emphasis on the syllable ‘ta’ had a direct impact on the heart. “When we interacted with doctors we learned that Warkaris lacked the medical fitness to undertake the Wari but they were able to do so. This inspired us to undertake the study”, said Ved Vidnyan’s Pandit Prasad Joshi.

(Featured Image Source: Fizdi)

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