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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

MLA PC George wants the Centre to declare Bharat a Hindu Nation

PC George, the only independent MLA in the Kerala Assembly, although himself a conservative Christian, has now publicly announced that Bharat should be urgently declared a Hindu nation. He added that though the Supreme Court denies it, the issue of ‘Love Jihad’ still exists and is rampant in many parts of Kerala. The latest updates revealed that a Crime Branch Investigation has been initiated against George for this ‘unconstitutional request’! 

A constitutionally and internationally valid Hindu Rashtra in Bharat and the removal of the ‘secular’ word from the constitution has been a long-time demand from all nationalist citizens of Bharat. It would accord the sort of protection that Hindus and followers of other Dharmic paths like Jains, Sarnas, Sikhs etc require to protect their religious and cultural diversity from the onslaught of globally powerful Abrahamic religions. Most Western nations have given a privileged position to Christianity, most Muslim-majority nations have Islam as their state religion, even Buddhists and Jews have nations to call their own, but 1 billion Hindus are orphans with no state to call their own.

George openly admitted that the proposed Islamist plans of carving out a separate Muslim country out of Kerala by 2030 were temporarily halted when demonetization happened and the subsequent squeeze imposed on foreign donor funds hasn’t helped them. This has delayed terror plots he alleged, and added that this is no time for complacency.

A five-time MLA from the Poonjar assembly constituency, George knows the pulse of the common man and more importantly, of the Christians living there. Poonjar is part of the Kottayam district and a closer look at the demographics of the populations living in the high-ranges of southern Kerala is important under the current circumstances. 

These numbers allow us a deeper insight into how and why the local media and assorted presstitutes are trying to use George’s speeches to whip up communal passions. That is exactly what they did, by labelling his speech as ‘provocative’ and painted it an ‘attempt to destroy communal harmony’. This is now becoming a pattern whenever Islamic terrorism and separatism comes up for debate. 

Most local ‘journalists’ are aligned with the Islamic cause. This had become apparent when Islamist leaders like MES chief and PFI supporter, Dr. Fazal Gafoor praised them adding that these media houses were with them.

As per 2011 census statistics, Kottayam district had 50% Hindus, 44% Christians, and 6% Muslims. Neighboring Pathanamthitta district had 57% Hindus, 38% Christians, and less than 5% Muslims. In the Idukki district, it is 49-44-7. Even as far as Ernakulam it is 46-38-15. However, such figures don’t ring true, and for good reason. The Muslim population has exploded in the past few decades and it is becoming more and more evident now. Although it is true that overall Muslim TFR in Kerala is falling, the Hindu and Christian TFRs are also falling, and one of the most important things in demography is looking at the 0-4 age cohort. A shocking statistic which hasn’t got the attention it deserves is that the number of Muslim births overtook number of Hindu births in Kerala in 2016 – 5 years back! HinduPost had analysed the implications of this statistic in a previous article.

Specific pockets have Muslim populations of more than 30% like Kalamassery and Perumbavoor in Ernakulam, and in places like Erattupetta, Muslims are in majority clocking 75%. In some places, foundations for making Kerala an Islamic State have already been laid and the Islamists have banned the slaughter and sale of pork meat.  Pork or the flesh of pigs is considered Haram under sharia law but a quintessential part of Christian cuisine. Though politicians deny this as ‘Sangh Parivar propaganda’, for all practical purposes you just cannot buy pork in areas where there is a sizable Muslim population. 

The fear of oppression from Jihadi elements exists amongst evangelists and leaders like George express it openly. This has also made him an enemy of both the seculars and the Islamists. Both the communists and the Congress leaders take great pride in conducting beef festivals where they shamelessly fed beef to “as many as possible”, but they do not dare to conduct a pork one.

All this has made districts like Kottayam and Pathanamthitta a prime destination for Islamists. Local governments still consider them a ‘minority’ and pander to their needs and wishes, and this continues even though the Muslims themselves admit that they are the majority. The next census could give us a few surprises regarding the Muslim population in such districts. No wonder that the way things are going, a sizable population is just not ready to show documents, and militantly oppose the CAA and NRC.

The current communist leadership is churning out grossly discriminatory policies and monetary benefits aimed at Muslim appeasement. This has not gone down well with the evangelists. Neither have issues like Halal or the Islamist occupation of the Hagia Sophia church in Turkey which Erdogan converted into a mosque. 

More importantly, grooming jihad plays an active role in the psyche of ordinary Christians who have seen their kith and kin convert to Islam and then join ISIS. The communists paving the way for the whole grooming jihad scheme has not helped matters. An old secular (at least to his voters), having sensed the mood of his constituency, George is now trying to bring the Hindu and Christian voters in his favor.

Erattupetta falls under the Poonjar constituency of George and is brimming with Islamic fundamentalists, as was evident when George was campaigning there. The Islamists tried their best to intimidate George and had it been any other candidate he would have left for the sake of self-preservation. 

George stood his ground and, unlike the 2016 campaign, said that he does not want the votes of such religious fanatics, not that he would have got any! Later on, he canceled his election campaign in Erattupetta mentioning Islamist fascism. The way things are moving, Hindus will become a minority in Kerala in the coming decades, but what is alarming Christians is the fact that their population ratio is dwindling even faster.

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