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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Communist rockstar KK Shailaja displays ugly Hinduphobia in Kerala assembly

KK Shailaja, ex health minister of Kerala and the ‘rockstar’ of the left-liberal media worldwide, has come up with incredible thoughts that display Communist bigotry and intolerance when it comes to Hindu Dharma. She recently ranted on the floor of the assembly that the ‘soft Hindutva’ policies of the Congress party have led to the ruin of Bharat! The instances provided to substantiate her theories were even more perverse.

Having praised Jawaharlal Nehru profusely for his ‘secularism’, Shailaja said that Nehru believed in science and not ‘superstitions’ or customs and traditions. Unlike Nehru, later Congress leaders like Indira and Rahul were seen visiting multiple temples, she said. She termed these leaders becoming unexpected ‘Shiva bhakts’ as mere charades and termed their temple visits as gimmicks. 

Congress went after ‘superstitions’ and diverted from their originally proclaimed duties, she alleged. She added that such visits went against the concept of a ‘secular’ Bharat. Scientific thinking has now been replaced with ‘soft Hindutva’, she claimed. 

On the contrary, the secularist labelling of Hindu Dharma practiced by the majority as ‘regressive and superstitious’, while pandering to Abrahamic fundamentalists, is the reason for the state Bharat finds itself in today. Countries of East Asia have industrialized and modernized rapidly while remaining true to their civilizational core, but the secularists of Bharat have wrecked the confidence and capability of the country with their rhetoric, policies and colonial-era frameworks. Despite their trumpeting of ‘scientific temper’, they have failed to industrialize the nation, even after 60+ years at the helm or in the states they have dominated.

What Shailaja’s words indicate is that Nehru was openly anti-Hindu and could afford to be so during that period. Later Congress leaders could not take the Hindus for granted and had to indulge in these gimmicks, something they astonishingly managed to do rather well for several more years. 

Right now it is an exact repeat of the same Congress politics that’s transpiring in Kerala. Hindus have voted en masse for the Communists who in turn visit temples during elections and turn anti-Hindu as soon as the Hindus bring them to power. They take Hindus for granted, something they do not dare do towards the Christians or the Muslims. 

This is exactly what Congress did to their own peril. In the state assembly, out of 140 they now remain to represent just 21 constituencies. A weak BJP failed to even open their account in the state. Devoid of any sort of opposition, the Communists and like-minded partners with 99 representatives are now replicas of Nehru’s unopposed rule. Shailaja unmasking herself is just a sign of perils to follow for the Hindus of Kerala.

Such anti-Hindu rants are staple fare for Communists. CM Pinarayi Vijayan once said ‘Sabarimala priests are involved in prostitution’. Lok Sabha MP, former minister, and CPI(M) central committee member PK Sreemathi ‘Teacher’ disparaged temple-going Hindus by saying that Hindu women who go to temples in wet clothes after taking dip in temple ponds do it to display their body parts to men in those temples, and men come to temples to enjoy this.  Marxist leader Saju MR in a Facebook post said “we will not rest till we bury Hindu culture”

Reason for Shailaja’s rant and ‘cow manure’ jibe

Her outburst came after MLA V D Satheesan, the newly appointed leader of the opposition, demanded to know whether she had massaged Covid death figures to retain her rockstar status. Satheesan questioned the logic behind Kerala following the WHO guidelines instead of the ICMR one. 

He added that underreporting meant that financial benefits offered by the central government to the families of the deceased were being denied by the apathy of the state. He claimed that both MPs and MLAs were calling up hospitals for oxygen ICUs in vain, and added that someone he knew and for whom he tried for a bed (unsuccessfully) died within 48 hours.  Instead of a doctor who attends to a patient, it is a managing committee sitting far away who never met the patient that is deciding if a particular death is due to Covid or not! 

He said that antigen tests were being continuously done on seriously ill patients and once it shows a negative result and even if the patient dies due to complications, those numbers are not added to the Covid tally. All patients are now being discharged on the 17th day without even testing them for negativity. 

He gave examples of a CPM leader named Biju and of Dr. Babukutty, both of whom died due to covid complications, but were found to be non-covid related deaths by the expert committee! Biju tested negative but later developed complications and was put on a ventilator where he died due to post-covid complications including a cardiac arrest. Dr. Babukutti, a doctor from the Alappuzha Medical college, who despite testing negative on the 11th day died on the 40th. The experts then disallowed his name to be included in the covid list initially, but had to reverse the decision after strong resistance from doctors associations.

Seeing her carefully drawn public relations image erode fast, enraged Shailaja. She claimed that the BJP is not alone in believing that ‘cow manure will prevent the spread of covid’ and that Congress accepts it too. Such mocking and humiliating Hindus for considering the cow as a sacred animal is classic Hinduphobia. Whether it is a politician like Shailaja peddling false narratives like ‘BJP believes cow manure is cure for Covid’ or British journalist Ed Luce lying that ‘Union Health minister Harshvardhan thinks cow urine is a cure for Covid’, the target might appear to be BJP, but the underlying hate is directed at Hindus.  

Her half-hour rant continued unhindered in the state assembly and the communists cheered her while most of the opposition members observed silence. It was only K Babu who spoke up and asked the speaker of the house whether going to a temple is wrong! M. B. Rajesh, the Communist speaker of the house, who didn’t think it fit to interrupt Shailaja’s vile comments, replied that he will check whether anything insulting or objectionable was mentioned or not!

Shailaja, who had claimed Goa was a ‘Union territory’ in an interview to BBC where she was trying to market the ‘Kerala model’ against Covid while shaming the rest of Bharat, also did her best to praise Pinarayi and the previous government and happily added communist propaganda to the whole scheme of things. She said that only communist regimes have been able to handle the Chinese virus fairly well. Her bizarre examples included North Korea and Vietnam. 

Both these nations are one-party states where democracy does not exist. Only the communist party exists and it is supreme. Had ‘fascist’ BJP followed that same principle, Shailaja would not be using the majority votes and taxes to fund religions that teach to consider the non-believers as lesser humans destined to burn in eternal hellfire. One would like to hear Shailaja speak the same way when it comes to Muslims going to the mosque or Christians going to Church to prove her ‘secularism’.

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