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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Kerala IUML leader Firos claims to be proud of jihadi Variyamkunnan

Muslim Youth League (MYL) State General Secretary P.K. Firos from Kunnamangalam in Kozhikode claimed he is a proud descendant of Variyamkunnan (Variyamkunnath Kunjahammed Haji). MYL is the youth wing of the Islamist outfit Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). Many consider Variyamkunnan a jihadi who committed atrocities against Hindus during the Malabar Moplah riots in 1921.

Firos justified the construction of mosques by encroaching on temples in Ayodhya, Kashi, and Mathura. Firos claimed that the mosques were built here for Muslims to pray.

The youth league leader challenged that these are mosques built to worship Allah and will not be ‘given’ to Hindus. He was speaking at the Muslim Youth League ‘Day-Night March’ recently.

“UP (Uttar Pradesh) Chief Minister said they are for Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura. But what the youth league has to say to Mr. Yogi Adityanath, what the Malayali side has to say, and what Kerala has to say is that our forefathers built these mosques in India. We are the descendants of Variyamkunnan,” – said Firos.

“In India, the mosque was built for us to worship. To worship Almighty Allah. We will be there till our last breath to fight for the mosques. We will fight with the Quran on one hand and the Constitution on the other. In addition, the Youth League will ensure churches are safe from any threats to the Christian community,” – Firos added.

Firos is a youth leader who has been at the forefront of racist rhetoric. He is under the shadow of allegations that he organised donations widely in Kerala to pay money to young women who were victims of gang rape in Kathua-Unnao and diverted the funds. Later, the local police gave a clean check on this case.

The case pertains to the allegation that MYL national general secretary CK Subair and state general secretary Firos embezzled crores of rupees. Firoz utilised the money to settle his debts, and Subair used the money for his travels to northern Bharat. The complaint was lodged by then Muslim Youth League’s national committee member Yusuf Padanilam.

Kunnamanagalam Inspector Yusuf Nadutharamel, who investigated the Kathua fund misappropriation case, was suspended by the city police commissioner Rajapal Meena in October 2023. In the police report, the case was described as being fabricated and politically motivated.

Magistrate VP Abdul Sattar, the Kunnamangalam judicial first class magistrate court had dismissed the police report, citing a lack of evidence against the accused. Though Firos claimed the moral high ground back then, the case is still pending in court.

In May 2023, Firos opposed the screening of the film ‘The Kerala Story’ that portrayed non-Muslim women trapped by jihadis in grooming jihad. He claimed the movie insulted Muslims, Kerala and girls. Back then, the Congress party and the communists had the same view. All three political outfits are now part of the I.N.D.I.A alliance.

What Yogi Adityanath said was an open invitation to the Muslim communities to hand over Kashi and Mathura peacefully. Yogi said that although Shri Krishna in the Mahabharata requested five villages, Hindu culture now only requests Ayodhya, Kashi, and Mathura, the three centres of our faith. Duryodhana refused and ended up losing everything.

The Islamic country of Pakistan was established in 1947 when the British trapped Congress and persuaded them to accept their plan of division in response to the Muslim League’s demand for a separate homeland for Muslims. Unquestionably, Muslims voted massively for the Muslim League in the 1946 provincial elections, which stoked religious tensions at the time with its proposal for a separate Islamic State. Incidentally, Firos is a descendant of the same Islamists who never left for Pakistan.

Do such opinions about non-Muslim places of worship represent the popular sentiment amongst the Muslim population? Leaders like Firos were elected and are revered by the Muslims. Are there snakes in the grass that exist among us? Who authorised him to speak on behalf of all Malayalis and girls trapped in grooming jihad remains unknown.

Christian Response

Christian churches do not need your protection!

Christian Association and Alliance For Social Action (CASA): Christian Churches and Christians don’t need the protection of people like you who pride themselves as descendants of Islamic terrorists/robbers/religious fanatics like Variyamkunnan. We know nothing is going to happen to Christian Churches here anymore, or if any fanatics come against our Churches at any time, we are capable of dealing with it. We’ll do it, and we don’t need your help.

You are proud to be the descendants of VariyamKunnan, who massacred innocent Hindus in Malabar, raped women, beheaded and filled wells with their bodies, and looted houses and temples. VariyamKunnan did so since the British ousted the Caliph of Turkey. You share the same thinking and ideologues.

In 1921, Hindus were not the only ones who were killed in the Islamic riots. About 600 Christian families, workers, officials and traders from Thrissur ran the brick industry in Tanur and Tavanur (in Malappuram).

In those two areas, under the leadership of Variyamkunnan, only nine Christian families remained after the end of the brutal hunt. Some were put to the sword and converted, some fled south with their lives and the rest were killed. No matter how much you try to whitewash Variyamkunnan, we have not forgotten this, and we will not forget it!

Bandits invaded Bharat and subjugated the princely kingdoms. These thugs became rulers who destroyed the temples and looted their wealth in the name of xenophobic hatred. Our forefathers did not destroy any temple or establish any Christian churches in Bharat in the name of xenophobia or loot.

If we study the original land certificates of many Christian churches seen today, they will be in some Hindu names. None of the lands where Christian churches and Muslim mosques are standing in Kerala was created as land by itself; all those lands once belonged to Hindus. These are the lands donated (by Hindus) according to the Bharatiya culture, which accepts all religions with open arms.

We know that the left jihadist ecosystem is trying to portray that our Christian ancestors, too, destroyed temples and built churches. Without realising this, religious leaders recently fell into a trap by listening to the advice of the Congress leaders. (IUML is a Congress ally).

Two hundred ninety innocent brothers of ours were blown up in Sri Lanka on Easter day in a Christian church. Did you Muslims of Kerala condemn that incident in one word? Did you burn at least one candle for those innocent people?

In Nigeria, our innocent brothers and sisters are killed weekly inside our churches. Our priests and nuns are killed and kidnapped (By Islamist terrorists). Will you even respond with one word? No, then why such stupid dramas?

Even small children know what would have happened if Bharat was ruled by the League (IUML), which wrote an article justifying the conversion of the Hagia Sophia, a Christian church, to a Muslim mosque by force!

Even though it was the majority religion in India, the Hindu community did not take back the Sri Rama temple in Ayodhya by force. It took back the Sri Rama temple in a completely democratic way after hundreds of years of legal battles and getting the permission of the Supreme Court.

What did you do after rebuilding the temple in Ayodhya? While the puja mantras are being chanted at the Sri Rama temple, have you been able to lay the foundation stone of the mosque on the land allotted to you there? So, the mosque and prayer are not your real problem! Your problem is only intolerance towards other religions.

How long will you fool your community by showing the front picture of the Muslim mosque built on the destroyed temple? There is no need for an archaeological survey; even those who have seen the picture at the back (Gyanvapi) know it is built on top of a destroyed temple.

So stop bothering about Christian churches. You should first stop bragging and give back Kashi and Madura to the Hindu community and advise your companions to save their pride. That is what Firoz should do as a person with common sense.

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