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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Hindu temple demolished in Jalandhar; Hinduphobic incidents on rise in Punjab

An ancient Shiv mandir located in a Hindu cremation ground in Jalandhar, Punjab was demolished on Wednesday, leading to outrage among locals. The demolition was carried out via a bulldozer and several murtis and images of deities were also broken.

Hindu organisations such as Hindu Kranti Dal, Shiv Sena etc protested angrily with authorities and could be seen arguing with Punjab Police officials alleging police apathy. As protests gathered steam, DCP Naresh Dogra arrived with additional police force and assured Hindus of justice.

A video report by digital news outlet ‘Your News World’ shows how the temple was completely demolished without regard to the deities housed inside. Protestors demanded strict action and immediate arrest of those involved. Another protestor said that even on Dussehra, Hindus of Jalandhar were hurt when instead of Ravan, PM Modi’s effigy was burnt in the town.

There has been a spike in such Hinduphobic incidents in Punjab in recent months, ever since pro-Khalistani propaganda has seen a rise in the state in guise of farmer protests.

1.) A local recently stormed into an Ekal Vidyala and started berating the teacher there for “poisoning children’s minds” and “destroying Punjabiyat” by teaching ‘worship of Tulsi’ and other things.

The Ekal Abhiyan is a non-profit organization involved in education and village development in rural areas and tribal villages of Bharat and Nepal. It’s main activity is to run one-teacher schools (known as Ekal Vidyalayas) in the remotest rural & tribal villages to take education to every child. It is considered part of the Sangh parivar – body of organisations loosely affiliated with RSS. Anti-RSS propaganda is touching historic highs among the Sikh community, and it has now taken on a distinct anti-Hindu tone which was last seen during the period of Khalistani terror which ravaged the state in the 1980s and 90s.

This particular incident apparently occurred in Kauni village of Faridkot district. The person who questions the Ekal teacher first delivers a monologue – “such schools are run by RSS and they are poisoning the veins of Punjabiyat by indoctrinating little children to worship Tulsi etc. Shame on our (Sikh) community that we are not handling our coming generations right. They (RSS) are spreading this disease mostly in Fazilka, Jallalabad and Firozpur areas.” He then asks the teachers why they have written in Hindi on a blackboard, and why they “don’t love Punjabi”.

The teacher tries to defend himself by saying he always starts class with Fateh i.e. the Sikh religious invocation ‘Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh’. However, the other person cuts him short saying, “don’t give me this sugar-coated defense. I have heard your lectures, and how you quote verses from Guru Granth Sahib that are favorable to you. But tell me why you are not teaching Punjabi to small children?”

He then addresses the Sarpanch of the village (apparently a Sikh), asking why he has sent his daughter to teach at this school for a mere 10-15 K and ‘waste her time’ when she could be teaching her own religion?

The teacher says “that’s what we want to stop – mass conversions are happening in villages (to Christianity)”..but the other person shouts to say, “You are converting us Sikhs to Hindu/Sanatan…all children are Sikh here. Show me your Punjabi literature, show me your identity. Why do you start your work with a Jai Sri Ram slogan and then write in Hindi?”

Even the local reporters who broadcasts the video talks about how RSS is propagating Gayatri Mantra, OM as a conspiracy to ‘hollow the roots of Sikh society’. Such hatred for Hindu Dharma will come as a surprise for the Hindu parents in North Bharat who happily let their kids in govt and private schools participate in nagar kirtan rallies during Gurpurab (Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary).

2.) In another shocking incident, Hindu MLA Arun Narang was recently stripped naked by ‘farmers’ while his police escort watched helplessly.

3.) In Gurdaspur town of Punjab, Congress MLA Barinder Singh Pahra is trying to change the identity of Hanuman Chowk into ‘Clock Tower’ Chowk. Now local Hindus and BJP leaders are fighting to revoke this renaming decision and demanding a Hanuman murti at the historic chowk near Hanuman Mandir.

4.) Even in neighbouring Haryana, a Sikh religious society, Guru Gobind Sahib Seva Society, Ambala, was found making highly objectional boards mocking Hindu seers as ‘fake babas’. Another board mocks Hindus for depending on Sikhs ‘to save their women and honor from Mughals’.

5.) An SGPC (Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee) run school allegedly cancelled scholarship for children of a poor Dalit Sikh only because they saw pictures of Bhagwan Shiva in his home.

The project started by British colonials to drive a wedge between Sikhs and Hindus has now taken root in sections of Sikh community. Whether it is Dravidianists in Tamil Nadu, or Khalistanis in Punjab, or Communists in Kerala and Maoist-affected districts of Chattisgarh/Jharkhand, anti-Hindu rhetoric goes hand in hand with a Breaking India agenda. The warning signs are flashing in Punjab and it is time for all right-thinking citizens to nip this anti-Hindu hate in the bud.

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