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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Competitive and aggressive festival processions – a Hindu response to Islamist bigotry & supremacism

This year’s Hindu New Year, Ram Navami and Hanuman Janmotsav were marred by Islamist violence. These celebrations witnessed Hindus being unilaterally assaulted by Islamists who indulged in stone-pelting, arson, sword-brandishing, and unprovoked attacks targeting Hindu celebratory processions.

However, repeated attacks coupled with a lack of support and grievance redressal mechanism is pushing the Hindu society towards the wall. As a result, several individuals are forced to develop their response to such violence supported by politicians, ‘seculars,’ media, and HINOs (Hindus in name only).

Here are a few instances of Islamists provoking Hindus (access complete thread by Rahul @BiharKaLall).

The song ek baar mein mit jayega har baar ka jhagda, bulaun kya Ali ko has often been used by Islamists, mainly when their procession passes by Hindu temples or statues of Hindu rulers. The invocation of Ali is an apparent reference to the Battle of Badr that set the precedence for the indiscriminate killing of so-called idolators and non-believers. And no matter how friendly and tolerant a Hindu might be, as per Islamic teachings, a Hindu is a ‘kaffir’ for whom the hell is waiting no matter how good the person might be.

The other song often used in these processions by sword-brandishing Islamists is deen ka jhanda gadhenge, where deen ka jhanda references the Islamic flag. Using provocative lyrics that say “the Islamic flag would be raised and anyone who comes in the way would be hacked down” right in front of Hindu temples, aren’t these Hindumisic (Hindudveshi) elements deliberately inciting communal violence?

As if that isn’t enough, they even run Akbaruddin Owaisi’s hate speech, for which the court acquitted him on ‘technical grounds.’ Owaisi had not only mocked Prabhu Sri Ram but also referred to Hindus as impotent. “Dear Hindustan, we are 25 crores, and you all are 100 crores. Fine. You are far ahead of us in numbers. Remove the police for 15 minutes, and we will see who is more powerful. Be it a thousand, a lakh or even one crore impotent (Hindus), even if they try collectively, they will not be able to give birth to a single one”, he had said.

The ‘Nara-e-Takbeer..Allah hu Akbar‘ (Shout out loud…Allah is greatest) slogan is often raised by Islamists with the intent to provoke. These stem from the fact that Islamists suffer from an overwhelming sense of supremacism. Furthermore, bigotry is indoctrinated by Maulvis and Imams from a young age which further fuels the supremacist feeling.

All VC: Rahul (BiharKaLall) Twitter Page

Aren’t these deliberate attempts to hurt Hindu sentiments and incite the community? What kind of support system or protection does the Hindu community have from such extremist elements?

The government takes pride in the fact that a higher number of Hindu establishments were demolished as compared to those belonging to Muslims. Even legal Hindu shops were destroyed in the Jahangirpuri ‘anti-encroachment’ drive. ‘Secular’ political parties are busy in appeasement politics, and even the so-called Hindu party has failed to stand up and protect the legitimate rights of the Hindus.

The less said about the judiciary, the better it would be! The media has always been overwhelmingly anti-Hindu, and the ‘intellectuals’ have nothing but contempt for age-old traditions and culture, which, by extension, makes them Hindumisics. The police establishment is also apathetic to the plight of the Hindus. It turns a blind eye to Islamist violence, as highlighted by a Jahangirpuri resident.

Simply put, the Hindu society has to fend for itself with no support forthcoming from the establishment. Despite this, the response by the Hindu community has by and large been measured, controlled and within the legal framework. The constant provocation and lack of help would only lead to bottled-up anger waiting to explode.

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  1. Hindu Swamis and Sadhus have utterly failed in educating the ordinary Hindu citizen about the differences between them and Muslims and Christians, the so-called people of the book.
    Dharma is flexible enough to accommodate differing views but not nonsense like conversion and a sure way to heaven


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