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Friday, June 2, 2023

Let no one say there is no Hindu intellectual ecosystem anymore!

Hindu society since times immemorial has produced scholars and intellectuals from across the language spectrum worthy of being emulated. In post-independence Bharat, there was a lack of backing or a system for indigenous Dharmic intellectuals to flourish, nay just to put forward their views without being stifled. This situation further deteriorated with Congress handing leftists academic and media platforms to set and push their narrative.

It is was only in 2014 when Narendra Modi became the PM was there a slight ray of hope for Hindu intellectuals and his return to power in 2019 has helped further the cause even if these are only baby steps. The rise of authors, publishers, websites, YouTube channels, and moviemakers, who are ready to bring forth the hitherto buried historical and Dharmic stories of Bharat without distortions, is encouraging to say the least.

A Hindu intellectual ecosystem is an environment that ensures the birth, growth, and development of Dharmic thoughts. The buzzing array of sites, youtube channels, and other Dharmic mediums that have come into existence is an indication that we are moving in the right direction. Whether or not intellectuals have political support, a politically conducive environment is certainly needed. In the present state of Bharatiya politics, it is only the BJP that can be expected to provide such an environment.

However, an ecosystem requires long-term institutional support which is lacking at present. Bharatiya big businesses continue to fund rabidly anti-Hindu and anti-Bharat outlets & academics thereby leaving Dharmics short of the much-needed monetary support. The need of the hour is a breed of new Dharmically-inclined philanthropists and entrepreneurs willing to contribute to the Dharmic/Indic resurgence in a bid to save the nation from breaking.

Another front that Hindus need to conquer is academia. Academic circles is one frontier that Dharmics have to break through at the earliest as each day our children study the poisonous curriculum designed by Marxists and other Hindu-haters, is a day too many. Even though UGC has taken a positive step in revamping the History syllabus, much more is required on the academic front to break the stranglehold of Abrahamo-leftist elements.

Post-independence the Nehruvian Marxist combine brought down eminent historians like Shri Sita Ram Goel, Shri RC Majumdar, Shri Ram Swarup, and others by discrediting their works and attaching labels to them. This stifled the return to Bharat’s rich civilizational tradition after having shaken off the foreign rule. The hounding of RC Majumdar by Nehru and his lackeys is a case in point.

“The precedent for slaughtering historical truths was set because Majumdar had declared that he would critically examine the roles played by Mohandas Gandhi, Motilal and Jawaharlal Nehru in the Independence struggle. This was a taboo and would certainly infuriate the first and more crucially, the socialist Prime Minister Nehru…Thus came about the systematic marginalisation and banishment of a towering historian, scholar and patriot which went hand in hand with the construction of a Marxist Grand Narrative of Indian history that was elevated to vile levels and has come to be the mainstay of not just our history but our public discourse”, opined Sandeep Balkrishna.

The attack on historian Vikram Sampath is a modern replaying of what Dharmic indigenous historians had been subjected to. This underscores the importance of developing a Dharmic ecosystem. The success of The Kashmir Files is a pointer as to what the Hindu society can do on its part to promote and sustain such an ecosystem. once the Hindu society stands up to be counted, it is sure to get the necessary monetary aid and it’ll also have the required bargaining power to push the political system to correct the academic wrongs.

No doubt, a beginning has been made but we have miles to go before we sleep!

(Featured Image Source: Satyaagrah)

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