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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Dravidar Kazhagam affiliate Karuppar Kootam faces severe backlash after insulting Bhagwan Murugan

The vile culture of Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) and its offspring organisations of abusing and degrading Hindu beliefs, scriptures and Devis/Devtas has touched a raw nerve in Tamil Nadu (TN) which has been the battlefield of ideologies for a long time now; ideologies that aim to chisel away the Hindu culture and fill the vacuum created in its absence. Abrahamics are using the garb of rationalism to enlist the support of so-called Hindus who do their bidding either for money or power, and paint a bad image of Hindu Dharma among the confused masses.

Tamilagam (TN) in the past was a spiritually and economically prosperous place. True to the proverb ‘Kovil Illa Ooril Kudi Irukka Vendam’ (people should not reside where there is no temple) every village built a temple which stands even today. Hindus used to frequent the temples and hence they were well-versed with the thithis (date as per Hindu calendar), janma nakshatra (birth anniversaries) of Nayanmars and Alwars (Shaivite and Vaishnava saints), when utsavams (temple festivals) were conducted etc.

They held the acharyar who led a simple, poor life and conducted the daily affairs of the temples in high regard. Discourses on religious scriptures were organized on special occasions which were attended by most. Others preferred watching the dramas and classical dances espousing the same things said in the scriptures in a simplified form instead of discourses. Thereby everyone acquired knowledge of Dharma through their preferred method.

Later, people were lured by the opportunity to earn more money in cities or find jobs that justified their education and began migrating out of villages which had a telling effect on the temple culture too. This erosion of temple culture helped Abrahamic ideologies to attack Hindu dharma with even more ruthlessness as people became disconnected from their roots and lacked even basic knowledge of Dharma.

A human disconnected from his cultural roots easily falls prey to the onslaught and propaganda. When his/her beliefs are slandered, instead of going back to the scriptures to check the veracity of the propaganda unleashed, he/she rather feels ashamed and gives up the practice altogether.

This is the method the Abrahamic ideologies adopt in attacking the Hindus of TN. It must be noted that they smartly prop up fellow Hindus to initiate their propaganda. A demeaning comment from a fellow Hindu would make one think “maybe he read it; maybe he knows; may be that’s the truth”. From then on it will become easy to bombard him/her with more such slander and muddle his/her thinking altogether.

Recently, the so-called rationalist group Karuppar Koottam made a similar attempt by abusing Hindu scriptures like Saraswati Purana, Ramayana, and other such important works in their YouTube videos which are now unavailable. They, however, did the grave sin of attacking Tamil culture by abusing Bhagwan Murugan (known as Skanda in other parts of Bharat) and the song, Kandasashti Kavacham, written on Him which is when their luck ran out. The prayer song is a recital by a devotee asking Bhagwan to protect every part of his/her body from diseases and from evils.

Although almost all other spiritual works like Devaram, Thiruvasagam, Nalayira Divyaprabandam have been neglected in the recent past and Tamils know only their name, the Tamil people have retained this Kavacham, a reminder of their glorious spiritual past. Kandasashti Kavacham is recited or at the least played in every Hindu household by people from all walks of life.

Karuppar Koottam intentionally distorted verses from this much loved prayer song and attempted to give it a vulgar tone. For example the line, “Serila Mulaimaar Thiruvel Kakka” meaning “may the breasts be protected by the great spear!” has been interpreted by the anchor as ‘a man asking the spear of Muruga to protect his wife’s breasts’. The anchor does not stop here and goes on to make obscene comments such as “is Muruga making iron bras or something? Would you pray “Muruga please make my wife’s breasts big” or ask Muruga to “appoint someone to protect your wife’s breasts”? Won’t he protect if you mention it as a whole (body)? Do you have to mention every part?”

The line which reads “Sitridai Azhagura Chevvel Kakka” asking the spear of Muruga to protect the small, beautiful hip has been mocked by asking “is he running a gym or beauty parlour that you want him to shape your hips”. In the part of the prayer asking to protect the reproductive parts of man and woman, he says “you are jutting out your chest and showing off your moustache to say that you’re a man. If you can’t even protect the part that gives you that privilege what are you? Is someone going to cut it off and snatch it away? What kind of obscene story has he written”!

As each and every part of the human body is asked to be protected and it comes towards the end, Devarayar swamigal who has written the song, writes thus, “Pittam Irandum Peruvel Kakka! Vatta Kuthathai Valvel Kakka”! Here the parts mentioned are the buttocks and anal. It appears obscene to the periyarist because the devotee is asking a spear made of Gold to protect his anal which is an ugly thing. He further comments that even though he, as a rationalist, doesn’t think of the spear as a holy thing, he at least values it for the metal it’s made of and that it is actually Hindus who insult their gods with such obscene words while they accuse the rationalists of the same. He ends it with a note that there are more such porn stories they’ll bring to the attention of viewers in future.

Kandasashti Kavacham was written and is recited invoking the spear of Skanda mainly to protect each and every part of the human body against diseases. Those who have some kind or other of phobia also recite it to get rid of their fears. The devotees of Muruga who recite it fully know the meaning of each word used. It is also recited in hopes of getting cured when one is affected with a disease and thus it is not obscene to them at all.

This group had slandered the works of the lone female poet Saint among 12 Alwars Andal too. Even though 4000 hymns (Nalayira Divyaprabandam) written by Alwars in praise of Sri Vishnu, is popular among practicing Vaishnavas, Tiruppavai by Andal expressing her desire to attain the lotus feet of Sri Vishnu, is the most popular among Tamil Hindus. It is the Tiruppavai recital competitions are held in the month of Margazhi (December) encouraging young minds to learn the divine hymns that has perhaps irked the rationalist lot.

Karuppar Koottam has abused Andal’s hymns as well. It is not sure which of her works they chose, as only a part of the video is available. The vlogger comments on the songs thus, “This woman (Andal) directly goes to his wife (Nappinnai-Nila Devi) herself and asks her to send him (Vishnu) for at least a few hours; so much Bhakti she has on Krishna. She goes to the next level and asks the conch (kept by Vishnu), how does his part look”. Here he uses the word ‘part’ in an obscene manner, ‘uruppu’ in Tamil which would generally be understood as the private part of someone. But then clarifies that it’s not what he actually meant as even though Krishna is a “word inaudible”, he could not do it using the conch, implying Krishna uses the conch to satiate his sexual needs.

He further says “See she asks the conch about how the lips of the husband of some other woman look. She frankly asks the wife herself to send him (Krishna) with her. What would have happened here if someone wrote like this asking for someone else’s husband? See this is how infatuated she was and this is her work expressing her passion for Krishna”. It is indeed a work of expressing the passion for Krishna but the passion being one of bhakti rather than a sexual one. But to the jaundiced eye everything looks yellow. Here the jaundiced eye is the eye of the follower of E.V.Ramasamy Naicker who called his wife a prostitute in order to stop her from going to temples.

Even though when Kollywood lyricist Vairamuthu, who likes to fashion himself as a poet talked ill of Andal, calling her a devadasi, widespread protests were held across TN, DMK being the patron of Vairamuthu painted the protests as a Brahmin conspiracy through their media mafia. So while the abuse on Andal went unnoticed, Karuppar Koottam demeaning Kandasashti Kavacham grabbed the attention of common Hindus despite the lockdown.

Hindu organisations and BJP filed cases demanding that the YouTube channel be removed and the culprits be arrested. One of the main accused, the person who appears in both videos, vlogger Surendar Natarajan, apart from being associated with Periyarist organisations, also campaigned for DMK during elections.

Dravidar Kazhagam
Surendar in DMK rally
Dravidar Kazhagam
Surendar with VCK chief

He has also been seen with DMK ally Viduthalai Chiruthaigal (VCK) supremo Thirumavalavan who expressed displeasure at Brahmins like H.Raja protesting against Karuppar Koottam and denied they had any ties with them. Senthilvasan who is allegedly the founder of the channel posted photos of him in Anna Arivalayam (DMK party head office) and with some other people in a restaurant on his FB page. The people in the photos include DMK IT wing secretary PTRP. Thiagarajan and other party functionaries. News7 tamil media journalist Umamaheswaran is also present in the photo.

Nationalist Tamil vlogger Maridhas in his videos exposing the nexus between DMK, DK and media mafia has alleged that Karuppar Koottam Surendar is associated with Haseef Mohamed of News18 Tamil. He also accused the channel of employing only Periyarists and those who empathise with DMK and that 70% of the employees are DMK supporters on the insistence of the editor of News18 Tamil Gunasekaran, and Haseef Mohamed.

Gunasekaran is the son-in-law of Kali Poongundram who is set to succeed K.Veeramani as the head of DK. It is pertinent to mention here that the DK trust owns a huge number of institutions and wealth in various forms. Yet one cannot see any institutions established by the trust to propagate the ideology of E.V.R and realize his visions. They instead serve as a safe haven for Abrahamic ideologists masquerading as rationalists.

TheNews18 management has sacked Haseef Mohamed and reduced the powers of Gunasekaran as a result of Maridhas and his supporters emailing their complaints regarding the anti-Hindu behavior of News18 Tamil.

Dravidar Kazhagam
Picture of Senthilvasan at Anna Arivalayam, headquarters of DMK
Dravidar Kazhagam
Senthilvasan with DMK IT wing secretary PTRP.Thiagarajan and team
Dravidar Kazhagam
Senthilvasan with News7 journalist Uma Maheshwaran

Whenever the anti-Hindu stance and actions of DMK or its associates come to light, the party through its media connections diverts it by inventing attacks on its ideology especially through incidents of defiling E.V.R statues. They did it when Vairamuthu abused poet Saint Andal and they’ve done it again now. Statues of E.V.R were smeared with saffron paint and donned with saffron shawls at some places.

The politics of TN revolves around the Periyar (E.V.R) and Dravidian ideology. So DMK’s actions need to be seen in this context. By creating an incident where these two are insulted, and condemning the incident first, DMK forces other parties which were also found based on the same principles, except BJP and Congress, to act defensive thereby erasing the memories of the anti-Hindu incident.

While DMK hasn’t condemned the actions of Karuppar Koottam despite claiming that they are a party of one crore Hindus, every party has condemned the defiling of E.V.R statue expressing concern that it spoils the peace of the society. However the so called rationalist party that takes part in Christmas and Eid celebrations has this time played it safe by asking its supporters to not interact with people who are trying to paint it as anti-Hindu fearing backlash in the upcoming assembly elections.

Dravidar Kazhagam

While DMK has issued a diktat to its IT wing and supporters to not follow or engage with ‘Sanghi’ social media account of DMK president MK.Stalin’s son Udhayanidhi is still following Karuppar Koottam handle from his verified Twitter account. Despite evidence to the contrary on social media, DMK only condemned ‘spreading false news in the name of Stalin’ that their party will legally support Karuppar Koottam and also vowed that they won’t let saffron organisations make inroads in TN. DMK has once again stressed that it believes in ‘One Tribe, One God’ policy. However no one has questioned which that one tribe is or who that one God is for that matter.

But what has changed between the previous incidents of abusing Hindu beliefs and this specific incident of abusing lord Muruga? “Vetrivel, Veeravel” has been the war cry of Tamils from time immemorial. It is being alleged that BJP has raked up this issue using this sentimental detail and declared war against Dravidian ideology to gain a foothold in TN. Those rumours notwithstanding BJP did organise protests and filed cases which pressurised the incumbent AIADMK government to act. They managed to elicit condemnation from the minister of HR&CE.

The Central Crime Branch Police (CCBP) that filed FIR and arrested the prime accused Surendar Natarajan and Senthilvasan. Even though Surendar acted brave and advised Hindus to develop a scientific temper while surrendering, he actually filed anticipatory bail and absconded to Pondicherry, shaving his beard and moustache to avoid detection.

Pondicherry police have filed cases against him for traveling without e-pass, gathering a crowd and not following lockdown norms. So far 10 people have been named in the FIR and two others who uploaded the specific video have also been arrested. CCBP has written to YouTube asking the company to delete videos posted in Karuppar Koottam channel.

It was found during the investigation that the specific video about Kandasashti Kavasam was made private with the intention to use it later. More than 500 such videos have been deleted and the investigation is underway. In the petition against CCBP’s demand to take them in remand for investigation, Surendar has claimed that he is a journalist and so well within his rights to ‘analyse and criticise’. If local news reports are to be believed even the money trail is being investigated.


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(Featured Image Source: Daily hunt))

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