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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

DMK ally Thirumavalavan implies Abrahamic faiths are superior as they proselytize

Tamil politician Thirumavalavan has implied that Islam and Christianity are superior because they proselytize and are spread all over the world. He also said that Hindu Dharma is lesser because is is not accepted by people outside Bharat as it has caste system.

Tamil nationalist politician Seeman has stirred up Tamil Nadu politics by accepting that Christianity and Islam are foreign religions. However he also said that Hindu dharma is not native to Tamils and they should return to “Saivam & “Maaliyam”, Shaivite and Vaishnavite schools of thought as renamed by him. His comments have stirred the hornet’s nest as Dravidian politicians have started throwing mud at each other in their attempt to defend abrahamic religions. Yet it is Hindu dharma that ended up being demonised and abused as all these politicians claim that Hindu dharma was brought by Aryans.

Sebastian Seeman, the chief of Naam Tamilar Katchi, a Tamil nationalist party, addressed the media a few days ago. He said, “We are Tamils. Our way of worship, religion and gods are different. You say that we are Hindus as defined by the law. But it was Shiva Samayam earlier. Our religion is Shiva Samayam(Samayam means faith/religion) as we worship Shiva. Worshipping Muruga(Skanda) is Saivam. Worshipping Kanna is Maaliyam (Seeman has given a new name for Vaishnavism based on the Tamil name for Mahavishnu, ThiruMal). Only because of that single signature of William Jones, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists, Saivites everyone were defined as Hindus. We do not accept it. We object.. (this generalisation).. Historically speaking we are not Hindus. We are Hindus only based on the law brought by the British. Tamils should shed this fake identity and revert to Saivam, Maliyam, etc”

When a journalist asked why Seeman doesn’t talk about Christianity or Islam he had replied, “Christianity and Islam are not Tamils’ religions. They came from outside. One is a European religion and the other is an Arabian religion. My religions are Saivam, Maliyam and Siva Samayam. Tamils should revert back to their original religion.” 

While his comments on the abrahamic religions went viral, his remarks about Hindu dharma were deliberately suppressed. Dravidian politicians and ideologues hit back at him in support of the abrahamic religions. Thol.Thirumavalavan, the chief of VCK, an ally of the ruling DMK and the MP of Chidambaram constituency, attacked Seeman for “aiding Sanatani forces” with such remarks.

He said, “I have already warned Seeman to not do politics in a manner that would aid the sanatani forces in this land of social justice. Religion and spirituality are different. Religion is a corporation. Spirituality is an emotion. Unexpectedly NTK is aiding the Sanatani forces in politics. Christianity and Islam have spread across the world. But why hasn’t Hinduism become a religion of the world? It is because Hinduism discriminates in the name of castes that it is not accepted by the world population. Seeman’s actions have come to a stage where RSS walas claim him as their own”.

Dravidianists have been abusing Seeman as an RSS agent and NTK as BJP’s B-Team for his comments about abrahamic religions. Unfortunately many who are against the anti-Hindu Dravidian rhetoric fell for it and missed Seeman’s remarks about Hindu dharma. Seeman has been trying to disassociate Tamils from Hindus claiming that ancient Tamils used to follow a different religion. He had attempted to humanise Muruga(Skanda) claiming that he was just an ancestor. He claims that Aryans appropriated Tamil gods. He also claimed that saint poet Aandal was just a human. Aandal is believed to be the reincarnation of Mahalakshmi. He had spoke in support of his lyricist Vairamuthu when he called Aandal a devadasi.

Anti-Kudankulam protest fame Udayakumar also came to Dravidianists’ aid and tweeted that Seeman is a Catholic by birth and that he has a chapel for Lourdu Mary in the premises of his house. He claimed that he had seen it while visiting with a friend and wondered whether Seeman would show documentary evidence to prove that he had done ghar wapsi. Seeman’s remarks seems to have set off a wide range of reactions from the known anti-Hindu forces.

However everyone from Seeman to those who reacted to him in fact abused Hindu Dharma in an attempt to defend their stand and ideology. As a part of the Break India forces’ agenda, Seeman has been consistently trying to disassociate Tamils from Hindu Dharma. His comments were reflective of that regardless of the fact that he admitted Abrahamic faiths as alien to Tamils. Thirumavalavan who countered him had to unnecessarily drag caste to abuse Hindu Dharma. Even though class differences are present in all societies across the world, Hindu Dharma is continuously abused for having ‘caste system’.

Thirumavalavan sounded proud of the fact that Abrahamic faiths claim superiority to each other and proselytise the world to prove that superiority. Hindu Dharma which doesn’t proselytise and the Abrahamic faiths that aggressively proselytise cannot even be put on the same pedestal. Even as Christians who converted from Hindu SC STs are marginalised by the Vatican and are protesting to get rights, Thirumavalavan has the audacity to say that Hindu Dharma is ‘rejected because of the caste system’. While they are neglected by their own people, Thirumavalavan instead of demanding equal representation from the church administration, demands that Christian converts be added to the SC ST list.

Thirumavalavan himself admitted in an interview that he is a Christian. He said, “I follow Christianity..My family participates in Christian functions”. In 2009 Canada based National Post had reported that “Tamil film director, Sebastian Seeman ” was arrested and deported by Canadian immigration officials. Ironically, Anti-Kudankulam protester Udayakumar claimed that neither himself nor his family follow any religion and that he is a “true Tamil” who worships nature and his ancestors. It is a well-known fact that Anti-Kudankulam protests were fuelled with the help of Catholic priests who controlled Udayakumar from behind the screens. Udayakumar was also spotted at an event organised by evangelist Mohan C Lazarus.

As Hindus are deceived by so-called atheists and reformers into believing that Hindu Dharma is a regressive religion, Christians like Seeman, Thirumavalavan and Udayakumar are having a field day abusing Hindu Dharma in the garb of preserving Tamils’ original identity.

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