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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Vlogger couple Rashida and Nishad behind a honeytrap scam in Kerala

Kerala police promised to thoroughly investigate Rashida (28) and her husband Nishad’s bank accounts after they trapped a 68-year-old man from Kalkapakancheri, Malappuram, in an alleged ‘honeytrap.’ Investigators assigned to the case announced they were looking into their bank transactions. They are investigating whether similar dealings have occurred.

Nishad, currently in Tirur jail, will be taken into custody for further investigation. Although the accused are identified as ‘Vloggers,’ police have learned that they did not receive any financial gains from their YouTube channel. However, until recently, they both led a lavish lifestyle and lived in a splendid apartment near Aluva, Ernakulam district.

Recently, news trickled out that the 68-year-old victim’s family was about to register a police complaint against the immoral couple. Rashida and Nishad, who paid a high monthly rent in Aluva, suddenly shifted to a modest accommodation in Thrissur, paying a modest rent.

Around one year ago, the couple purchased a brand-new SUV, the base model of which costs over Rs.10 lakhs, excluding taxes. Police claimed it was bought using the money extorted from the honeytrapped senior citizen. Since the 68-year-old paid all the money through his bank account, it will be easy for the police to collect information. The bank account details of the couple are being scrutinized.

Rashida and Nishad went to Manali and Ladakh to post travelogues on their vlog with the new vehicle. The vehicle also bears their rather unimaginative vlog name, Malay Mallus. Though most of their videos struggled to find a few hundred viewers, a Leh to Manali travel video garnered 22k views. The fraudsters were also active on Instagram and Facebook. Initially, the vlog started with cookery shows and excursions but later branched into other topics, including communist whitewashing.

After Rashida gave birth to her twins six months ago, they stopped producing videos. The 68-year-old was a regular visitor to their Aluva flat, and the extortion continued. The couple found an easy way to make money and lived comfortably despite not having any known sources of income. Rashida had enticed the older man and used him to meet their expenses.

Rashida told the senior citizen that her husband wanted to start a hotel business and extorted money from him. The 68-year-old also realized that this was a scam and that no matter how much he gave, he was entrapped in fraud. Nishad meanwhile had video graphed intimate moments between the victim and his wife. The couple used this footage to threaten the old man.

In the past year, they extorted Rs. 28 lakhs from him in tranches. (Some reports suggest the amount is Rs. 23 lakhs, while others allege that much more is at stake and that he had borrowed money to pay the blackmailers). Rashida had approached the older man on Facebook and befriended him by introducing herself as a travel vlogger. She sent him a friend request in July last year, and he accepted. Rashida established a close relationship with the 68-year-old and allegedly obtained financial assistance from him immediately.

Rashida is from Tanur in Malappuram, while Nishad is a native of Kunnamkulam in Thrissur. The 68-year-old is a prominent businessman based out of Kalpakancheri, Malappuram, a few km away from Tanur. Back then, Rashida lived in Thrissur but soon allegedly shifted to Aluva with Nishad. As their ‘friendship’ grew, Rashida asked to meet in person. The 68-year-old arrived at the flat in Aluva at Rashida’s invitation.

Rashida told the 68-year-old that her husband was not a problem and that he should not be afraid. She convinced the old man that Nishad agreed to their relationship! The couple secretly trapped the 68-year-old who came to the flat believing Rashida’s promises. While Rashida allegedly had sex, Nishad filmed the scenes between his wife and their prey using discreetly installed cameras in the flat. The immoral couple then proceeded to threaten him. 

Rashida, who trapped the 68-year-old, quickly convinced the judge to grant her interim bail by considering her six-month-old twins. The Parappanangady court granted bail to the accused, articulating that the infants would suffer if the mother were jailed. It is also alleged that seeing their ancestral possessions drained, the businessman’s family reported his illicit relationship to the authorities. 

Propaganda Artists

Though most Malay Mallus YouTube videos are about cooking and excursions, they have also slyly plied their propaganda. They have pushed the philanthropy efforts of businessman Yousuf Ali (168 views) and the Save Palestine campaign (300 views). More importantly, they have done one video on eccentric, dangerous, and controversial CPM former electricity minister MM Mani (700 views). Rashida and Nishad tried to show him as a leader of the masses who enjoyed a modest lifestyle. 

In 2016, fifth standard pass Mani became Kerala’s electricity minister after winning by a margin of just 1,100 votes. Illiteracy is not a drawback, but Mani flaunted it like a trophy. He replaced E. P. Jayarajan, who resigned following allegations of nepotism.

Jayarajan appointed his nephew, P.K. Sudheer, son of CPM Lok Sabha member P.K. Sreemathy, as managing director of Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Ltd, and his niece Deepthi Nishad who was nominated general manager of the Kerala Clay and Ceramics Ltd. Though both did not have the qualifications or the experience needed for the job, the vigilance department (headed by CM Pinarayi Vijayan) blotched up the investigation, and the court quashed the case. Jayarajan’s name also popped up during the gold smuggling scandal, but that is another story.

In a 2012 speech, Mani, the CPI(M) Idukki district secretary, confessed publicly that he and the party had made a list of their political rivals and killed them in the 1980s. Police arrested him, and the communists responded by declaring a hartal in the Idukki district. Known as Mani’s “1,2,3 speech”, Kerala courts later acquitted him for reasons best known to them in 2017. 

In early 2016, Mani called the local Sub-Inspector of the Police a [email protected] and accused the lady principal of a college of conducting immoral activities in her office room. In 2017, while campaigning in a Malappuram bye-election, the Marxist leader said that PM Modi left his wife as he suffered from ‘biological problems’ and added that he mistreated his mother as he made her wait at the ATM for two hours to withdraw money (alluding to demonetization). Kerala BJP leaders cried foul and promised legal action, but nothing happened like most cases involving the state BJP.

That same year, Mani accused then Devikulam Sub-collector Sriram Venkitaraman of ‘mental illness’ after the IAS officer removed a Christian cross and demolished illegal constructions in Munnar from encroached land. Mani also alleged Sriram of being an ‘RSS stooge’. Disgusted, Sriram, who obtained his MBBS in 2010 and his M.D., went on extended leave.

Later on, Sriram was allegedly snared in a honeytrap set up by the anti-national elements in the Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) using a shady character named  Wafa Firoz. Since the journalists have their agenda, the truth might likely be delayed. Though the courts dismissed the charges, the media hunt (led by the anti-national MediaOne channel and assorted KUWJ journos) continues even today.

Such moves and open rants made Mani the superstar among radical Islamists.

Mani is best known for Kerala’s devastating floods in August, 2018. Poor management of dams and their operations led to preventable and artificial floods. In 2019, a Kerala High Court-appointed amicus curie reported that none of the 79 dams in the state were operated following flood control mechanisms. Citizens and the victims’ relatives wanted the police to book Mani under murder charges. The then-electricity minister, Mani, ranted against the courts, but the government failed to take any action or dismiss him from his post. The floods claimed 400 lives and displaced more than 15 lakh people.

Incidentally, CM Pinarayi Vijayan has always defended Mani, whom critics slam as the ‘semi-literate goon’ of Kerala politics. Through their video, so did Rashida and Nishad, and they tried to paint a rosy picture of the 77-year-old communist leader. It appears they were also simultaneously running an elaborate extortion/sex scam.

Pregnancy Fetishism?

There are other angles to the Rashida and Nishad crime that the police and our courts failed to address. Usually, a honeytrap is a situation in which someone is tricked into immoral or illegal sexual behavior so that their conduct can be publicly exposed. In this case, the evil couple was after the money. Nishad pimped out his wife to a 68-year-old man even though she was pregnant at the time. So how did they manage to lure their victim?

Pregnancy fetishism (also known as Maiesiophilia) is a mental illness where individuals see pregnancy as an erotic phenomenon. It may involve sexual attraction to women who are pregnant or appear pregnant.

Some pedophiles groom pregnant mothers to rape and abuse their babies. Such predators are usually previously convicted, sex offenders. The methodology by which these grooming crimes are committed prevents press coverage because it is disturbing. Rashida and Nishad put their children’s lives and destinies at risk for the sake of money. Suspiciously, the so-called victim became close to Rashida when she was heavily pregnant.

In America, some Democrats, pedophiles, and ultra liberals with zero moral values use it to twist the narrative. They alleged that pregnancy fetishism is pretty common among the Republican Party voters, which is why they want to ensure women stay pregnant and not have abortions! The ground reality is however more complex and involves fundamentalist Catholic churches, politics, lay people, and much more. 

Will the Kerala police, Marxist administration, and our judiciary examine the psychiatric aspect of the 68-year-old victim? It isn’t very likely. He is reportedly rich and famous, and all the parties involved in this sleaze story allegedly belong to the ‘minority’ community.

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