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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Muslim stalker critically injures Hindu techie in Hyderabad

A girl was critically injured in an attack by a stalker in Hyderabad on Tuesday night, police said.

The survivor, a techie (29) working in an IT company in Gachibowli, was attacked with a knife by a youth at her house in Hydershah Kote in Narsangi. As per reports, the girl’s mother who rushed to defend her daughter also suffered wounds. Locals caught the stalker who was trying to escape after stabbing the girl and handed him over to the police.

The accused was identified as Farooq Salman (aka Shahrukh), who was working as a hairstylist n a saloon in the same area, and is said to be a native of Haryana. The victim’s family alleged that he had been harassing the girl to force her into a relationship.

The survivor’s father had previously complained to SHE team of Cyberabad Police about the accused’s stalking of his daughter. After the attack, a case was booked against the accused at Narsingi police station under the limits of the Cyberabad police commissioner. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Madhapur) M. Venkateshwarlu visited the scene of the crime. The girl was admitted to a hospital in Langar House. Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay visited the hospital to call on the victim.

Pattern of violent targeting of Hindu girls

A similar pattern emerges across Bharat where Muslim men pursuing relationships with Hindu girls turn violent when spurned or if the girl wants to end the relationship.

October last year saw a similar incident being reported from Chennai where a Muslim butcher named Dasthagir Batcha claiming to be an IT professional succeeded in befriending a Hindu techie. Later on, when she came to know the truth she spurned his advances which incensed him and he started stalking her and burnt the girl’s brother’s motorbike. He was caught red-handed and handed over to the police but many might not be as lucky as this girl. 

Around the same time, another incident that shocked the nation was the killing of a Hindu girl, Nikita Tomar in Faridabad, Haryana. She was shot dead by her stalker, Taufiq Khan who had kidnapped her in the past too when she was a minor – they were acquainted since they were schoolmates. Shockingly, the courts released this kidnapper and he promptly started harassing Nikita again and finally shot her dead. A national outcry followed after the whole incident was caught on security cameras. What happens when there are none? Nikita’s father is currently running from pillar to post for justice with seemingly no help forthcoming from the Haryana government.

July of last year saw the brutal murder of another girl just out of her teens named Vaishnavi at Jalna in Maharashtra by Sheikh Altaf. She had just got married and had come to visit her ancestral home when she was killed by her stalker. That Altaf took his life fearing police action is in itself a rarity, given the support that such criminals receive. 

December saw Ismail attack his ex-girlfriend, a Hindu named Asha. This was in retaliation to the lady ending the relationship. She was hacked with a machete from behind and sustained serious head injuries. This happened at Hubbali in Karnataka. 

All these cases happened to be in the news since they happened in either urban or semi-urban areas. Incidents in rural parts of Bharat go either unreported or underreported. The police (in)action after such incidents is a real blot on the constitution of the land that many Hindus hold as sacrosanct but the radical elements in the Muslim community take for granted and bend as per their convenience. 

Often, a false Hindu identity is assumed initially to break the ice with the girl. Sometimes, the pressure tactics, blackmail and threats of violence work and the girl is forced to convert and marry as per Sharia. To ban this kind of grooming jihad (aka love jihad), an anti-conversion law has been enacted in Uttar Pradesh which has brought some relief to Hindus. Madhya Pradesh has emulated the same law and put many such groomers behind bars. Now, Gujarat and Karnataka are mulling the implementation of the same.


But laws, if implemented properly, can only act as deterrents or provide justice after a crime has been committed. What can be done to tackle young men who are indoctrinated by religious teachers and a fundamentalist society since birth to regard women, especially kafir women, as inferior beings who dare not refuse them? How many Muslim men have been convicted for such crimes, and has anyone received death penalty?

Clearly, spending a few months in jail is not a deterrent for such criminals as Nikita’s case shows – once out on bail, they resume their past stalking or find a new victim. Judiciary is still not taking such cases seriously and often shows undue empathy to criminals. As a nation, we are not even talking about the need to rein in mainstream Islamic fundamentalist groups like Deoband, JeI, JuH, Ahl-e-Hadees, PFI etc who are seeding such communal, supremacist ideas in Muslim society. 

But besides the need for strict laws and even stricter enforcement by judiciary, Hindu society needs to tackle the menace head on by organising self-defence teams that girls and parents can approach, forming neighborhood watch groups, by discussing such crimes in religious and social gatherings, and by forming activist groups to create awareness, put pressure on governments and push for reform in Muslim society.  

(With IANS inputs)

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