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Friday, May 20, 2022

Hindu brother murdered while trying to save his sister from being raped: Pakistan

Bheru Kolhi, a Hindu, 30 year young man was living a happy life with his family. He was married and had two daughters Laali (6 years old) and Shanti (4 years old). He had been working on the land of Malhi who was a local landlord. They have been living on the same locality for the last eight years and have been peacefully cultivating their land.

Bheru’s father Dhero is also a farmer who works under same landlord at a nearby land. Dhero has nine children, with Kesari being his youngest and unmarried daughter. They used to live in the village Ghulam Rasool Thekedar near Thar Nabisar, Kunri.

On June 11, 2021, at around 4:00 PM PST, Bheru was working in a portion of land whereas his sister Kesari was working in another nearby field. While working in the field, Kesari noticed that in the adjacent field Haji Murtaza Rajput, Ghulam Hyder Rajput, Babar Rajput and Mohsin Rajput were drinking alcohol and were passing lewd comments at Kesari.

Kesari did not react but they altogether rushed towards her and tried to snatch her dupatta. She cried for help and ran towards the field where his brother Bheru was working and told him everything. In the meanwhile, all four of them came and asked Bheru to allow his sister to go with them.

Bheru started beating them due to which they immediately ran away and he continued his work in the field with his sister. Within a span of an hour, all of them returned with a Khanjar, an axe, a knife and a laathi to beat Bheru and rape his sister.

Bheru again tried to resist them but could not do so for a long time. Finally, they attacked him with an intention to kill. Bheru was brutally murdered by them. All murderers immediately ran away from the scene.

Bheru was immediately taken to the nearest civil hospital but he was already dead. On recommendations by the human rights activists, his body after post mortem was not taken back to his home. Instead, it was taken to the American Chowk of Kunri claiming that they will not pick up the dead body until an FIR is lodged against the culprit.

Police, instead helping the victims, supported the murderers and suggested Bheru’s family for a compromise. Bheru’s body was not taken up by the parents and it remained at the same place all the night but police did nothing to arrest the murderers.

Murderers tried their best for politicizing the issue due to which a female Senate representative of PPP arrived and tried to resolve the issue but his parents refued to do so.

Finally, on the next day, late evening of June 12, 2021, an FIR was lodged and a culprit Haji Murtaza Rajput was immediately arrested. After few days, police arrested another culprit Ghulam Hyder Rajput but rest two are still missing until today without which the case cannot be proceeded.

Dhero, father of the deceased stated that he has expectation from the judiciary and his case is strong and is based on reality. He believes that the justice will be served to him one day. With moist eyes, his statement showed that even after four months of the incident he is unable to forget his son who was brutally killed by his neighbors who are located only at a distance of 1 acre from their house. Dhero further stated that he has attended six hearings of the case and each time their case is adjourned for the next hearing.

Post mortem report of Bheru Kolhi is still not known to them, on each hearing the two arrested murderers are presented in the court and are taken back to their concerned jail but it is very crucial that the remaining two are arrested otherwise the case will loose its worth and will be put into another class where the hearing might take several months.

Concerned SHO stated that he has recently made raids at 5 different districts of Punjab province but the murderers were still not found; the raids took place in Punjab as there were reports that the culprits are Punjabi Rajputs and might have ran towards Punjab.

Comrade Devji, a local comrade from a community based organization (CBO) named Pakistan Kolhi Ittehad and on behalf of that organization they have assisted the victim’s family at all stages. He stated that the police and concerned departments are doing their best to arrest the culprit but delay in the arrest is depriving the family from justice.

Another activist of the same organization, Ashok Kumar, stated that they have warned the concerned SHO to arrest the culprit at their earliest and if they fail to do so, the CBO will again bring the case in limelight and will organize the demonstrations in all major cities if Sindh.

Kesari, the sister of the deceased blames herself for not being able to save her brother. She said that she can never forget the incident.

The statements of Kesari were being recorded by the police authorities at police station and judiciary in the court. She stated that she feels positive for the case and justice will be served for the murder of his brother. Bheru’s wife and his two daughters are currently living with wife’s family.

(As reported by: Vickey Kumar)

Reference: https://dailytimes.com.pk/771855/hindu-man-murdered-for-protecting-sister-from-harassers

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  1. Pakistan (& also Afghanistan) is a land of brute people. They’re particularly intolerant to Hindu, Sikh, Christian, and other minority communities. Seldom these Muslim culprits are brought to book, rather local administration (run by all Muslims) shield them. Similar incidents happen in Bangladesh. They wage violent attack on minorities, rape their girls & women, ransack their properties, carryout arsons and vandalize their place of worship and perpetrate genocide. Pakistan is in the grip of Jehadist groups like TLP with whom the Pak Govt has to come to terms to run its administration. Within weeks Behru’s killers will be released Scott free for want of proper evidence and they will get impetus to exercise such similar atrocities on minority communities. In Pakistan justice is frequently denied. Take the example of recent lynching of a Sri Lankan national at Sialkot, Aisa Bibi had to flee to Canada to escape death under the pretext of blasphemy…….so on!


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