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Friday, December 9, 2022

Class 8 girl gang-raped by 8 Muslims, 50K extorted: Alwar, Rajasthan

Yet another horrific gang rape and extortion by Islamists has been reported, this time from Kishangarh Bas, Alwar district, Rajasthan.

A Class 8 girl student (16) first gang-raped by 8 Muslim youth. The accused recorded the act and then threatened to make the video viral unless the victim paid INR 50K. After the victim paid them, they made another demand for INR 2.5 lakhs some time later.

This time the girl was unable to pay up so they posted the rape video online. Upon seeing the video, her family came to know of the entire matter and she finally opened up to them about her ordeal. The girl’s father and brother lodged a complaint on Thursday, reports Dainik Bhaskar.

The complaint says that the girl was forced to meet the Muslim youth on December 31, 2021 after one Sahil s/o Rafik claimed to have an obscene photo of hers (its highly likely that one of the gang members had groomed the girl and managed to get her into a compromising situation). They then forced her to disrobe and recorded her nude video. Threatening to make this video public, they then gang raped her. They raped her again on January 3 and 6. Later, they extorted money.

Police raided the homes of the accused – Arbaz, Javedar, Mustakim, Taleem, Salman, Akram s/o Suleiman, Akram s/o Umar, Sahil – but they are absconding. Multiple teams are searching for them, said DSP Atul Agre. The girl’s medical examination has been completed.

Although the Bhaskar report has not mentioned the religious identity of the victim, there is a high likelihood that she is Hindu given the past precedent of such cases.

Blackmail using video/photos

The advent of smartphones has been exploited to the hilt by Islamist youth who are indoctrinated by clerics and community leaders to exploit Hindu girls, for sex and/or conversion. We have witnessed an explosion in cases of girls, mostly minor, being groomed and blackmailed.

Hindu society needs to act now. On the one hand, we have to force the secular state to do its Constitutional duty to protect the citizenry. But prevention is better than cure. We have to educate our communities and children about these monsters that lurk around us, pretending to be one of us and willing to go to any lengths, like assuming false identities, to trap girls. Teach your children about Dharma and Adharma. Make sure they get a basic religious education in Hindu Dharma. Tell them what monotheistic supremacist creeds have to say about ‘idol worshipping polytheists’. Force the Dharmic organizations that your sampraday (community) looks up to, to awaken and provide such training. Fight to free Hindu temples from the clutches of the state so that we have funds for such Dharmic education.

Monitoring social media usage by children, teaching them to be internet safe, ensuring they feel comfortable in confiding in parents or elders the moment they are first threatened by these criminals – all this will go a long way in controlling such crime. Both boys and girls need to be told to avoid peer pressure to conform to images of ‘coolness’ being propagated by Urduwood and Instagram ‘influencers’. Our children need to be mentally tough to face the reality of life in the secular Republic.

If, God forbid, despite all preventive measures someone manages to obtain objectionable photos and blackmails a child, she needs to be counseled that in this day and age of deep fake and photoshop, there is no reason to give in to such criminals due to a misplaced sense of shame. If you made an error in judgement, its not the end of the world – never give in, reach out for help and force law enforcement to act. Connect with local Hindu outfits like Bajrang Dal, VHP, Hindu Yuva Vahini to ensure police doesn’t drag its feet.

Mewat – a shining example of the secular state’s apathy

The area where this horrific crime occurred falls in the Muslim-dominated historical Mewat region which is centered in Nuh district of Haryana, but also encompasses parts of Alwar, Dausa and Bharatpur districts in Rajasthan and Mathura district in UP.

Mewat is notorious for and synonymous with crime. Beef mafia, mining mafia, sextortion and cyber-crime, ATM robbery, vehicle theft, arms trade – all such criminal enterprises flourish here, along side severe persecution of Hindus. A commission appointed by a Dalit organization and headed by an ex-judge found that Mewat has turned into a mini-Pakistan, and that the plight of Hindus still living there (dozens of villages in the region have witnessed a complete Hindu exodus) could arguably be worse than what minorities face in Pakistan. A three-member investigation team led by an Army general that was appointed by VHP made a similar finding.

Despite Haryana being ruled by BJP since 2014 and promises by CM Manohar Khattar, there has been little change on the ground in Mewat. Of course, expecting anything from the Congress government in Rajasthan is foolish.

In 2021, when Supreme Court was petitioned over this large-scale human rights violation taking place just 100 km from the national capital, the top court led by then CJI Ramana dismissed the appeal with a curt “we can’t entertain this petition based on newspaper reports.”

This is ‘secular’ hypocrisy of the highest order – one study found that the biggest contributor to suo motu (of its own accord, without any petition/PIL) cases taken up by Supreme Court since 1990 is media reports! Here is one such example where Delhi HC took up a case based on a Times of India report. SC judges like Chandrachud have openly caved in to the media pressure while deciding priority of case listing. Ex-CJI Ramana was heard bemoaning in court that “Some media house and some videos are saying that what the Chief Justice of India is doing…” while listening to a petition filed on behalf of a student stuck in Ukraine. 

So clearly, the higher judiciary is sensitive to media and voices among the intelligentsia…but of the right kind, i.e. of their fellow Anglicized, liberal elites. If dozens of Hindi newspapers, Hindu socio-religious organizations and even respected ex-judges/bureaucrats/Army officers are repeatedly raising the flag over Mewat, the issue merits no attention for SC because the likes of NDTV, The Wire, Ramachandra Guha and cabal of left-liberal ex-judges and lawyers/activists don’t think it “shakes conscience of the nation” like UP Police action against Islamist rioters does.

Let’s not forget that the same SC has taken up a fabricated petition on ‘nationwide violence against Christians’ with alacrity and demanded the MHA to get verification reports from 8 states.

It’s the priority of PLUS (people like us) that decide the judiciary’s priorities. It is no wonder that this opaque & collegium-controlled institution, which is bullied at will by a Lutyens’ lawyer-clique led by Kapil Sibal, is being seen as the one of the last frontiers that needs to be decolonised and made accountable to the people.

Mewat is symbolic of the existential threat that faces Hindus all across Bharat. The secular state is clearly not bothered and our current system of electoral, votebank politics ensures that Hindu suffering remains censored, and a fringe issue at best. We need a complete systemic overhaul, nothing less will suffice. This is the main battle that our generation and the next have to fight.

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  1. Wat the hell Vasundra govt did after being many years in power. Our govt is better in opposition atleast they stand by us for the sake of gaining power in coming election

  2. Recall the case of Mohammed Shafi, who posed as an NRI doctor and raped 30 girls, ALL HINDUS. WHen asked why he only picked HIndu girls, he replied that “doing this to Muslim girl is sin.”

    This is, sadly, the truth. Their religion teaches them that rape of a kafir woman is the “haq” of a muslim man, and a reward for his following the “deen”. So when they do such things, they do not feel any remorse or guilt. Rather, they think they are just encashing the lottery ticket that Allah gave them for being Muslims.

    Till we openly discuss this issue, we are not going to understand it. And it is Hindu girls who will pay the price.

  3. Kudos to Vikramji for covering this case. I looked at other English language outlets and did not find it. Jagran of course carried it. This is fate of Hindu girls in INDIA, what to speak of Pakistan and Bangladesh!

  4. Such type of crimes are occurring time & again in Rajasthan. This calls for stringent Govt. level action and intensifying policing operation.


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