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Murali KV

A medic and a graduate of the University of Cambridge, England, involved in inter-disciplinary research for the inculcation of a scientific rigour in the outdated fields of humanities: putting “science” into social sciences

TNM and Sterlite controversy: is TNM peddling the Chinese agenda?

While Chinese copper exports are booming, their likely sympathizers TNM (The News Minute) and Co are hard at work trying to close Bharat's capacity (Sterlite). If...

The Mosquito Hindus: Narratives from the Dharmic Frontline

It has become fashionable among common Hindus and many self-proclaimed Hindutvavadis to moralise (a new addition to the Moron Smriti) over what is right...

A Sad Children’s Day Special: Are Christian Schools and Institutions Violating Right to Life of Children?

In the entire Christian Western world, the Christian churches of almost all denominations are under investigation for sexual abuse of children (“child rape”) as...

The Supreme Court of India Celebrates the 350th Anniversary of Aurangzeb’s Banning of Diwali Fireworks

Recently the SCI banned the sale of crackers in the Delhi-NCR region citing air pollution as being against the human right to health, and...

The Hindu Constitution of Ambedkar

Ambedkar rejected both the words, “secular” and “socialist,” which were later inserted by Indira Gandhi into the preamble of the Constitution during her undemocratic imposition of...

Is Thanthai Periyar Dravida Kazhagham (TPDK) guilty of crimes under SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act?

The sacred thread is worn by many backward, scheduled castes and tribes communities. It is worn by carpenters, goldsmiths, potters, weavers, Vanniyars, Chettiars, many...

Review of ‘Musings on Hinduism’

A book review of ‘Musings on Hinduism’ by Nithin Sridhar, Editor, IndiaFacts.org -- http://www.amazon.in/Musings-Hinduism-Nithin-Sridhar/dp/9383826304 This is a valuable book that should be meant for non-Hindus,...

Why Paranjape Is Wrong : Can Mathematical Sciences Quote The Precise Value Of Infinity?

This article provides a scientific empirical counterpoint to Professor Makarand Paranjape’s opinion, most recently expressed in the Swarajya magazine - A square is nothing but...

Emergence of sociocultural norms restricting intermarriage (endogamy) coincides with foreign invasions of Bharat

In an excellent article in PNAS by Basu et al. (1), the authors have undertaken an impressive genomic reconstruction of the history of extant...

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