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Friday, April 12, 2024

Pakistani politician shares disturbing story of legal travesty after abduction of 14-year-old Rabia Bheel on “International Women’s Day”

Abduction of minor Hindu girls followed by rape, forced conversion and marriage to men twice/thrice their age is a daily occurrence in the Islamofascist Republic of Pakistan.

It is estimated by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan that over 1000 girls from minority religions face this systemic abuse every year in Sindh province, where the majority of Pakistani Hindus reside. But this could be a huge under-estimate, as one NGO has recorded 15,714 cases of kidnapping of non-Muslim girls in Pakistan in 2020.

One of the epicenters of this modern-day sex slavery and gross human rights abuse is Ghotki, a district in Sindh, which houses the notorious Bharchundi Shareef Dargah run by Sufi Pir Mian Mithoo and his family.

Mithoo is an embodiment of pure evil, a rakshasa who has developed a whole ecosystem to abduct girls, house them in his dargah to ‘break them’, then convert them in public and marry them off. From police, to lawyers, to judges, to politicians, this ex-legislator (he has won in the past on a PPP ticket and was close to joining Imran Khan’s alliance too) who has close contacts to the Pak Army as well, is a terror for Pakistani Hindus.

Recently, another minor Hindu girl Rabia Bheel (14) was abducted from Ghotki. Hindus often keep Muslim-sounding names for their children in Pakistan in the hope that this will protect them to some degree from institutionalized discrimination. As per TV reports, Rabia was abducted from village Lakhu Bheel in Ghotki at gunpoint from her house by Zakir Hussain Traggar & gang. Police refused the family’s pleas to take action.

Sukhdev Hemnani, Vice-President PPP (People’s Party of Pakistan), district Ghotki, shared what transpired legally after Rabia ‘went missing’:

On the unfortunate news circulating here regarding faith conversion of a minor Hindu girl from Ghotki: Rabia Bheel, a 14 year old girl child from Hindu community, was missing since a few days. Got the FIR registered immediately on March 8 to ensure her recovery

The girl appeared before court today & her statement under PPC 164 was recorded where she stated about her conversion & marriage. Marriage solemnised despite the girl being underage but the relevant law wasn’t regarded by court at this stage.

Court ordered ossification today but sent the girl with husband instead of shelter home. The most disturbing fact about this case in particular is that it is a well-known lawyer from Hindu community who is defending the girl’s conversion & underage marriage in court.

The lawyer holds significant influence in bar & is using it to his advantage. Both as the PPP & the community, our all out support is with the girl’s family that is in anguish & the fight is for the rights of a child that disallow underage marriage.

We are trying to arrange a lawyer [with some conscience] to represent the family on next hearing at 22 March. Highly, highly unsettling that the injustice is also being done at the hands of some of our own from the community!

In summary, this is how the system works in Pakistan

  • Most times the police flat out refuses to file FIR. In Rabia’s case, the family was ‘lucky’.
  • Pakistan has a national law against child marriage which sets minimum age as 16 (in Sindh, the minimum age for marriage is 18), but laws mean very little in court. A few years back, the Sindh High Court ruled the ‘marriage’ of a 14-year-old Christian girl and her adult abductor legal under Sharia law because she had already experienced her first period.
  • By law, girls are supposed to kept in a shelter home for duration of such cases. But this is routinely flouted by judges. Even if the girl is sent to a shelter home, her parents are denied access but the Muslim side is free to visit and intimidate the girl.
  • All attempts at passing a law criminalizing forced religious conversions have come to nought due to the powerful Islamist lobby. Only Sindh province has tried to pass such a bill, and failed. In 2019, the Provincial Assembly of Sindh rejected an anti-forced conversion bill, their second attempt at enacting such a law after the Provincial Assembly passed a similar bill in December 2016, but on the insistence of the provincial government, the governor did not assent to it.

And finally, there is no dearth of HINOs (Hindus in Name Only) across the world, ever-ready to betray Hindus for their own selfish goals. We just need to cast a glance at the senior Lutyens’ lawyers in our own country to understand this breed.

And what is worse, this rabidly supremacist Islamic nation has the gall to talk about ‘Islamophobia’, and the United Nations, acting as a puppet of such Abrahamic supremacists, assents to a ‘Combat Islamophobia’ Day!

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  1. Hindus all over to pick up arms and protect themselves, more so in Islamic societies, Hindu girls kidnapped, fooled by love jihad and exploited for sexs, made pregnant beaten and used as child bearing machine, blast that jihadis home by gas cylinders, chop his throat by kitchen knife, put mirchi powder in there eyes and injure them?be bold, gain physiological supremacy…

  2. In Islamofascist Pakistan everything is corrupt. From the bottom to the uppermost echelons of power, everyone is biased who never hesistates to undermine the rights & privileges of Hindu, Christian, Sikh and other minority communities dwelling in Pakistan long before the very birth of the state. Under gunpoint, Islamists can force Court of Law to change its verdicts violating the enacted law.
    Kidnapping and raping of Hindu girls and then forcible conversion followed by marriage is a daily occurrence there. No politicians, no administrators brave to counter this vicious social crime. Rather they take a very indifferent stance. There will be no Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh by 2040!


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