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Thursday, June 1, 2023

“Kill all Hindus!” to “Power of Enemy”- Hinduphobia is real and growing

The events of this week have shed a new light on Hinduphobia ingrained in the Abrahmic religions of Islam and Christianity. While, in Pakistan, the issue of Islamabad Hindu Krishna temple, which included Islamist threat of “Kill all Hindus!”, exposed the bigotry of common Pakistani Muslims, in Bharat, a Christian Pastor in Arunachal again showed why Christianity is a big threat to culture of Bharat and indigenous religions of Bharat.

kill all hindus
Faces of Hinduphobia

We have already discussed Islamabad temple issue in some detail, here and here

Islamist Bigotry – Vandalism to “Kill all Hindus!”

Since we wrote our last post about the issue, the inevitable has happened. Islamists have, in the meanwhile, destroyed the foundations of the under construction Hindu temple and declared that they will slaughter a cow there on the occasion of Bakrid. Needless to say, it is an ancient way of Islamists to show dominance and insult Hindus.

Muslims know that cow is sacred to Hindus and have used cow meat to desecrate Hindu temples since centuries. Indeed, this was used by Islamist invaders to humiliate Hindus. In the first Islamic invasion itself by Muhammad bin Kasim, in 712 CE, he destroyed all temples but let Surya Temple at Multan stand as it generated much revenue. But, he killed a cow and attached a piece of cow flesh on the neck of Murti of Lord Surya! This pattern was repeated countless times. The use of cow flesh to defile Hindu temples was used even by the ‘Great Secular’ King Akbar in Nagarkot(Kangra) Jwalamukhi temple!

This act of vandalism was not the only one at the site. As we covered in this piece, Lal Chand Malhi, a Hindu member of the National Assembly of Pakistan has reported that there have been four different acts of robbery and vandalism at the site in last 1 week. Indeed, yesterday the miscreants stole about 1 ton of iron, for use as construction material, from the site. Read his tweet below:-

“Kill all Hindus !” -Maulvis to Muslim kids, the same slogan

The Hinduphobia in Pakistani Muslims can be seen from the way their religious heads and common men talk about Hindus. Not satisfied with vandalism and offering namaz at the site of temple, or even by threat of defiling it with cow slaughter, a Maulvi threatened that he will kill all those in support of Krishna Temple in an Islamic country and feed it to the dogs!

Such threats are not to be taken lightly in a country like Pakistan, which is the breeding ground of terrorists. Indeed, the shouts of approval from the audience confirms the level of dangerous Islamic radicalization in Pakistani society. As if this was not enough, a new video has come up in which a small child is heard making a threat to kill all Hindus if Hindu Temple is permitted in Islamabad.

It is to be remembered that similar videos of Hindu hate by children have often been released by Kashmiri terrorists. Many readers will recall the video in which a Muslim child is saying “I will kill Modi” at the airport, after Modi’s govt brought the family home! Of course, this is a result of deep seated Hinduphobia among Muslims, which is passed on to the next generation of the family.

Demonising Indigenous religions – the Christian threat

If the Islamists are abusing, threatening and denigrating Hinduism in Pakistan, Christian fundamentalists are doing it in Bharat itself. The missionaries routinely abuse Hinduism and Hindus. Gandhiji described in his autobiography, My Experiments With Truth, : “In those days Christian missionaries used to stand in a corner near the high school and hold forth, pouring abuse on Hindus and their Gods.”

Swami Vivekanand asserted in the Parliament of religions : “If we Hindus dig out all the dirt from the bottom of the Pacific ocean and throw it in your faces, it will be but a speck compared to what your missionaries have done to our religion and culture.”

Clearly, abusing Hindus, declaring their Gods as demons, conversion through coercion and fraud and spreading rumors about Bhartiya culture and society is an old business of fundamentalist Christians.

The business continues even today. Watch a sample below:-

This is not an isolated event. Missionaries are now bold enough to enter our temples and target Hindus there. Has any Hindu ever gone to a Church and abused their God and asked them to convert?

Of course, Christianity does not have problem only with Hindus. They oppose every native religion and try their best to erase any sign of that. They destroyed European Paganism, African, Australian and American religions and have been trying to destroy Hinduism since hundreds of years. A recent example from Arunachal Pradesh can be seen below.

The Christian pastor is abusing and burning the Murti of Mother Goddess, Ane Donyi of the indigenous Donyi Palo religion. He is calling it “Power of enemy”, and burning it in the name of Jesus. He was bold enough to post it on social media. It is to be noted that many areas in Bharat’s north east, including states of Nagaland, Meghalaya and Mizoram are now Christian majority. This has happened only in last 100 years. Consequently, local religious practices have now been destroyed.


As Professor P. A. Verguese says:-

The respect and tolerance for other religions that is present in Hindu Dharma is a unique trait. Due to the invasive tendencies of Abrahmic religions, this trait will become less and less common. Maybe, that is necessary for our survival.

It is time that the expansionist designs of Islam and Christianty are exposed to every Hindu. The amount of Hinduphobia in these religions should be talked about in media, in stories, should be shown in movies and should be openly told in public conversation. Unless we win the narrative war, Hindus would continue to be portrayed as bigoted and our persecutors will continue to falsely show themselves as persecuted, while continuously preying on us.

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Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey is an Educator based in Dehradun, currently working as Senior Staff Writer with HinduPost. He is an Engineer by training and a teacher by passion. He teaches for Civil Service Exams as well as for Common Law Admission Test. He has deep interest in politics, economy, culture and all things Bharatiya. He fancies himself to be a loving husband and doting father. His weakness is Bharatiya food, particularly sweets. His hobbies include reading, writing and listening to Bharatiya music.


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