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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Khalistanis assault tricolor-holding Hindus & Sikhs with rods, while police watches: Melbourne, Australia

Shocking reports are coming in of Hindus, Sikhs and other Bharatiya-origin Australian residents holding the tricolor being viciously assaulted by Khalistani extremists in Melbourne today. The attack occurred when pro-Bharat residents were peacefully opposing the ‘Khalistan referendum’ organized by terrorist organization Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia.

Armed with long rods and other weapons, the Khalistanis suddenly launched a vicious attack from behind, as can be seen in the video below.

Several people suffered injuries in this unprovoked attack which was carried out in full view of armed police who seemed strangely unmoved. The video also shows how little children had to be rushed to safety by their parents when the attack started. One Khalistani snatched a tiranga from what appears to be a Sikh man in a red pagdi, before pushing him to the ground. The Bharatiya flag was then snapped into two.

As per Australian Hindu Association, 30-40 armed Khalistanis, with specially designed weapons, from 2 fronts, attacked unarmed people walking peacefully with Bharatiya flags at Federation Square.

One shocking video shows Khalistanis viciously assaulting a helpless man lying on the ground, while women and youth flee in the background, and shocked onlookers watch the most populous city of Australia turned into a battle zone.

Other videos have also emerged showing more Khalistanis, armed with similar long rods, attacking tricolor-holding men.

Media outlet The Australia Today has put out more videos of the attacks, including goons allegedly attacking Indian Australians with knives.

Although, Australian Police knew well in advance the potential for violence during this so-called referendum, especially given the recent wave of desecrations of Hindu temples in Australia by Khalistanis, they failed to prevent it. However, they did take some action after the attacks, and were seen arresting at least one Khalistani goon.

Image Source:

Australian Police later put out a statement saying ‘two scuffles broke out’ during the Khalistan Referendum event, claiming police ‘quickly responded’ to both incidents. Two unnamed men, aged 34 and 39, were arrested and issued a ‘penalty notice for riotous behavior’. Two men with ‘minor injuries’ were treated by paramedics, police stated.

It is well known that Khalistan is a pet project of the Pakistani-ISI establishment, and Khalistanis represent the Talibanization of a Dharmic panth that co-existed in harmony with others before the British colonizers planted the seeds of separatism. Islamists and Khalistanis have collaborated openly against Bharat and Hindus in other parts of the Anglopshere, and their cozy ties were in full view in Melbourne today as well.

Hindu human rights activist and PhD student Sarah Gates, herself an Australian citizen, tweeted, “Did @VictoriaPolice realise the Khalistanis had iron rods at their so called peaceful democratic election? Hearing reports of Hindus being hospitalised…Khali organisers let their armed mobs chase Hindus outside the venue.

As per eyewitnesses to the attack, the Khalistani elements were openly wielding swords and iron poles and were spread out across the streets.

The Stop Hindu Hate Advocacy Network (SHHAN) handle tweeted, “Lax attitude of police is unacceptable esp after 3 Hindu temples were attacked in 1 week. They knew violence is being escalated. Yet they were grossly underprepared for such situations. Aus has to nip Khalistanis in the bud or else Aus-India relations will be frigid like Cana(da).”

Socio-political commentator, author and ex-IAS officer Sanjay Dixit, pioneers of Jaipur Dialogues platform, hit out at the Bharatiya diplomats posted in Australia for failing to do their duty:

“This has been in the works. 3 temples had been vandalised in Melbourne. @HCICanberra sat on it. Amb Manpreet Vohra came to Melbourne y’day with wife Naseem, attended an Infosys conf and then watched Australian Open. Had no time for Indians or temples.@DrSJaishankar @PMOIndia


Lady in the red, Naseem Vohra, to her right Amb Manpreet Vohra, Selfie being taken by Consul General Melbourne,Sushil Kumar. Lisa Singh of Australia India Institute and Ashok Mysore of Infosys are the others. Enjoying life while Indians get beaten up defending the flag.

The coward Consul General was so scared of Khalistanis that he preponed flag hoisting in the Consulate from 9 am to 7 am. Are such people going to defend India’s interests abroad? @DrSJaishankar this is certainly not the Indian Way you talked about. @PMOIndia”

But notwithstanding the apathy of the Bharatiya embassy staff, activist groups like Australian Hindu Association have been opposing today’s Khalistan referendum for weeks. After observing images of Khalistani posters being displayed across Melbourne and Sydney, they raised this issue with all the respective councils to investigate these illegally mounted posters. Many councils responded positively to them and even had the posters removed. Yet, Australian authorities gave permission to a secessionist referendum to be held in the heart of a major city!

UN & Western nations turn a blind eye as Khalistani elements run amok

The Interpol, a UN agency to facilitate international police cooperation, has repeatedly rejected Bharat’s request to issue a Red Corner Notice against Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the founder of Khalistani terror outfit Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), even as the separatist leader is facing 22 cases, including three of sedition, in Punjab. Pannu has also been charged with abetting mutiny, provocation with intent to cause riot, wanton vilification and offence at a place of worship.

In 2019, India banned the US-based SFJ and listed Pannu a designated terrorist under the UAPA.

But neither the US, nor the UN agency Interpol, nor any other Western nation like UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand have taken any meaningful action against the Khalistani terrorists operating openly on their soil.

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  1. What happened when Sikhs we’re beaten by Hindu radicals last year, then nobody spoke up but know it’s it’s the other side. Circumstances are same and people are two faced.

  2. It is reported that over 30,000, and up to 45,000 Sikhs have voted in the Melbourne issue of the so-called “Khalistan referendum”. Some sources say 60,000. There are many videos of the long lines voting, and so whatever the exact figure, it cannot be denied that a LOT of Sikhs have voted.

    So it is not a “handful of Khalistanis” but we are talking of a significant (maybe even majority) of the overseas Sikh population.

    This is the elephant in the room: overseas Sikhs seem to support every pro-Khalistan institution. Why? This is truly the biggest question we must answer. Also, why does Modi keep appeasing this particular community so much? Why are all appointments of ambassador to wealthy countries (USA in particular) almost always Sikh? This is part of appeasement, we know. But is it paying off? Nearly all Gurudwaras in USA prohibit any Indian diplomatic staff from entering. All openly support Khalistan. Who who are we trying to appease?

    Why can’t we film the faces of these people who are lining up at referendums, and cancel their Indian passports or OCI cards and put them on no-fly lists?

  3. I watched the video a few times: the Tiranga is taken from a Khalistani (w/ red pagdi) who has snatched it from some Indian. You can see the same Khalistani towards end of video joining other Khalistanis also.

    I may be wrong on this: but this is what it appeared like to me. In other words, there were no Sikhs in the Tiranga rally, I think. Once more, readers should see the video and determine for themselves.

  4. Harsh truth: these people ruin the countries they immigrate to also. Reduce them to the level of lawlessness we saw in Punjab in the 80s. A shame on us, and we should completely dissociate from them, make it clear to everyone they have nothing to do with India or Hindus. They are a feral breed, and jail is the best place for them.

  5. Recent events suggest that Australia is becoming the major front where Khalistanis are attacking Hindus and Indians in general.

    Very concerning. Our diplomatic effort needs to focus on this. Looks like we are not putting enough pressure on the Australian government to curb this. Shameful that Hindus are being beaten in broad daylight by running mobs of hoodlum Khalistanis.


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