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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Communism has not saved communists of China: exposing the double standard of Bharatiya communists

‘Communist Party of China’ has celebrated 100th year of its foundation on 1st July, 2021. A curious overlook to the coverage of CPC’s centenary celebration by global communist media houses revealed that, the extent of enthusiasm and hailing the ideology ‘communism’ has significantly.

The collapse of Soviet Union and the fall of socialist block in 1989 have awakened the western communists from their daydream, except the awakening of Bharatiya communists. It’s only in Bharat that the coverage of CPC’s achievement has been covered in the whole editorial page by the prominent communist media “The Hindu”, accompanied by essays glorifying the success story of communist ideology.

It seems Bharatiya communists intellectuals are in festive mood too. Western Marxist media covered the speeches of Xi Jinping but only highlighted the points in comparative view in the interest of their own state. Whereas, the Bharatiya Marxists have narrated through essays to sprinkle life and spirit to the moribund ideology that is “Communism”.

We can pick only one sample to assess the mindset of entire Bharatiya communists.  Alka Acharya, professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University has portrayed an essay titled “How the Chinese Communist Party Endures”, covered at the editorial page by ‘The Hindu’ on 1st July 2021. The essay narrated intelligently to justify the actions, deeds, diversion of core philosophy of CPC throughout its ruling periods by arguments sometimes by her own and sometimes by the words of CPC’s leaders.

But, any neutral watcher will be taken aback by judging the double standards of these Bharatiya communists for their arguments, for the same reason within home, is how selective, dishonest, and intentionally dumping the national interests while creating an atmosphere which may be a threat to the sovereignty of Bharat.

The essay started with a pompous self describing phrase  for CPC’s era as ‘zhan qilai’ (stood up) under Mao Zedong, ‘fu qilai’ (became rich) under Deng Xioaping and ‘qiang qilai’ under Xi Jinping by the author. This phrase only indicates how the interests of Bharatiya communists are gravitating outside the territory of Bharat, once upon a time towards Moscow and now towards Beijing. This may be the reason why sentimental Bharatiyas are describing them as anti-national or anti-state.

But throughout the essay the author suppressed the fact that the real communism era of ‘zhan qilai’ under Mao Zedong of imposing soviet model had drastically failed and that brought severe misery, acute famine and starvation to death. His subsequent reform of ‘cultural revolution’ was intended to conceal his failure of economic reform, which ended with unspeakable genocide. Deng Xioaping had realised the fundamental defects with communism as a principle and shown his audacity of outlining the flaws of Mao’s period.

Without heeding to any criticism he dared to adopt ‘market economy’ in order to save Chinese nation. But, the author is cleverly trying to hide the fact of failure of communism and hesitatingly accepted that CPC under Deng Xioaping has shifted from ‘pure communism’ not to ‘capitalism’, but to ‘partial capitalism’, to which they are branding as ‘socialist market economy’.

But, the author should be reminded that her mentioned period of ‘fu qilai’ is really the outcome due to the failure of communism as a principle. Of course, the coining of ‘qiang qilai’ under Xi Jinping is valid, but, no spirit of ‘communism’ is visible as it is the continuation of the reform carried by Deng Xioaping.

The author further writes, “CPC under Mao fused the people with a collective purpose-the rejuvenation of china – and gave them a ‘National’ identity…..the CPC combined the thousands of sparks that were simmering throughout the country into one big explosive social revolution, demolishing entire social class. This was ‘liberation’ – not mere independence – and the birth of new china….Such a comprehensive political, economic and social destruction, as it were, is unparalleled in the history of modern revolutions.”

Bharatiya communists must be reminded the period of Mao Zedong had brought the starvation to the belly of Chinese, hatred among classes to bloodshed, failure and instability of the borrowed socialist models of reformation leading to famine and acute poverty. No doubt, the comprehensive political, economic, and social destruction with the birth of New China had dragged the Chinese to misery and massacres which is unparalleled in the history of China.

The ‘National’ identity which the author stressed was a territorial nationalism concept which violently subjugated historically independent nations as Tibet, Taiwan and Hongkong which is alike the construction of soviet Russia.

The birth of ‘New China’ in true sense happened under Deng Xiaoping when he dared to deviate from the core ‘Communist ideology’ in order to search alternative models and ideas in own ancient civilisation of Confucianism and Taoism. The positive connection with historical past really worked and boomed the economic sector to unexpected high which is furthered in Xi Jinpings’s period.

The author has acknowledged this in writing as, “The world is dealing not merely with a nation state but with an authoritarian party state that foregrounds its civilisational culture – and its helm is an organisation that is steering the country towards its own tryst with destiny.”

The author too further emphasised as, “Marxism is to be sinicised before it could be applied to the Chinese conditions. The concept of ‘sinicisation’ is essentially a tool for grounding any ‘foreign’ concept or idea in the Chinese conditions. Over the years the ‘sinicisation’ has morphed into “socialism with Chinese characteristics” it is in this vein Xi Jinping speaks about the need to adapt Marxism to China’s modern requirement.”

If Bharatiya communists can argue for the necessity of sinicisation of Marxism then why can’t they debate for hinduisation of Marxism? If these communists can argue for grounding of ‘foreign’ concept or idea to civilisation for China sake, then what stops them thinking in the same line in their home state?  Rather they are seen of advocating for the imported foreign values like democracy, liberal, humanism, tolerance, freedom of expression, human rights, it’s really strange!

They are often seen of writing ‘democracy is in danger’, ‘intolerance of Hindus towards religious minorities, ‘liberalism and humanism should be new religion’ etc.  Why these communists are nourishing bitter despise towards Hindu civilisation? Why can’t they dare to accept the truth as rest communist world for connecting with own civilisational past? Or, is it their objection to the name Hindu or difficult to retract their call to war against Hindu dharma?

Bharatiya communists can refer their own Sanskrit texts to conceptualise ‘socialism with Hindu characteristics’. It is guaranteed, they can trace a better form of socialism in Mahabharata while describing each ‘Dharmic state and Virtuous Kings’ throughout the text and particularly the advice of Narada to Yudhhisthir through questions, King of newly founded state Indraprastha, depicted in the Sabha Parva of this text.

Many Sanskrit texts have beautifully explained the principles of sama-dama-bheda-danda which can be adapted to hinduise the foreign policy. No better ideas for diplomatic policies in the world can be found than the sambada of Kanika and Dhritarashtra in aadya parva of Mahabharata.

Apart from this, this Sanskrit text is filled with gems of ideas and opinions of great Vidura, Krishna, Shakuni, Bheesm, Gandhari and many more in each page which is unparallel in world literature to derive home policies for political, social, economic institutions. If Bharatiya communists really want to achieve their hypothetical state of communism then they have to evoke ‘Rama Rajya’.

Bharatiya communists must understand that class and caste is embedded in nature, not only human civilisations. It is almost impractical to achieve a classless and casteless society, which is still present in their glorified China till date and other western and Arabian nations.

CPC ruled China defiantly demolished mosques, edited Quran by filtering jihad provisions, published Quran in mandarin, streamlined the name keeping of Muslims and proscribed performing of Namaj at public places and visiting Haj. Bharatiya communists might have accepted these steps taken by CPC as standard procedure to sinicise Islam and Muslims. But, these communists have been wreaking havoc if any Bharatiya government initiate a step to hinduise the people of abrahamic faith.

They are blind at the gross human right violation of Uighur Muslims of Xinxiang province of China but within home, they act as if ambassadors of human rights. This is too Bharatiya communists have preferred ‘selective outrage’ if they see only when aggressor as ‘Hindu’.

Tiananmen Massacre: “could not afford chaos”

The violent crushing and killing of unarmed innocent protesters, mostly students are well documented through the globe as a protest for democracy, though, China is still in denial of any human rights violation. But, according to Bharatiya communists Tiananmen demonstration is not ‘pro-democracy’ as, the author provides causes that is, “…the simmering dissatisfaction stemming from the uneven impact of Deng’s reforms and the problem of corruption in the CPC since the mid 1980’s burst out in massive demonstrations”.

But, what is more pathetic is that the way the author justified the killing as “For Deng, the lesson was that if China was to achieve its economic objectives, it “could not afford chaos”. Stability was accorded top priority and the nation’s energies channelized into “getting rich” which has continued to be chief planck of the CPC’s governance after Deng down to Xi.” What a level of hypocrisy is this!!!

If the Bharatiya communists are arguing for  China sake could not afford chaos as stability is top priority for development” then why they are creating a chaotic atmosphere  sometimes by ‘return of awards’, other time invoking ‘intolerance debate’, next time ‘dalit atrocities’ and further ‘rape culture’, ‘lynchistan’?

Is this because they can’t tolerate that their ideological opponents are aiming eye at disrupting a democratically elected with thundering majority to form the government at centre? Why they are destabilising the government by opposing or blocking any of bills for national interest? (Take example Land acquisition bill, farmer’s bill, CAA, NRC etc)

While describing the Deng’s period the author proudly writes “…the importance of standing up to external forces that seeks to impose their ways has endured. Strong responses to any perceived attack on sovereignty (Tibet and Taiwan), the categorical rejection of anything that could be interpreted as a dilution of national interest or the determined pushed back of attempts to impose or lecture about ‘western’ values are cases in point…” but within home, these communists are the brand ambassadors of ‘western’ values and ‘English language’.

It’s really pathetic state of Bharatiya communists while debunking anything ancient to this land and over fascination for western ideals. It’s really a shameful for these communists while arguing for protection of sovereignty of Chine whereas in home state they are propagating ‘Bharat is the prison house of nations’! Thesis after thesis they are arguing for the freedom of nations allegedly aggressed and caged by Bharat.

What is the real measure of calculating double standard of these communists? What is the matter of worrisome is that innumerable civil service aspirants are in confusion, illusion and delusion about their civilisation and history, who are largely subscribing their writings, ideas and debates.

While these Bharatiya communists are rejoicing for escaping from colonial hangover by Chinese, they are found guilty of committing unpardonable offence by pushing our youths to the addiction of colonial brewery.

The author finally concludes with “It is more important than ever to understand the nature and power of this organisation; its strength and its weaknesses; its ability to capture the imagination of the people- and interestingly, the youth. It has refuted prognostications of its demise with its capacity of reinventing, regenerating and renewing its compact with the people, strengthened, among other things, by its ability to continue learning from history.”

In the conclusion too, the author clandestinely attempted to restore the faith and confidence of Bharatiya youths on communism which can be viewed as a dangerous attempt of establishing communist state in Bharat. But, the youth of Bharat must realise that Chinese Communist Party’s positive and strong connection with their civilisation rejuvenated the spirit and confidence of Chinese, which worked amazingly in shaping New China. Youths of Bharat must understand that it is not communism which saved communists of China; it is the adherence to the principles of Confucianism and Taoism which really saved communists from decaying.


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-by Dr. Rakesh Muduli and Sri Devasis Mishra

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