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Friday, December 8, 2023

Canadian journalist Daniel takes Trudeau to cleaners as ex-Indian diplomat KC Singh defends Khalistanis in propagandist Rajdeep’s show

Canadian journalist Daniel Bordman took Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to cleaners (archived tweet) in propagandist Rajdeep Sardesai’s show even as former Indian diplomat KC Singh defended the Khalistanis.

On 18 September, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau initiated a diplomatic conflict with Bharat by accusing New Delhi of involvement in the death of Khalistani terrorist Harjeet Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil. Trudeau made these allegations in the Canadian parliament without providing any supporting evidence for his claims.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) strongly rebuffed the Canadian claims. In a statement, the MEA rejected the statements made by the Prime Minister of Canada in Parliament as well as those by the Foreign Minister. The MEA characterized the allegations of Bharat’s involvement in any act of violence in Canada as both absurd and driven by ulterior motives.

Trudeau’s actions have fueled increased Khalistani activism against Bharat and Hindus. Pro-Khalistan legislator Jagmeet Singh, already under scrutiny by Bharatiya authorities, issued a veiled threat, stating, “I will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice, including holding Narendra Modi accountable”. Additionally, Gurpatwant Pannu, the leader of the extremist group Sikhs For Justice, warned Hindus to leave Canada, claiming that Khalistani Sikhs have always supported Canada and will continue to do so.

Former Indian diplomat KC Singh defended Khalistanis

When it comes to Bharat’s interests in general and regarding topics like Khalistani terrorism and Islamism, in particular, Indian media has not always been the most objective and forthright. Some media outlets tend to mirror politicians who, in their pursuit of votes, have appeased extremist factions.

On 19 September’s episode of India Today’s primetime show hosted by Rajdeep Sardesai, it was not surprising to witness a debate where former Indian Ambassador KC Singh sided with Khalistanis and provided cover fire for Khalistani sympathizers, while Canadian journalist and commentator Daniel Bordman criticized Justin Trudeau, his woke policies, the conspiracy theories propagated by his government, and the Khalistani elements he is accommodating.

Rajdeep Sardesai initiated the debate by asking, “How should India respond to the latest challenge posed by Canada?” He directed this question to former Ambassador KC Singh, who, in his response, seemed to evade the issue, relying on conjecture and portraying Khalistani terrorists as individuals who merely felt marginalized and victimized by the Bharatiya government.

KC Singh began his response by suggesting a connection between events in Punjab and Canada. He acknowledged the existence of a small faction within the Sikh diaspora with aspirations for Khalistan but stressed that if Khalistan were to materialize, it should occur in Punjab. He pointed out that before 2015, the situation had settled mainly after the tumultuous events following Operation Blue Star. He also highlighted the role played by the desecration incident in 2015, which was mishandled by the Akali Dal, and the controversy surrounding Gurmeet Ram Rahim in Haryana, a convicted criminal who received preferential treatment from the Haryana government.

Singh went on to attribute some of the sentiments of Sikhs feeling persecuted to the Akali Dal, an ally of the BJP, suggesting that they failed to address the issue effectively. He mentioned that it was the Union government’s representative who had labelled some of the farmers as Khalistanis during the Farmer’s agitation, even though, in reality, there were no Khalistanis, as the farmers from Punjab and Haryana collaborated on their protests according to Singh.

Furthermore, Singh commented on the pro-Khalistan sympathizer Amrit Pal Singh, noting that he had played a significant role in stirring controversy in Punjab. He stressed the importance of understanding the situation in Punjab and implied that blaming Canada for Bharat’s current challenges was futile.

He concluded by criticizing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his overreach in accusing Bharat without credible evidence. Singh emphasized that this was a political game both in Bharat and Canada and questioned the basis for Trudeau’s pointing fingers at a foreign nation in the national parliament without substantial proof.

Daniel Bordman defends Bharat’s interests

Canadian journalist and commentator Daniel Bordman criticized high-ranking liberal officials in Canada, labelling them as open-air India conspiracy theorists. He likened these individuals to counterparts within the Republican Party and highlighted that they were affiliated with the New Democratic Party. Daniel further emphasized that Trudeau’s stance was driven by vote bank politics. Daniel argued that Justin Trudeau, despite any perceived lack of intelligence, remains committed to his ideologies, which he described as a form of intersectional leftism with woke elements. He pointed out that there is a segment of academia and so-called experts in Canada who hold anti-Bharat views, paralleling the rise of anti-national sentiments in the West.

Daniel didn’t hold back in his critique of the Canadian Prime Minister and his ideology. He contended that Trudeau’s inner circle comprises intersectional individuals who harbour such views about Bharat and its affairs. He also suggested that these beliefs influence decision-making. Daniel expressed scepticism about the national security aspect of the situation and drew a parallel with recent evidence related to a Chinese scandal.

In that case, evidence emerged of threats to the family of a Canadian official, but the government took no action for a week until public pressure forced them to act. In contrast, in the current situation, where there is no public evidence, Daniel deemed it irrational to initiate a dispute with Bharat, a significant geopolitical ally and one of the world’s largest democracies. He characterized this approach as insane.

Canadian Journalist Daniel’s views

Earlier during the crackdown on pro-Khalistani Amritpal Singh, Daniel had warned Trudeau not to mess with Bharat by interfering in its internal affairs. It must be highlighted that Trudeau had issued a statement saying Canada was closely ‘monitoring’ the situation in Punjab. The Canadian PM however chose to look the other way in the case of Iran where people were protesting against their government.

Speaking on the hypocrisy of Trudeau, Daniel said that Canadian society avoids talking about difficult things and hence, strident political groups take advantage of them. He added that the Khalistani movement was alive in Canada but was disproportionately represented in politics. He also said that Khalistanis were facing opposition from community members who moved to Canada to escape them but ‘liberal Canadians’ like to turn a blind eye to the issue.

Daniel pointed out that Khailistani flags were waved at farmer protests in Canada. He highlighted that it was ironic that Khalistanis were coopting with Pakistanis when Pakistan had wiped out the entire Sikh population in the Islamic nation. Daniel said that Hindus in Canada have to bear the brunt of the Canadian government and White politicians collaborating with Khalistanis as it is the Hindus who get attacked.

“One of the biggest geopolitical mistakes of the 21st century is trying to be friends with both India and Pakistan. That’s not going to happen. We give Pakistan money and they give us terrorism. I would rather not pay for a Pakistani launching a missile at a Kashmiri Hindu…We can’t let Pakistan get away with whatever they want and criticize India for the most minor infractions…India would be central to any geopolitical alliance we want to make without Russia and China”, Daniel said regarding Trudeau interfering in Bharat’s internal affairs during the anti-Khalistan crackdown earlier this year.

Daniel signed off saying Canada risks losing a very important strategic ally in Bharat if it continues to make bad geopolitical decisions and they would have to continue relying on the Chinese which is not good in the long run.

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