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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Australia bestows pro-Khalistani radical with ‘citizen of year’ award

A pro-Khalistani radical Amar Singh was given the Parramatta ‘citizen of the year’ and the Australian High Commissioner tweeted praising his ‘charity work’. That the High Commission celebrates a person who harbours contempt for Hindus, supports Khalistanis, and has vilified Australian Hindus several times is a matter of concern.

He has been promoting secessionist anti-Bharat thoughts through his videos where he urges people to push the agenda for Khalistan saying it is their right to do so. His contempt for Bharat is evident from the manner in which he speaks against the country in things as simple as sports.

Amar Singh’s Hindumisia comes through in his above post where he resorts to the oft-repeated derogatory ‘cow urine’ jibe.

However, Australia supporting such radical elements, albeit in the name of charity, is hardly surprising considering the fact that it had jailed Hindu student Vishal Jood from Haryana for taking on the Sikh radicals and was targeted by them. Vishal was accused of ‘suspected hate crimes’. It must be noted that even in the Vishal Jood case pro-Khalistani Sikh leadership including Amar Singh approached the media saying they are being targeted by Hindus due to their turbans.

This case had brought forth how vote-bank politics was triggering support for radical Sikhs by Australian authorities. Sikhs constitute 2% of Bharat’s population but in Australia, they form around a third of the 500,000 Bharatiya immigrant community. They are religious people who don’t fail to turn up to Gurudwaras every week. Many of these Gurudwaras happen to be controlled by Khalistani elements, who don’t miss an opportunity to invite local politicians to their Sunday feasts. When someone claiming to be the representative of such a vocal and united social group approaches a minister, action can be extracted in exchange for a promise of votes.

Radicalisation amongst the Sikh diaspora in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia and USA, fueled by the Pakistani establishment and ignored with a wink and nod by the West, is a well-known phenomenon. Khalistanis, both settled for long and those who escaped Bharat during the 1980s, now control a large chunk of Sikh religious places in Western countries, and it is not unheard of for these places to be used to preach hatred against Bharat and Hindus.

Diplomacy demands that Australia respect the sentiments of Bharat’s majority population but the High Commissioner has displayed a complete lack of empathy by supporting a Khalistan favouring radical.

(Featured Image Source: SBS Punjabi)

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  1. As Bajaj,
    Australia friendliness to Hindus is a convience one (supercial), even if relationship exists it is only means to an end. Parramatta/Harris park is notorious for Khalistan supporters. Australia relationship with India is increased only b’cos of trade blockage by China on various products.

  2. and imagine, Australia is in the hands of among the most rightwing governments.
    I’ve always felt that be it rightwing or leftwing, ultimately none of them can be friends to Hindus and India
    Its just strategically, we may need to support one over the other for the moment, but otherwise we are on our own


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