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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Anti-Bharat behaviour is patriotism for Bangladesh

It is true that most people of Bangladesh like China. China is a close friend of Bangladesh. This achievement is not of the pro-China communists, rather of the Islamist fundamentalists. Almost all pro-China communists are sectarian.

In the context of Bangladesh this can be said quite emphatically that pro-China Communism and Islamist fundamentalism are opposite sides of the same coin. At one time we heard that the chairman of China is our chairman. Those who believe in this theory do not know what to say now – “the Chinese virus (corona) is our virus”?

China directly opposed the independence of Bangladesh. However due to International diplomacy, China did not mobilise troops on the Bharatiya border or did not get directly involved in the war. Why China will go to war for Pakistan? China has no history for jumping into a war for a friend. And Pakistan is not a friend!

China vetoed the issue of UN membership for Bangladesh, and recognised its membership only after the assassination of Bangabandhu on 31st August 1975.

Everyone knows that there is no permanent friend or enemy in politics. China can be a friend of Bangladesh. But the reason behind the love for China for the people of Bangladesh is not politics but hatred for Bharat. Since China is Bharat’s enemy, it is Bangladesh’s friend. Anti-Bharat mentality is what we call “Bangladeshi Patriotism”.

I am not talking about just a Pak-Bharat cricket match. One should understand the pro-China behaviour of Bangladesh and its intensity of hatred against Bharat.

Among the many faults of Bharat, the two main ones are Bharat is Hindu or ‘Hindu Bharat’ and that Bharat has broken Pakistan. There is no forgiveness for this unforgivable crime. Though Bharat brought independence to Bangladesh; though it released 93,000 Pakistani prisoners to bring back Bangabandhu. Bharat withdrew its troops at the behest of Bangabandhu.

Even after doing so many things, Bharat will not get the support of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh government may be a friend of Bharat but the people are totally against Bharat. Not all people are probably anti-Bharatiya but a large number of Bangladeshis are against Bharat. Whether Bharat exports cows or onions, there will be no effect.

Bangladesh became independent but the people did not become Bengalis. They have remained Pakistani. So Pakistan is a brotherly country and Bharat is a ‘friendly’ country. Brother is much more dearer than a friend. However, a few days ago, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made a meaningful comment about Bangladesh’s friendship with Bharat and China. “India is our tested friend and China is our friend”, said Hasina.

This is diplomatic language but anti-Bharat sentiment among the common people stems from their consciousness. This is exactly the reason why it is difficult to say how Bengali the people of Bangladesh are. They are not completely Bengali. Maybe they are Bengali Muslims. Religion is a part of culture but in Bangladesh the scenario is completely different. Arabic culture is more dominant. Bangladesh now values ​​Arabic more than Bengali.

In the sixties there was an initiative to write Bangla in Arabic script. The successors of those who falsified it are still going through that trauma. This cultural change can be seen everywhere. Be it in speech, in writing, in language. It was said in 1972 that Dhaka will be the center of Bengali language and culture. Now no one says that. That famous dialogue of the Bengali actor Chhabi Biswas reminds us….”When poverty enters from the window, love escapes through the door”.

Similarly, If Arabic culture enters through the door, Bengali culture will escape through the window. The cultural dearth of Bangladesh is evident in the demolition of sculptures, in vandalism of temples, looting of resources. But in China, there are sculptures. China is persecuting Muslims. China is forcing Muslims to have pork, mosques are being demolished. But all the so called righteous Muslims are completely silent. But if even a shade of something similar happens in Bharat, one will get to know their patriotism.

That is why I say “Anti-Bharat behaviour is patriotism to Bangladesh”.

-By Sitangshu Guha (Bangladesh Minority Coalition, USA; email – [email protected])

(This article first appeared on dailykagojkolom.com and has been translated from Bengali to English by Rinku M)

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