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Skinned alive, necks cut halal style & genitals cut & stuffed in mouths – Military Intelligence vet reveals what Kashmiri Pandits endured

The Kashmir Files has blown the lid right off the fraud that has been perpetrated on Hindus in the name of secularism. Horrifying tales of brutality and persecution perpetrated on this peaceful and knowledge-loving minority community of Kashmir are now emerging, with decades of repressed trauma finding release.

Some security officials are also unburdening the horrific reality that they had encountered while serving in J&K, but which they had suppressed all these years because speaking on this topic was considered taboo and ‘communal’.

Col. Vinayak Bhat is a military intelligence veteran of the Indian Army. In a tweet (archive link), he said he had personally taken down skikkned bodies of Pandits from trees in Kupwara. They had been killed in the most horrific manner by terrorists after being branded ‘Bharat ke Mukhbir’ (informers of Bharat): skinned alive, necks cut halal style (a slow and cruel style of slaughter in which the blood slowly seeps out), their genitals cut and stuffed in their mouths. He claimed that 3 Indian Army officers had also been killed in a similar fashion in 1994.

There is a scene in The Kashmir Files movie where the murder of Sarvanand Kaul ‘Premi’, a Kashmiri Pandit school headmaster and popular litterateur, and his younger son is shown. Kaul and his son were taken from their house and their bodies were found hanging from a tree the next morning, with deep visible wounds of torture. As per this is how Kaul was killed – “The place in between the eyebrows, where Premi used to apply the sandal wood mark commonly known as “Tilak” was found pierced by an iron and skin peeled off. The entire body bore the marks of cigarette burns. The limbs were found broken and eyes of both father and the son gouged out. They were later hanged and to be doubly sure shot too.

In another tweet, Col. Bhat recommended The Kashmir Files movie as a must watch for every Bharatiya. As an intelligence officer, he said he had seen developments from 1984 till date very very closely, and vouched for authenticity of every scene in the true story. Although heavily censored, it conveys most events of the genocide as they happened, he added.

He also reminded the citizens of Bharat about forgotten massacres in Kashmir such as the killing of 100 Amarnath pilgrims and Bihari laborers on August 1, 2000 in seven different incidents on the same night.

Most readers would be shocked to know that the Islamic terrorism that continues to this day in Kashmir had even spread into Himachal Pradesh at one time. At least 35 people were massacred – mostly laborers and a police constable – in two villages in Chamba district of HP on August 3, 1998.

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  1. Those basterds still think that Kashmir is there country separate from India. Once I went there on a holiday with my colleague around in 2015- 16 and traveling in car . A Kashmiri women asked us as to how we felt coming to their country

  2. When we have forgotten the genocide of 2-3 MILLION Hindus in 1971, 4000 Kashmiri Hindus in the 90s seems very minor in comparison.

    It is estimated that 8 CRORE Hindus were slaughtered over the centuries of Islamic invasions. But we forgot all that, and ushered in a
    “secular” society. May God save us!


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