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Saturday, June 10, 2023

PFI’s ‘India Vision 2047’ is to conquer and subjugate ‘coward’ Hindus with help of Islamic nations like Turkey

Bihar Police have unearthed a chilling PFI vision document that talks of plans to establish an Islamic government in Bharat by 2047, i.e. the 100th anniversary of the country’s independence. PFI (Popular Front of India) is a dangerous Islamist organization which has been involved in several terrorist incidents across the country, and which Bharat’s premier investigative body NIA recommended be banned in 2017.

The 8-page document titled ‘India 2047- Towards rule of Islam in India’ was recovered by Bihar Police on July 13 when it busted a PFI terror module and arrested two men from the Phulwari Sharif area of Patna. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Manish Kumar said an excerpt from the document talks about “subjugating coward majority community and bringing back the glory (of Islam)”.

Shockingly, the arrested duo include a retired police officer of Jharkhand, Mohd Jalaluddin (Jallauddin). The other accused is Athar Parvez, a former member of the banned terror outfit Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and a current member of the PFI and its political arm SDPI. Phulwari Sharif if a centre of Sufism and a Muslim-dominated area of the Bihar capital. Three more accused were arrested later – Margoob Danish, Arman Malik and Shabbir. An FIR has been lodged against a total of 26 people in this case.

The PFI terrorists were also plotting to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit on July 12.

As per an ANI report

“Excerpts of the internal document marked ‘not for circulation’ states that the PFI is confident that even if 10 per cent of the total Muslim population rally behind it, the organisation would “subjugate the majority community to their knees and bring back the glory of Islam in India.”

“To achieve this goal, this roadmap has been prepared to be kept in mind by all the PFI leaders and accordingly guide the PFI cadres, in particular and Muslim community, in general towards this goal,” it added.

“All our frontal organisations including Party should be focused on expanding and recruiting new members. We would begin to recruit and train members into our PE department wherein they should be given training on attacking and defensive techniques, use of swords, rods, and other weapons,” the PFI document read.

The PFI document, as identified by Bihar police, also enumerated plans to recruit “loyal Muslims” into government departments including executive and judicial positions as well as the Police and the Army.

According to the document the PFI also plans to “create a split between RSS and SCs/STs/OBCs” by projecting the organisation as an outfit interested only in the welfare of “upper caste Hindus”. The document stated that those against their interest are to be “eliminated”. “These PE cadres would also act as a safeguard against the influence of security forces by our opponents,” it said.

Actionable points outlined in the document included ‘Establishment of Grievances’, mass mobilisation- Inclusiveness, Outreach and Engagement (mobilisation), a PFI in every house, recruitment and training of members, collection of information against Sangh/Parivar leaders.

The document said that “in the scenario of a full-fledged showdown with the State, apart from relying on our trained PE cadres, we would need help from friendly Islamic countries. In the last few years, PFI has developed friendly relationship with Turkey, a flagbearer of Islam. Efforts are on to cultivate reliable friendship in some other Islamic countries.”

ASP Manish Kumar said people were brought in from all over Bharat for the last two months in what appears to be a complex operation. Fictitious names were used to buy hotels and airline tickets. Under the guise of martial arts instruction, Jallauddin and Parvez taught a large number of people how to wield swords and knives on July 6-7. They also incited the trainees to commit violence for the cause of Islam.

Two key PFI functionaries Athar Parvez and former cop Md. Jalaluddin arrested by Bihar police (Image: Zee News)

Kumar said that the arrested Athar Parvez’s younger brother had gone to jail for a 2001-02 bomb blast case. Parvez also raised funds in lakhs, and ED (Enforcement Directorate) has been tasked to investigate this aspect. Police has gathered CCTV footage as well as witness accounts to bolster their case.

As per a Times Now report, Athar Parvez’s brother Manzar Parvez was involved in the 2013 Patna’s Gandhi Maidan serial blast during the ‘Hunkar’ rally, which was addressed by then Gujarat Chief Minister and PM candidate Narendra Modi. Athar Parvez used to take shelter in the house of Jalaluddin in Jharkhand. Jalaluddin was the SHO of Bhelwaghati police station in Jharkhand’s Giridih district from November 2018 to January 2021, who used to extend support to radical Muslims in legal issues.

Parvez and Jalaluddin own three bank accounts on which three bulk transactions to the tune of Rs 14 lakh, Rs 30 lakh and Rs 40 lakh have been made.

A similar PFI operation was unearthed last week in Telangana when their members were found training youth to behead non-Muslims in the guise of ‘Karate classes’. The youth at these camps were indoctrinated to follow only Sharia law and trained to provoke communal riots.

Nizamabad Police Commissioner KR Nagaraju said that PFI has set up a large network to organize such camps, and 200 people involved in this activity have been traced and several weapons recovered from three key accused – Shaik Sadullah, 40, Mohammed Imran, 22, and Mohammed Abdul Mobin, 27.

However, Nizamabad MP D. Arvind has alleged that certain police officials were involved in the PFI weapons training to Muslim youth. He said despite knowledge of this training, the police took action only after pressure from Central intelligence agencies.

PFI – the most dangerous ‘Breaking India’ group

This is not the first time that PFI’s goal of Islamizing Bharat or its deep links to the Turkish regime have come to light. As this comprehensive India Narrative article ‘PFI’s vicious circle of friends from Turkey and Pakistan to Al-Qaeda and ISIS’ informs-

“In 2017 India Today conducted a sting operation wherein PFI’s founding member and managing editor of its mouthpiece–Gulf Thejas, Ahmed Shareef confessed to PFI’s hidden agenda of converting India into an Islamic state. To that end, it is working on mass proselytising and receiving illegal funds through mainstream and hawala channels.

…the PFI, much like its predecessor SIMI, is getting external support and has met organisations affiliated to global terror organisations such as Al- Qaeda….PFI officials met Turkish NGO, Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (Insan Hak ve Hurriyetleri ve Insani Yardim Vakfi, or IHH) …The IHH has been named as the Al- Qaeda-linked Turkish charity accused of supplying arms to jihadists in Syria and Libya. IHH is working closely with Turkish spy agency MIT to enable jihadist networks.”

In February 2018, Jharkhand banned PFI due to its dangerous ideology. The Jharkhand High Court revoked the ban saying “due process” was not followed. The BJP govt. in Jharkhand then again banned the PFI in February 2019. However, since the Hemant Soren led JMM-Congress govt came to power in Jharkhand, PFI activities and communal violence in the state have again shot up. One can rest assured that any national-level ban on PFI will be vigorously contested in Supreme Court by pro-PFI Lutyens’ lawyers like Kapil Sibal, Dushyant Dave etc and get a sympathetic hearing from our judiciary.

It is common knowledge in the intelligence community that PFI is the new face of SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India)  which was banned in 2001 by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee govt. SIMI was founded in 1977 in AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) as the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) with the stated objective of  restoration of the ‘khilafat’ (caliphate), emphasis on ‘ummah’ (Muslim brotherhood), and the need for a Jihad to establish the supremacy of Islam. Despite such openly stated aims, it is nothing short of mind boggling that SIMI was allowed to operate freely for so long by the secular Indian State.

After SIMI was banned, its members developed a strategy whereby publicly they say that they ‘promote national integration and uphold the democratic and secular fabric of the country’. This is the public posturing of PFI which was founded in 2007, but the real goal remains the same as SIMI’s.

The top PFI leadership have all been ex-SIMI members and have been accused of hoarding arms and ammunition and distributing literature of groups like the al-Qaeda in the past. E M Abdul Rahim, ex PFI chairman, was all-India general secretary of SIMI in 1984. E. Abubacker, one of the founding fathers of the PFI, was SIMI Kerala state chief between 1982 and 1984. P Koya was national executive committee member of PFI and headed SIMI in Kerala in 1978.

Moreover, it would be misleading to consider PFI a fringe organization. PFI’s top leaders are members of AIMPLB (All India Muslim Personal Law Board) alongside top Deobandi ulema (clerics) and politicians like Asaduddin Owaisi. PFI’s leadership is also on the board of ‘charitable’ NGOs alongside politicians from AIUDF and academics from Jamia Millia Islamia. Ex-VP Hamid Ansari has attended PFI conferences, despite knowing full well about the organizations involvement with Islamic terror.

The bitter truth is that PFI’s Islamist ideology is shared by a major chunk of Indian Muslim elite.

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  1. What a Terryfying Scenario indeed!
    Our Govt. must rise to the occasion without delay to nab these terrorist activities being bred throughout the length & breadth of the country. And it should adopt strict regulatory control to avert siphoning of foreign fund to breed ISIS. There are many Islamic countries that secretly fund these terrorist groups to destroy the peace & integrity of this country thru ‘Jihad’. India’s rapid economic devlopment has rendered it to become an eye-shore to many of these countries.
    Idia is a peace loving country that adopts the policy of non-violence and tolerance. And that is the weak point that these terrorist groups exploit to establish an Islamic State which is not a state at all. It means Islamic violence, torture, killing, rape, kidnap and human smuggling: Syria and Iraq devastated. Libya disintegrated. Pakistan went bankrupt. Many African countries are bleeding under the spate of Islamic violence.
    India must not forget Israel’s fundamental policy of survival: When you see your enemy is approacking, wake up. Kill him first before he kills you. Surrounded by enemy countries, Israels’s policy of self defence is a bold proclamation duly honored throughout the world.
    Takeaway: Turkey’s diplomatic relation with Saudi Arabia tanked to the bottom level when the Washington Post’s reporter Jamal Kasoggi (a staunch critic of Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman) was killed under the order of MBS in Saudi consulate at Turkey. That implies that Turkey would not support terrorist activities from any level. Whereas it is the same Turkey that has been funding Islamic terror groups abroad (in India)! The Muslim countries cannot be trusted afterall.


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