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वर्ण व्यवस्था आदि के नाम पर छोटे बच्चों के मन में विष भरती पुस्तकें

आजकल हम लोग बहुधा देखते हैं कि बच्चे मंदिरों के सामने सिर भी झुकाने से इंकार करने लगे हैं। ब्राह्मण कहलाने में लज्जित अनुभव...

The Traditionalist vs Reformer battle in Hindu Dharma is continuation of an old tradition

Discussion and dialogue has been the hallmark of Hindu Dharma. There have always existed different perspectives regarding social, cultural and religious issues. Indeed, the...

Why is Hindu Dharma Being Denigrated in Spite of Being the Most Reasonable System of Living?

Both points in the question are right: Hindu Dharma is the most reasonable system of living and it is being denigrated. In case some people,...

Varnas – A journey to its roots

We see divisions all around us - in nature, in society, within government, within our own body. Even an ant or honeybee colony seems...

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