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Hindu Kingdom

Dravidians can squirm all they want, Cholas were devout Hindus!

Lot of debates going on about the Chola dynasty's religious identity. Thankfully, the Cholas themselves have left plenty of surprising data that answer such...

Lesson from Chattrapati Shivaji’s life: Impose serious costs on enemy

The biggest lesson from Shivaji Maharaj's life is the imposition of cost. 1. When Shaiste Khan looted Pune, Chhatrapati Shivaji did not stop at...

Suthradhara Mandhana: talented architect and author during time of great Maharana Kumbha of Mewar

This is a short article on two lesser known, but important iconographic texts called Devatamurthiprakaranam and Rupamandanam. Both texts are credited to Suthradhara Mandhana,...

Unsung heroes of Bharatavarsha — the tale of Raja Bhoja

The year is 1024. After fierce resistance from valiant Hindu devotees, Mahmud of Ghazni emerges victorious, barbarically smashes the sacred Shivalinga and burns the...

The glorious Keladi Kingdom

The post-Vijayanagara period in South Bharat saw the emergence of one important dynasty, namely Keladi (Or Ikkeri) Nayakas. Keladi Nayakas continued the glorious traditions...

Indonesia’s Hindu history: Elevator Summary

For a person with interest in history and extent of Hindu Dharma in South East Asia, a visit to Jakarta’s national museum is a...

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