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Casteism is Feudalism

Feudalism aka casteism, the real face of Dravidian Model

The Dravidian Movement is looking to spread its wings to other parts of the country. Colonial sepoys like Dilip Mandal help them in their...

‘Egalitarian’ Punjab? SC widow allegedly stripped and tortured in Sangrur police station, ‘The Dalit Voice’ spreads fake news

A 42-year-old widow from a scheduled caste (SC) community has alleged that she was kept naked at a police station in Punjab, not provided...

Is ‘Caste’ different from social stratification? Does data support the ‘caste violence’ narrative?

Is caste different from Social Stratification? The book ‘Western Foundations of the Caste System,’ by S.N. Balagangadhara seeks to answer the question: “How is caste different...

The true picture of Hindu social structure

Bharat has been castigated for 'caste', a European construct which was force-fitted onto our Varna/Jaati social categories. Ironically, racist colonizing cultures which committed numerous...

Anti-Hindutva lobby wants caste census

Caste as the cliché goes is the curse of Hindu society. But so effectively has the curse been embedded in the nation that no...

Telangana IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar takes group oath denouncing Hindu deities

The video of a serving IPS officer taking oath in a large group that he doesn't believe in Hindu deities and won't worship them...

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