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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Munawar Faruqui debate: Hindus should be proud, unapologetic for standing up to Islamist bigotry

Hurt the “kafir” and then play “victim” – this is a time tested pattern of how radical Islamists function. Alleged stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui is no different. The internet has been divided ever since the Muslim ‘comic’ was called out for his vulgar jokes involving Hindu deities and insensitive puns on the horrific Hindu massacre at Godhra.

After getting his 12th show cancelled in 2 months, the repeat and unabashed offender put out a sob story, yet again, on social media. His lengthy open letter was captioned, “Nafrat jeet hai, artist haar gaya. I’m done! Goodbye! INJUSTICE.” This insincerity in this caption will be apparent to everyone who has followed his antics and content of his ‘comedy’

Having made jokes that were sacrilegious against Hindu Dharma and which reopened old wounds over the Godhra carnage, if at all this struggling comedian had any repentance, he would tender an unconditional apology to the Hindu society. On the contrary, he tried to fake victimhood and accused Hindus of hate. In an interview with controversial journalist Barkha Dutt, who has a history of whitewashing and soft-peddling Islamist crimes, Faruqui denied that he had apologized for his ‘jokes’ as he “didn’t make any mistake and didn’t have ill intentions”.

Further, in his open letter, Faruqui also claimed that he was put in jail for a “joke he didn’t do”. This is a lie that has been repeated so many times by Faruqui and his apologists who infest our mainstream media, that some have started believing it as true. Anyone nursing such doubts only has to read the MP High Court’s order in January this year while denying bail to Faruqui. The judge said, “…prima facie; scurrilous, disparaging utterances, outraging religious feelings of a class of citizens of India with deliberate intendment, were made (at the show in Indore)..” 

It is another matter that Faruqui was granted interim bail by a SC bench headed by Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman, within a week of it being refused by the MP HC, on the ground that MP police had ‘flouted procedure’ while arresting him. A few months later, Justice Nariman was himself heard making the disparaging and false claim that Hindu scripture Rig Veda says “do not make lasting friendship with women because she would be like hyena”.

The outrageous act in which Faruqui puts expletives like F*ck and B*tch while making a mockery of the Ram-Sita vanavas is available for all to see on the internet. Do Faruqui and his HINO (Hindu in Name Only) apologists think they can fool all Hindus, all the time, like they did in the pre-social media era?

Moreover, in a live performance Faruqui made a mockery of the Godhra carnage in which a fanatic Muslim mob burned alive 59 Hindu pligrims, including 27 women and 10 children, as part of a conspiracy hatched well in advance. Anyone of the opinion that such a mass massacre can be used as comic content is dangerous for the harmony of Bharatiya society.  

The video of his Indore show is not available publicly because Faruqui has grown smarter after previous backlash, and now asks audience to surrender their mobile phones before his act. But the FIR and witness statement in the Indore case show that not only did he repeat his usual ‘jokes’ against Bhagwan Ram and Sita Maa, and on Godhra, but added more derogatory jibes against Hindu Dharma:

Faruqui further went on to say that  all Hindu devi-devatas are born of illegitimate relationships as can be seen in Mahabharat and Ramayana. In Mahabharat many people use one woman to produce children, the woman is a child-producing machine. And he didn’t stop there..he cracked a joke saying once Yamraj took a dead body to Bhagwan and Bhagwan abused him saying, ‘M*** ***d, I asked you to get someone else’. 

The ‘entertainer’ from Gujarat has hinted that he is quitting comedy for good. But just like Hinduphobic journalist Rajdeep Sardesai’s repeated threats to quit twitter due to ‘trolls’, this seems like a dishonest attempt by Faruqui at raising sympathy as he had made similar claims of quitting earlier as well, but immediately after the sympathy-evoking sermon, he started looking for new shows.

As expected, with his phoney victimhood, he has attracted immense support from the liberal cabal. Congress MP from Kerala, Shashi Tharoor, who has maintained deliberate and defending silence on the multiple murderous attacks on Hindus, including the brutal murder of RSS worker Sanjith that took place in broad daylight in his home state Kerala, called the cancellation of Faruqui’s shows “deplorable”.

Rabid Islamist Rana Ayyub tried to double down on this assumed “victimhood” of a Muslim as well.

Hindus should not let themselves be manipulated by other Hindus projecting themselves as voices of “reasonableness”. Munawar Faruqui is a Hinduphobic bigot who has no business plying his trade when he has yet to pay for criminal hate speech committed by him. If our criminal justice system is apathetic to such bigotry, Hindu society has every right to respond in the manner it sees fit.

We must congratulate those who have managed to get Faruqui’s shows cancelled, and take immense pride in finally waking up to such Hinduphobic bigots who used to get a free pass earlier. The Hindus had failed themselves, their legacy, and their Dharma when Maqbool Fida Husain, a man who painted obscene images of Hindu goddesses was treated as a celebrity in this country. Hindus had embarrassed themselves as undeserving of the inheritance of their cultural richness when shallow and “woke” youth of the community gave an audience to Faruqui and laughed at his offensive jokes.

The Hindu has finally learnt to denounce, penalize, and disown any entity that mocks and derides Hindu religious and social sensibilities. This awakening was long overdue. The tolerance of Hindus was interpreted as meekness, and the community has been taken for a ride by secular political parties and celebrities from the entertainment world. No other community tolerates any slighting of their faith or rituals like the Hindus do in the name of artistic freedom or freedom of speech. 

A couple of months ago Christian bodies lodged a legal case against Kareena Kapoor Khan for titling her book, “Pregnancy Bible”. In 2019, filmmaker Farah Khan and actor Raveena Tandon were booked for hurting the religious sentiments of Christians on a TV show; subsequently, both of them met and apologized to the Cardinal of Roman Catholic Church in India, Oswald Gracias. Recently, Akali Dal has demanded an arrest of a Pakistani model who had posed for an ad in front of the Kartarpur Gurdwara without headcover. 

In all the cases, the offences were nowhere comparable to the slandering of Hindu deities and painful episodes from our past, done by Faruqui through his repugnant ‘comedy’. He talks about “Nafrat”, but the only “Nafrat” evident here is the abject Hindu-hate rooted in his heart which he slyly plants in the mainstream discourse through his obscene and degenerate comedy. 

It is encouraging to see hundreds of netizens coming out condemning the ‘comic’ with absolute clarity instead of falling for his dramatics.

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