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Thursday, June 8, 2023

“Hindu Hriday Samragyi” Kangana Ranaut’s new show features Hinduphobic, hate-speech spewing ‘comic’ Munawwar Faruqui

It was quite surprising for Kangana Ranaut fans to see her as a part of a project that features the Hindu-bashing “comedian” Munawar Faruqui who has carved a niche for himself through his Hindumisic ‘comedy’. Abusing Hindu Devis and Devatas and laughing at the murder of Hindus by his fellow Islamists are the main content of his preposterous jokes.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut became an instant hit among the Hindutwadis, Sanatanis, and nationalist Bharatiyas in the past few years which can be easily attributed to her being vocal against the Congress, Shiv Sena, and other anti-Hindu political parties. Given that she is one among the handful of celebrities – the greatest in her league – to represent their interest, the Hindutvawadis and pro-BJP Bharatiyas that are often referred to as the Right Wing found their “hero” in Kangana Ranaut.

However, blindly cheering Kangana Ranaut as their champion can backfire for the Hindus or the nationalists. One must not overlook that she is an actress and belongs to and has to survive in the very pro-Islamist industry that has played a major role in propagating the anti-Hindu narrative in the hearts of our generations. How credible can she be after all?

Recently, noted television and film producer Ekta Kapoor announced her upcoming reality TV show “Lock Upp”. In a promotional interview, accompanied by Kangana Ranaut who has been roped into the project in a central role, Kapoor shared that she put in all possible efforts needed to convince the Manikarnika actress to be a part of her project and claimed that she wouldn’t have realized this project without Kangana.

It is, therefore, fair to conclude that the actress has some influence on the decision-making aspect of this show given the producer’s eagerness to cast her. Hence, the Hindus and nationalists who have rallied behind this Bollywood actress for the Hindutvawadi façade she has put up in the past few years, must take a minute to think why their favorite actress and only ‘hope’ in Bollywood agree to be part of a project that brings a rabid mocker of Hindu beliefs to the limelight.

It is worth noting that Faruqui is on bail these days after making profane jokes on Hindu deities like Bhagwan Ram and Mata Sita and using expletives in their reference in his “jokes”. Learning nothing from his mistakes, Faruqui shamelessly resorted to playing the famous victim card not once by twice by announcing that he was exiting a comedy scene because he was being subjected to hate but conveniently reappeared within a few days.

The judiciary has been watching his gimmicks as a silent spectator without making any progress on the case against him. The snail’s pace at which the judiciary proceeds promises no relief to the Hindus whose religious sentiments have been attacked repeatedly by Faruqui repeatedly.

Faruqui was also present at Mamata Banerjee’s Mumbai meet where another Islamist-Communist Bollywood entertainer Swara Bhasker introduced him to the CM of West Bengal known to have a soft spot for fanatic Islamists and complained about how Faruqui has been targeted by the saffronists, hiding the fact that it was Faruqui’s denigration of Hindu deities and hurting Hindu sentiments that earned him the ire of the community.

On the other hand, Kangana Ranaut is one celebrity who stays abreast of every political or social development in the country and it is safe to assume that Kangana was aware of Faruqui and his past track record. In fact, Faruqui had tweeted against Kangana Ranaut several times in the past; some were courageous enough to compel Twitter to remove them.

“Lock Upp” is being promoted as “Kangana Ranaut’s show”; hence, it is baffling for one to comprehend how Kangana agreed to share the stage with Faruqui and give him additional limelight and a stronger and far-reaching platform that would only help him advance his Hindu-belittling acts further.

In Kangana’s defense, she is a professional and is doing what she feels is better for her career at this juncture. In that case, also, the Fashion actress should quit trying to present herself as the mouthpiece of the Right Wing because the evident gap in her talks and actions is beyond justification.

This is also a wake-up call for all Hindus and nationalists; it’s time they learned that Bollywood will never work in their interest. Certainly, in recent years, some actors and directors having noticed PM Modi’s rising popularity tried to encash on this golden opportunity. However, if were to dig up their pre-2014 stances then it can be said without doubt that they were all acclaimed secularists who echoed the thought-process of mainstream Bollywood.

Hindus and nationalists should quit looking for a champion in this industry and look at other avenues to find their voice. Or, better still become one themselves. Dharma and nationalism are too precious to be left in the hands of entertainers!

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