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Monday, May 20, 2024

Why Pakistan May Attempt Another Pulwama Soon

Pakistan may attempt another Pulwama soon. As per this news report, Harkat-ul Mujahideen founder Maulana Fazlur Rehman Khalil joined PM Imran Khan’s party PTI and Pakistan’s refusal to allow UN access to Hafeez Sayeed, shows the intent of the terror state clearly.

Any rational person would wonder that after being chastened and diplomatically isolated, why would a country continue on such a path. Is it suicidal? A rational person would also wonder why would Pakistan make marking them as ‘terror land’ so easy for Bharat, Afghanistan and Iran? Sure, Pakistan has a good geopolitical location. This was the crux of partition too by the British to ensure that Bharat’s location would not benefit the Soviets. Pakistan has understood this and played quite well.

First, it was important for Russia & USA’s fight over Afghanistan, and now for China’s access to Indian Ocean. However all this rests on the premise that it survives as a country. So why is Pakistan continuing on this suicidal tract when it is living from quarter to quarter on handouts?

Yes it’s true that inflation is high, electric shortage is a norm, the civilian population has it bad, but all of this is a rational argument which is not applicable to Pakistan at all.

We should stop thinking of Pakistan as a country. To think of it as a rational country that wants survival and prosperity is our biggest mistake. It is also the mistake the liberals in the west make when they think growth, development will negate religious fundamentalism.

We should instead think of Pakistan as a feudal state and not as a country. A feudal state with the army being the landlord controlling a certain percentage of the land mass. What started as a state policy by Zia to bleed Bharat by a thousand cuts has become the road to prosperity for the landlords. If terror is your business and once you start tasting profits, it is natural to consider horizontal and vertical growth.

Hence on one side you have the army’s investments in all manufacturing sectors and on the other you see the expansion of terror policy in Iran, Afghanistan, Bharat etc. You see collaboration with China, North Korea and other terror groups for hardware. When this business model started, Saudi Arabia sent OBL who set the ball rolling with Pakistan for the creation of the Taliban. Now, think about it. If you are starting a business which needs a lot of expendables and disposable people, how do you go about it? How do you convince people to die? You create a cause and propagate it. The cause is not the reason, the reason is business. The cause is merely the justification for the business.

Hence, the export of Wahhabism. The initial recruits may have been poor people who were lured by religion and money but as the propaganda grows, more educated useful idiots also join the cause. The cause gets bigger. The terror group gets bigger. The creator and backers of the group get bigger. More opportunities open up. They can use their creation for other causes. They can outsource their creation to paying customers. Now can you imagine the flush balance sheets of the Pakistani army?

So what comes next? Well, scale. Once you start outsourcing your creation and various new startups, a lot more paying customers come to you for their requirements. But this time the scale is bigger. This needs investment. Do you think the good generals will put in their own money? No, they insist that the paying customers invest in their startup to achieve their goals.

This ensures more money, more skimming and life gets even better. They can buy houses overseas, send their children abroad to study and enjoy the good life.

Over a period, the paying customers get used to using the terror groups for their causes. Pakistani army gets better at ensuring they remain relevant and important. They even start using international pressure to justify greater injection of funds from their investors as their expenses have now increased due to the fake clamping down on their terror groups. Imagine a factory that can’t operate shifts for some time. Wouldn’t it incur losses? The same argument is used repeatedly to get more money. And the cycle continues.

So if you were an investor like KSA who was repeatedly throwing good money after bad, witnessing law of diminishing returns and low oil prices, where the going is no longer good, what would you demand? Also, you would know that while your religious ideology has helped you to cement power, the same will turn on its head and attack your control probably with some help from the startup you have funded over the years.

Should you decide to suddenly stop investing further? Well, you demand return on your investment. You ask your investment to prove that it justifies your oil dollars. How does it justify? By staging terror attacks. It’s very simple.

How did Russia show its mettle in Syria? By deploying military hardware to show its might.

How does USA control ? By showcasing its military superiority.

Similarly, how will Pakistani army justify continued investment in their terror/business enterprise? By showcasing their ability.

Now that China has also entered the role of investor, these staged terror events have become more important for the generals in Pindi. China is more stingy with its money than USA and will demand better returns.

Thus the terror cycle will continue. More Pulwamas will happen till the head and heart of the hydra is not killed. While it is true that Pakistani army has simply no interest in the welfare of the civilian population of their country, it is equally true that decades of religious propaganda, fundamentalism and use of terror as state policy have resulted in zombified civilians who can’t see the real enemy and would prefer to cut their nose to spite their face. Their hatred of Bharat is so deep that it would be foolhardy to dehyphenate the Pakistani Army and Pakistani people anymore, at least not until the root cause of terror is destroyed.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread of @HimjaParekh )

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