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Thursday, June 13, 2024

TSUNAMO 2.0 – Analyzing the wonder and splendor of BJP’s return to power (Part 2)

This is the article in the series to analyze the conclusions that can be drawn from the massive victory of Narendra Modi and BJP in 2019 elections. Part 1 can be read here.

Liberandos living in la-la land

Call them Marxist, left-liberals, progressive intellectuals, or just plain LIBERANDOS, such people are living in a bubble, cocooned in their own world that is totally divorced from reality. All their inspiration and ideals are located in the West. Former AAP leader Ashutosh, himself no friend of Hindutva, says left liberals thrust down Engels and Hegel down people’s throats but have no knowledge of Adi Shankaracharya, Ramanuj, Kalidas or other Bharatiya intellectuals.

They will quote Das Kapital to all and sundry but have no idea of Arthashastra or the Dharmashastras. In short, while they may be physically present in Bharat, their minds are somewhere in Pyongyang, Havana or wherever their Communist / Maoist utopia is.

The fact that their minds are not rooted in this country can be illustrated from the fact that AAPs education minister Atishi was named MARLENA by her ardent Marxist parents, who created this bizarre name by combining Marx and Lenin. So cut off from the Bharatiya context, that if this word were to be written in their mother tongue of Hindi (Devanagari), it would literally mean “beat (beat me)”  (मार लेना.)

These liberandos who continue to maintain a stranglehold on our universities, academies, media, film industry and other institutions, had been “spreading canards” against the Modi government right from 2014, but as a part of their determined intention to defeat the BJP government in the 2019 elections, had specially gotten berserk since last year.

According to their false narrative, which was splashed across news channels in Bharat and abroad, the BJP had become extremely unpopular due to the effects of demonetization and GST, job losses and farmer despair, corruption in the Rafale deal, mass lynchings of Dalits and Muslims, growing intolerance and lack of freedom of speech, etc.

Well aware that the various Communist parties, their original true love, had become completely redundant and had no vigor in them to fight the BJP, these liberandos had invested all their energy and resources behind the Congress party. They were the ones who claimed that the Rahul of 2014 was not the same as the Rahul who supposedly fought hard in Gujarat; they gave him a complete makeover, trying to convey the message that Rahul had a fighting chance to face Modi. 

When they were not sure if their deceit would indeed make an impact, they pursued and succeeded in bringing Priyanka Gandhi to the campaign. They said that she was the ultimate Congress brahmastra which would halt, if not fully destroy, the BJP’s ambition of returning to power. In short, the Left had completely infiltrated the Congress leadership, so much so that some old Congressmen decried that it had become more Left than the original Left. 

Even when news filtered in that Modi’s popularity had not been dented by their malicious propaganda, and that his various schemes had seen people receive tangible benefits in the villages of Bharat, such as Ujjwala Yojana in which up to 7 crore new LPG connections were disbursed, the revolutionary idea of Direct benefit Transfer (DBT), toilets, Jan-Dhan yojna, improved electricity connectivity, etc. they preferred to close their eyes, instead steadfastly having faith in the false narrative that they had built up.

In fact, so confident had they become with their overdrive of tarnishing Modi’s name that they had already begun making preparations for the “spoils of war” once the new non-BJP government took office.  

Even when the “writing was on the wall” during the exit polls released 4 days before the results, almost all of which showed that the Modi government would be back, Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha, dismissed all of them by saying that the Congress voter was a “silent” one who could not be detected by the polling agencies. They just voted for the Congress and disappeared. The esteemed gentleman was so brainwashed by left-liberal propaganda that he was turning the Congress voter into a magician who was skilled in “the vanishing act” as well as in espionage.

But finally what happened? Rahul Gandhi himself was badly humiliated by Smriti Irani, someone whom his sister had mocked by “Smriti who”, in Amethi by over 50,000 votes. She campaigned in 33 seats, just 2 of which Congress won – Rae Bareilly and Wayanad – that too not because of any special efforts on her part. So huge was her failure that even in Punjab, which Amarinder personally helped Congress sweep, on the 2 seats that she campaigned, the Congress lost!  


Ardent Congress supporter and Rahul’s chamcha, Tehseen Poonawala narrated that when he was in Varanasi with his Hindu wife, a priest asked him why the Congress was so much against Hindus. He was saddened by this image of the Congress as an “anti-Hindu” party. After the humiliating defeat suffered by the Congress in 2014, the AK Antony report which went into the reasons had also mentioned that the party needed to win back the confidence of the Hindus who felt that it was a “pro-minority” party. Despite the concerns expressed by the Tehseens and Antonys, nothing was ever done to rectify the situation. The Congress remains lost. 

Hindus across the length and breadth of the country will without any hesitation conform with the perception that the Congress will go to any extent to appease the Muslim / minority vote, as well as work towards creating rift and division among the various castes, as can be seen in last year’s example of trying to separate Lingayats from Hindu Samaj. Ex-Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh’s declaration that “Muslims must have first claim over the nation’s resources” remains fresh in the minds of people, and it continues to hurt.

At every step and moment, the Congress has exposed itself as being totally inimical and detrimental to Hindu interests. With the influx of hardcore leftists into the party, this has degenerated into hatred and absolute disdain towards anything remotely connected to Hindu Dharma. These are all facts and figures, not just someone’s opinion or views. 

Most of the other opposition parties are equally bad when it comes to appeasing Muslims / minorities and denying Hindus equal rights in anything. The Communists of course are the worst of all. Despite massive erosion of their once unassailable bases in West Bengal and Tripura this decade, and the complete demise of their once formidable hold in some of the cities and towns such as Mumbai, Kanpur, Bhubaneshwar, etc., a neutral observer would have thought that they would have realized their growing irrelevance in the bulk of the country and taken steps to protect the last state that they were ruling, Kerala.  

But it was not going to happen. Thus in Kerala, the ruling CPI(M) destroyed its own vote bank by its fanatical approach to handling the Sabarimala case. No less than the Kerala High Court came down heavily on the state government’s double standards shown when dealing with two Supreme Court verdicts.

In the case of Sabarimala, there was massive police cover to implement the verdict, which was regarded as totally unacceptable by Hindus across the state, whereas in the case of the Malankara Syrian Church case, despite the judgement favoring the Orthodox faction in allowing them to offer prayers in the contentious churches, the government failed to provide any police protection to them when Jacobites refused them entry.

The Communists lacked the same strength to face the Christian community in the face of an adverse Supreme court ruling, but Hindus were to be always taken for granted. But this time, even the loyal Hindus had enough, and reduced the mighty Communists in Kerala to just 1 seat out of 20 – their worst ever.

India Today magazine 15/7/19 quoted a senior CPM leader as saying “The Hindu vote bank drain is unusual for us, not just the Nairs, even the Ezhavas abandoned us in. With minority consolidation in favour of the Congress in the state, the party will need major surgery to win them back.” It is noteworthy that despite the Marxists bending over backwards to appease the 45% Muslim and Christian electorate, a majority of its support in the state has always come from Hindus.

Nationwide, the Communist parties were reduced to just 5 seats, from a high of 59 seats they won in 2004. What a fall, what a disgrace! However, one cannot shed any tears for them. They have had a long history of being hands-in-gloves with anti-national and anti-Hindu elements, right from their betrayal in freedom movement, supporting China in 1962 war, casting aspersions on our armed forces and always attacking only Hindu customs, traditions and values. 

Left-liberals keep on ranting whenever any instance of violence takes place against Muslims, but are absolutely silent when Hindus are the victims. If Dalits are persecuted by so called caste Hindus, then their hearts will bleed but when Dalits are killed by some Muslims, then such bogey intellectuals won’t open their mouth.

29 years after Kashmiri Pundits were hounded out of their houses, their temples broken, their men murdered and women raped, a majority of them continue to languish in refugee camps in Jammu, yet, our liberandos won’t show them any solidarity. Instead, they are more concerned about Rohingya Muslims being persecuted in neighboring Myanmar. 

In short, the lives of Muslims and Christians matter the most, all else are secondary. With such perverted thoughts which openly express inequality and bias against Hindus so entrenched among so called secular parties, is it any wonder that more and more Hindus have chosen not to vote for people with such lopsided views. 

Another deranged person of this lobby is stand-up comedian, Kunal Kamra. On the very day of BJP’s victory, a disconsolate Kamra speaking on a TV show, compared the BJP to the 200 years of the British government, implying that liberandos fight with the BJP was going to be long and tough! None of his fellow panelists / travellers on the show, called him to task, asking if the British government had ever held elections, and secondly, did they ever claim to speak on behalf of Bharat, or the country’s interests.

The British object was to destroy any traces of our culture and values, as espoused by the likes of Macaulay. And in fact, the true torch-bearers of the British Macaulayan system are the Communists, liberandos, so-called Ambedkarites, human rights activists and acolytes like Kamra and others who delight in demeaning Ramayan and Mahabharat and other facets of our glorious history and only highlight the supposed achievements of the invaders from the Muslims to British. 

An occasional Bhagat Singh or Mahatma Gandhi may be praised, otherwise their idea of Bharat is completely western, completely foreign in approach, whereas the Sangh Parivar’s is swadeshi, as it only takes inspiration from from Bharatiya / Hindu civilization. 

Some dons of the left liberal gang

Rajdeep Sardesai

Since the time of the Gujarat violence of 2002, Rajdeep and his wife, Sagarika Ghose, have been among the leaders of the media trial of Modi, but each time they have been outsmarted. It is unbearable for them that the person whom they tried their best to destroy not only survived as CM for 12 years but also became the PM.

Just before the final concluding 5th phase of the polls, Sardesai reached Varanasi. In his usual arrogant style, he demanded to know from the ardent Modi supporters that he overwhelmingly encountered throughout his trail, as to what Modi had done for Varanasi.

When people gave a long list of answers on the various things done by Modi such as cleanliness, wider roads, underground power cables, Ganga cleaning, hospitals, etc., Rajdeep was not happy. He countered them by saying that for a long time Varanasi was a Congress stronghold and that perhaps Modi being a marketing expert was taking unnecessary credit. To this one person strongly objected, and reiterated that he could name 50 works done by Modi, but challenged Rajdeep if he could even name one achievement of Congress in so many years. As expected, Rajdeep failed to do so.

This same person said that questioning Modi on what he was doing for Varanasi and the country was akin to asking cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar what he did in his life except for scoring hundreds of centuries!

Shekhar Gupta confesses the lies spread by fellow travelers 

Initially I thought that Mudra loans were all fakes. But I have videos… 50 kms from Azamgarh, a Dalit saying that ‘I got Rs 50,000 Mudra loans, made this chai shop, I repay Rs 1,300 every month. If I don’t repay on time, the bank manager sends somebody to me.’ And then I came back and checked the larger data, 4.81 crore people have got Mudra loans and Rs 2.1 lakh crores disbursed. 

Now I have to say this very honestly that we journalists chose not to see it. And even when we saw it increasingly, we compulsively tried to deny it. ‘Oh they got the gas cylinders, but they can’t afford the next cylinder. The next one is full price.’ But that is a lie, you pay full price, you get the subsidy amount back at your bank account.” 

The fact is that these people had never seen the delivery of anything. And even if they got delivery, they wouldn’t get anything without having to pay bribes including in most cases NREGA wages. It’s a big change. It’s a big governance exercise. You may like it, you may not like it but smart people are learning from it 

We were hoping to see evidence for the contrary, but we were not finding it, we would even peek inside the houses and find a Gas Cylinder.” said Shekhar Gupta, owner of the online news portal, The Print, chief of Editor’s Guild, while speaking at a discussion on ‘How India Voted’, admitted how journalists, including him, ignored the effects of Modi government’s welfare schemes 

Yogendra Yadav

A hardcore leftist activist, co-founder of Swaraj Foundation and Jai Kisan Andolan, who has held many prestigious positions in various institutes, including at the Center for Studies of Developing Studies (CSDS), etc. He had been considered legendary for raising funds from abroad, including the notorious Ford Foundation, of which he was a key consultant.

The Foundation has been extra-generous in giving funds to leftist NGOs and intellectuals in Bharat and across the world, which have then many times been to subvert the country’s democracy and defame the country. Yogendra is considered as the ultimate left-liberal maestro. His words are always considered gospel and his interviews and comments sought by mainstream media. He can be considered as among the most ideal liberandos, so exposing and answering his crazy comments equals answering a hundred liberandos. 

1. The questionable company he keeps: His closest aide, Prashant Bhushan, a co-founder of the Swaraj Party, has time and again spoken for Kashmir to be separate from Bharat. Many of his other friends do not just speak of secession but also support anti-national Maoists that fight against our Armed forces, including Arundhati Roy, Kamal Mitra Chenoy, Binayak Sen, etc.

Yogendra denies that he himself is Marxist but openly admits that his movement includes the Communist parties, feminists, socialites, Ambedkarites., some of whom are extremely dangerous and openly anti-Hindu. The reason for mentioning all this is to give an insight into the shady background of Yogendra, who has repeatedly accused the Congress for not fighting with the BJP for the “soul of Bharat”, but his own vision of Bharat includes radical elements, anarchists, secessionists, violent Maoists, in short people against the very framework and foundation of our nation, the integral values integral to Bharat. 

2. Wild claims: “People RELUCTANTLY voted for Modi” so much for his having the ultimate knowledge in psephology, as recent as mid-February this year, Yogendra  declared that there was no way the BJP could touch the 200 seats mark necessary to form the government. So when cross-examined why the BJP still won again, his most quoted response was that a distinction should be made between 2014 and 2019.

He says that those who voted for Modi 5 years back did so out of great expectations as well as massive anger against the Congress. But says our maestro, this time they did so reluctantly because there was no credible alternative. He even backs up his absurd statement by claiming to have spoken with a farmer who admitted to him that Modi did tell lies, but then how could he even dream of voting for the likes of Rahul or Mayavati. 

Besides the fact that Yogendra has time and again exposed himself to be an expert liar, but even granted if the above were true, it clearly reveals his egotism and haughtiness that the statement of just 1 person is taken to reflect the opinion of the entire nation.

But let’s even for a moment accept the message that Yogendra is trying to convey – that people were ready to forgive the supposed misgivings of the BJP, which they obviously considered minor, but they were never going to forgive the Congress which had wrecked the country since independence. And people’s memories of the UPA 2004-2014 were still giving them nightmares that they would any day prefer voting for BJP. 

So even by this count, Yogendra has no locus standi to claim that the current dispensation is the worst ever. So whether it is due to the defects in the opposition, or on its own strength of achievements, BJP remains numero uno for voters. 

But the absolute truth is that this “reluctantly voted for BJP” claim is absolute crap and rubbish. About 900 million people were eligible to vote and turnout was over 67 per cent – the highest ever since independence, and most noteworthy fact is that it was the highest ever participation by women voters. People who are not enthused stay at home Sir. They don’t come out in droves, in bigger numbers than before. How is it possible that Yogendra can still be considered as a social scientist? Or it’s his frustration speaking.

If he had bothered to check the various polling agencies, including the ones from which he was once an integral part of, it would have shown him that as recent as April, 2019, 62% of the people said that they were satisfied with the government. His fellow traveler, Prannoy Roy had in his coverage on UP shown that villagers who were working in other cities and states came all the way to their villages to vote for Modi.

Some of them even remarked that they were so proud of our Prime Minister that they wanted him to rule for 20 more years. Does that qualify as “reluctance” on the part of voters, or extreme passion and enthusiasm?  

3. New Fatwa cleric:– Speaking at the event “How India Voted”, Yogendra lamented, “In my constituency of Gurugram, I had issued a very special appeal to people to ensure that the BJP is defeated at any cost. I said this Prime Minister is the biggest liar among all Prime Ministers we ever had. Voters didn’t listen to me one bit. I’m sad, angry and dejected. I want to hold them by their collars and say-you idiots.”

Literally taking his pet name SALIM to heart, Yogendra apes the hundreds of thousands of venom-spewing clerics who pronounce fatwas at a drop of a hat. Even though he later confirmed that it was a “knee jerk reaction” it does expose his delusions of self-importance when he issues an “appeal” to voters not to vote for PM Modi. And gets mad at them when they don’t heed his call. Who does he think he is? A political non-entity whose party was unable to win a single municipal ward in Delhi’s elections.

Well it seems that because of this appeal, BJP’s Rao Inderjit Singh won by an even bigger margin against his nearest opponent as compared to 2014, this time by 386,256 votes taking 60% of votes polled compared to 49% of votes polled 5 years back. This is the impact of the failed Yogendra Yadav!!!!


The opposition and left liberals had been discounting any kind of Modi wave. They claimed there would be a hung parliament where different regional parties, led by Congress, would be playing a prominent role. However, when 23rd May arrived, the sheer victory of the BJP across the country with massive margins shocked them. Their entire edifice of falsehoods and fabrication that they had built over assiduously came tumbling down before their very eyes. But they were not prepared to concede that the outcome was due to anything positive that the Modi government had done.

So they wove a web of lies in which they blamed the victory on 4 major causes, a) superior money power b) total media support to BJP  c) hyper-nationalism, and finally, d) transforming a parliamentary election into a presidential one in which people were forced to choose between Modi vs ?.

These four were elaborated again and again, with the earlier claim of EVM tampering getting shriller and shriller as these growingly defunct personalities realized that even their most fanatical supporters were no longer buying the tampering allegation anymore. Let’s examine the baseless claims of these “cry babies” – deceitful opponents to start with who have ended up as bad losers. 

i) Superior money power:- Between the years 2007 – 2013, the Congress was the richest party in the country. When the BJP lost in 2009, they never blamed the Congress for unleashing its money power. Similarly, despite having the maximum funds at its disposal, the Congress couldn’t prevent their crushing defeat in 2014 elections. So also despite the BJP being the richest party in the country from 2015 onwards, it couldn’t stop its humiliating defeats in Delhi, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh assembly elections between 2015 – 2018. At that time the opposition forgot about BJP being the richest party because they won. What hypocrites!

ii) Manipulation of media:- What a big joke! One reason for the massive success of social media in the country over the past decade or so was because established media channels and newspapers were almost completely dominated by people with a leftist / crooked bent of mind who always gave voice to anti-national and radical elements while blocking any person remotely connected to RSS / BJP / Sangh Parivar / Hindutva.

Post 2014 also, leave aside the rise of Arnab Goswami and his Republic, a Times Now and so, or the original pro-nationalistic channel, Zee News, a majority of news channels and print media remain unfriendly to Modi. As an example, one could glance at the news portal and one would find that it is dominated by hardcore leftist / Marxist websites which are against anything remotely connected to Hindus or their causes and this includes The Hindu, NDTV, the Wire,, the Quint, etc.

What’s more even those publications that once veered towards center of the right, such as India Today / Aaj Tak, had with the entry of Rajdeep Sardesai in 2014, moved to the left even hosting some reporters who come close to being Urban Naxal. 

This is not just in the case of news channels but even those that cater to entertainment / movies. A case in point can be seen in the way that Kangana Ranaut was blacklisted by movie moguls with the active connivance of media, her movie Manikarnika was not released in many cinemas abroad, including in Hong Kong. Or, in the more recent boycott of Kangana by the media fraternity over her tussle with a journalist.

More importantly, Kangana is denounced for her nationalistic viewpoints and admiration for Modi which the left – liberal, radical secularist and westernized media lobby cannot stomach, and with their mafia kind of stranglehold, they are capable of making lives miserable of anyone who crosses swords with them. So it is nothing but travesty of truth that media was in favor of Modi, or that his victory should be credited to that. 

On the other hand, the Congress can serve as a guide in how to manipulate media, spread fake news as well as tie up with controversial consulting companies such as Cambridge Analytica of the UK, which was at the center of a storm over harvesting personal data of millions of Facebook users without their consent and for having used it to influence 2016 US presidential elections. Chris Wylie, former director of research at Cambridge Analytica and a whistleblower named the Congress party as their client in Bharat with whom they had been helping in the elections. 

Similarly, the evergreen Kapil Sibal was also deeply involved, such as in his backing of Tiranga TV which was procured for the mission of spreading hatred towards BJP and hiring known BJP-baiters like Barkha Dutt and Karan Thapar. However so focused was its agenda that after the mission failed, post-elections it closed down and wouldn’t even pay salaries to its staff.

Another more ridiculous instance was the UK-based news portal, TNN World that Congress ghost-controlled, and which Sibal and other Congress leaders widely quoted. This portal ran vicious stories slamming demonetization, EVM tampering and other so-called undercover stories solely targeting Modi. Within two weeks after the vote count, the owner of the same news portal changed track and diverted it into an erotic massage service before going offline. Incredible Congress’s story of manipulation.

Talking about spreading fake news, in April this year, Facebook removed 712 accounts in Bharat, the most significant part was that 549 of them as well as 138 pages were connected to the Congress, removed for “coordinated inauthentic behaviour which  BJP construed as another word for “fake news”. So much for Congress’s accusations.

On the other hand, Hindutva friendly sites are even losing their dominance on social media sites, where once upon a time leftist groups hardly existed.  

“Hyper nationalism”: This has commonly been attributed to the BJP, that they promote aggressive nationalism. Of course, left-liberal intellectuals who borrow their entire political vocabulary from western sources connect nationalism with Nazism, fascism, racism, identity, etc. They have absolutely no understanding about the difference of that sort of negative nationalism “we against them”, with the positive civilizational / cultural nationalism in Bharatiya context. Hindutva nationalism is always inclusive, rooted in moral, ethical and spiritual values, not in religious dogmatic or political and racist ones. 

They are upset that our PM mentioned the Balakot victory during the campaign. Of course he did. Modi also spoke of his other successes, but yes nationalism and support to the Armed forces have always been a part of BJP’s narrative. It can’t be denied that had the opposition been in power, they wouldn’t have had the guts to sanction the use of the Air force to attack the enemy camps deep inside Pakistan, or crossing the LOC by our soldiers in Uri. 

Fact remains that unlike the disastrous UPA governments 2004 – 2014, where terrorist attacks across the country were extremely high, this government’s track record on national security has been spectacular. There has been no terror attack on civilians since 2014, except in Kashmir Valley. And districts affected with Maoist violence have gone down drastically since UPA’s rule. Yes, Kashmir Valley continues to be volatile, but it is also true that never before have terrorist in such big numbers been eliminated. Protecting the country from terror is every government’s responsibility, so why shouldn’t the BJP speak of its success in national security?   

Actually, though liberandos have tried to deny it, fact remains that Bharatiyas have always been deshbhakt. It is not just seen during the time of cricket matches but even during times when national calamities have taken place in any part of the country, people throughout the country of all ages and backgrounds, have worked together to contribute in whatever form. Even during the massive humiliation faced in 1962, thanks to the suicidal policies of Pandit Nehru, support for the country and the Army was always strong.

What’s more, one of the prime reasons for BJP’s return to power in 1999 under the helm of Atal Behari Vajpayee was the victory over Pakistan and re-capturing the Kargil heights by our armed force against extreme odds. This patriotism, subtle at times, has always existed.  

Yogendra Yadav wails that farmers suffered so much, people queued up for hours in banks post-demonetization, and everyone else was suffering, yet they still went out and voted for Modi because they passionately felt Modi was working for the nation. Even ignoring the mockery and ridicule of his untruthful claims of massive distress, Yogendra is conceding that people in Bharat are extremely patriotic who are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of the nation, giving a lie to all the crap of postmodernism espoused by these liberandos.

That’s why when they say that Modi talked about nationalism and not “real issues”, they don’t understand that for Bharatiyas, issues related to Bharat Mata are very personal and as relevant to them as to the armed forces, and they transcend identities related to caste, region and one’s economic well-being.   

This was confirmed by other journalists who reported that there was immense pride in Modi’s retaliation in Balakot, which was felt in both men and women and all age groups. 

Perhaps the Congress should listen to one of its ardent supporters, Sadhvi Khosla who is upset that the Congress which under Indira Gandhi had led Bharat to a remarkable victory in 1971, had stooped down to the level of supporting such anti-nationals as Kanhaiya Kumar and casting aspersions on the Balakot strike. She said that in the US, Democrats and Republicans are sworn enemies politically but when it came to issues of national security and crisis, they always stood as one.

She applauded the great role played by Amarinder Singh who stood shoulder to shoulder with Modi and the armed forces, and lambasted the role played by Navjot Singh Sidhu who went and hugged the chief of the Pakistan Army, an institution responsible for so many Bharatiya deaths. She said the party leadership ought to be concerned that it was being considered anti-national by so many. 

Using popularity of Modi to win elections

Among the various lame excuses blamed at the BJP, this one “takes the cake” – the BJP is accused of using the popularity of Modi to win elections. Only Bharat’s “intellectuals”, totally devoid of any common sense can find fault with a ruling party canvassing for votes in the name of its Prime Ministerial candidate – someone who also happens to be the most popular person, not just politician. Is the BJP supposed to be making amends for the opposition for not being able to produce a popular alternative?  

Just by making this statement means an acknowledgment that Modi is the best. So then shouldn’t people be expected to vote for someone who is by far the most preferred choice? Even in the past there have been strong leaders such as Indira Gandhi, Atal Behari Vajpayee and now Narendra Modi whose popularity outstripped their parties.

Is this just in Bharat? NO. In the other parliamentary democracy say UK for example, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair were formidable leaders whose personal rapport with the people ensured that their Conservative and Labor parties constantly won elections. Similarly, devout supporters of Labor are concerned that under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, their party doesn’t have much hope of coming to power. So of course, the top person who will rule the nation is extremely important to the voters.

So obviously, the BJP will use the advantage of Modi’s being the most liked person in the country in its campaign, its natural. It is high time for the opposition to accept that by putting forward clowns like Rahul Gandhi or even an Akhilesh or Kejriwal, they are not going to come even a shadow closer to seriously challenging Modi.  

There is another myth going around that the BJP would be nothing without Modi. For the record, post poll surveys show that had Modi not being the PM candidate, then 1/3rd of its voters may not have voted for it.  

Based on the 37% vote share that BJP polled this time, it still means that the BJP would have polled 25% of the total votes these elections had Modi not been fighting. Actually right from the 1991 to the previous 2014 elections, BJP’s vote bank has been hovering between just under 19% ~ 25.50%. Most importantly is that even in 2009, when the party received its lowest ever vote share since 1991 (18.90%) it still managed to notch up an impressive 116 seats, which is remarkable considering that the Congress with 20% vote share this time could just win 52 seats. This shows that a cadre based party knows how to fight with full energy and determination. 

Right from its inception in 1951, the BJP (and BJS, its earlier incarnation) has produced a galaxy of powerful leaders, right from Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, Balraj Madhok, Deendayal Upadhyay, Atal Behari Vajpayee, LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and now Narendra Modi. This means that with its strong RSS backup, the BJP is in a better position to keep on grooming young new leaders, keeping its core vote bank as a base, and remain relevant even in the decades and centuries to come.

Unlike the Congress and most other parties which do not have any ideology and will in time fizzle out, the BJP is on a firmer footing, and will not find it difficult to be ahead of its opponents. Unless another pan-Bharatiya party arrives to challenge the BJP’s Hindutva plank, the BJP will be the leading party not just in next elections, but for dozens of other elections. 

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Nirmal Laungani
Nirmal Laungani
NIRMAL LAUNGANI is a Hong Kong businessman, Sanghachalak (President) of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Hong Kong, and chief editor of Sandesh Bharati. Email: [email protected]


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