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Saturday, February 24, 2024

The commonality in Modi haters – an observational rant

With the end of the political ruling term of the incumbent Government and the nation eagerly waiting at the cusp of the next five-year reign, it seems necessary to make a cursory analysis of the commonality of those in opposition to all that Shri. Narendra Modi stands for.

The primary or rather only common point is their Ignorance in terms of what a nation means, what humanity means, what economy is and what drives it, and having no larger picture of life apart from the frog-self due to subscription to their own ideological cults (much like the frog in the well as explained by Swami Vivekananda at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago on 11th September 1893).

Here is a list of 3 groups of significant haters in no specific order of importance:

1. Separationists

They want an ideological state, a cult creation exercise indeed, which they have been projecting to fight for. Most of them being crypto-converts, want to replace higher Divinity with a bloated sense of personal ego. They have no sense of nationalism to the extent that they ask for a country separate from the Bharatiya Nation.

Their typical leaders are shortsighted aggregators of small feeble minds through their emotionally charged speeches that are gross, illogical, and seem highly promising to the less informed. These leaders confuse people due to the motivation that any rebellion may lead to enormous historical impact, a la the French Revolution.

2. Religious evangelists

With the move to cut the illegal foreign funding, the backbone of religious conversions in Bharat, by laying a check on NGOs by delisting the fraudulent, this group of people have simmering hatred against the current Government.

These evangelists confuse the common Man by digesting the symbols and rituals of the other religion(s) into their own. Only the well informed few are able to notice the grossly deviated actions of evangelists. The current government is serious about one’s own unrestricted personal development without harming another individual. This is unacceptable to these evangelists.

3. Religious Fundamentalists

They are silent sympathisers of other nations than Bharat due to religious affiliations. Desiring to convert Bharat into a religious fundamentalist state of their own religion, most of them relate to the brute physical force.

The last line of defence of all the above three groups is the uneducated practice of calling names. Such uneducated behaviour. This is a clear indication of their lack of mental agility to see things from vantage points. For instance, “Bhakt” is a term the Left thinks is derogatory without knowing what it actually means.

It should be understood that supporters of any individual are but supporters of what that individual stands for. The incumbent Prime Minister is a representative of the rich history, culture, and philosophy of BharatThis is why he has supporters. Bharat, an eternal enigma, has eluded understanding by mystics and plunderers and all those in between, alike. Some ill informed are of the opinion that the current election will decide the ‘Bhakt-ness’ of the masses of Bharat and would change allegiance to darkness over light.

Most take Bharat to be a mass of land. It is not merely a mass of soil, rocks, and rubble. Sri Aurobindo remarked “India is not the earth, rivers and mountains of this land, neither is it a collective name for the inhabitants of this country. India is a living being.” It is only the vehement, who consciously choose to be ignorant, that cannot understand Bharat. Globally respected giants of the West and the East have equally bowed down in humility to this country.

Sri Aurobindo who was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, once for Literature and again for Peace, professed, “In the whole creation the earth has a place of distinction, because unlike any other planet it is evolutionary with a psychic entity at its centre. In it, India, in particular, is a divinely chosen country.”

Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!

By- Harihar Sharma

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