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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Akbarduddin Owaisi’s acquittal for hate-speech shows why Hindus are losing hope in the justice system and our secular State

MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi has been acquitted in two hate speech cases pertaining to speeches made by him in Nirmal and Nizamabad districts. The rabidly anti-Hindu brother of equally bigoted but slightly more articulate AIMIM supremo MP Asaduddin Owaisi has been allowed to go scot-free by the special sessions court for MP and MLAs at Nampally metropolitan courts in Hyderabad that directed him not to make any ‘controversial’ speeches in the future in the interest of national integrity.

Even if the fight is set to reach the higher courts, certain things need to be put in perspective that will make it crystal clear as to how deep the rot runs in the judiciary and police administrations. The pertinent point to note here is that Owaisi has been set free on technical grounds since the police failed to ‘find’ the original video.

If you thought that was convenient, there are more such deliberate lapses that had at the very beginning made it clear that Owaisi would be acquitted. The chargesheet failed to mention the criminal sections stated in the FIR (First Information Report) and the public prosecutor didn’t even bother to get it rectified. These lapses on the part of the police ensured that Owaisi was acquitted.

This, however, doesn’t change the fact that the judiciary failed Hindus once again. The judiciary can’t wash its hands giving ‘absence of original video’ as an excuse because the evidence on record (available video) clearly indicates that Owaisi not just insulted Hindu deities but also called for violence against Hindus.

“Taslima Nasreen came and now no one knows where she is. Dear Hindustan, we are 25 crores and you all are 100 crores, right? Fine. You are far ahead of us in numbers. Remove the police for 15 minutes and we will see who is more powerful. Be it a thousand, a lakh or even one crore impotent(Hindus), even if they try collectively, they will not be able to give birth to a single one”, Owaisi had said.

“There are three temples in Ayodhya that claim that Ram was born there. And in Haryana’s Kausalyapuram people claim the same citing the Indian practice of women giving birth to the first child in their maternal houses. In Kausalyapuram, people believe that Kausalya, the mother of Rama and wife of King Dashratha hailed from here, and thus Rama too was born here itself. “While three pujaris claim three different birthplaces for Rama, then Advani, Vajpayee, Uma Bharati, and Modi should tell us where did mother of Rama go to give birth to him?””, he had remarked in connection with the Ram Janmabhoomi case.

Insulting Hindus, Owaisi said, “These people talk about incidents which happened 1lakh, 2 lakh or 15lakh years ago. Here we don’t know what happened 200-400 years back and these people talk about 18 lakh years”. He had also made snide remarks about Hindu deities in his speech remarking “they say after every hundred kilometers, the language changes, the culture changes, the way of life and customs change, rituals also change however it is ridiculous that here images of Gods also transform”.

The Hindu society is tolerant enough to go by the rule of law which is why the likes of Owaisi were dragged to court. However, this tolerance coupled with the lack of supportive political, administrative, and judicial systems allows Hindus to be crushed at will by Islamist anarchists as was witnessed during the recent Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti celebrations across the country.

While political parties are busy appeasing minorities, the judiciary has also failed in its duty. That despite such compelling evidence the court let Owaisi go, speaks volumes about what ails our judicial system. It shouldn’t have surprised us, however, in view of the fact that the judiciary has oftentimes bared its anti-Hindu fangs. With judges thinking it is fine to lease out shops in Hindu temples to non-Hindus and opining that placards that read f**k Hindutva and carried distorted Swastika didn’t amount to religious insult, it is to be expected that the judiciary wouldn’t find Owaisi’s speech as offensive and hatred towards Hindus.

The judiciary opening its doors at midnight to terrorists, being repeatedly bullied by the Lutyens gang, and now allowing rabid anti-Hindu Islamists to go free, only adds to the mistrust that common Hindus have towards the judicial, administrative, police, and political systems.

(Featured Image Source: Siasat)

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