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Thursday, November 30, 2023

No respite for Pakistani Hindus even during global pandemic, atrocities accelerate

Pakistan’s brutal persecution of its Hindu minority population has increased during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. At a time when humanity is grappling with a common danger, when all nation’s are focusing on containing the disease and taking care of their under-privileged people, the Pakistani state and society has chosen this moment to up the attacks against its already discriminated Hindu population.

While disturbing reports of Pakistani Hindus and other minorities like Christians being denied rations and Covid-19 relief by NGOs and Government authorities have appeared widely in mainstream media, many shocking crimes go unreported, or get watered down as ‘accidents’. Here we present a list of human rights violations against Hindus that have surfaced from Pakistan in just the last one month –

1.) A Hindu bheel community house was set on fire – 3 small children were burnt alive, while a woman was severely burnt in village Daad Laghari, Dherki, Ghotki, Sindh.

2.) Homes of poor Hindus and their cattle were burnt in village Saeed Abad, Link Road, District Dadu, Sindh.

3.) Shirimati Dia w/o Zal kaju Kohli commited suicide becouse of poverty and hunger in village Haji Sultan, Jhudo, Mirpur Khas, Sindh after rations were denied to Hindus by NGOs and government.

4.) Chaglu Meghwad was tortured (a hot iron rod was pushed into his anus) and murdered by his ‘owner’ Hayat Khan when he tried to escape as he was not being paid and his children were starving. Police initially tried to close it as a ‘suicide’ case, but later registered a murder case against Hayat Khan and others.

5.) 8 houses of Hindu, Bheel community burnt down in Islamkot, Tharparker, Sindh-Pakistan.

6.) Bhambo Mai, a 15-year-old Hindu girl, was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married off to her kidnapper in Yazman, Bhawalpur, Punjab.

7.) A Hindu temple was vandalized in Jhudo, Mirpur Khas, Sindh.

8.) 7 Houses of Hindus community in village Umeed Ali Rindh, tehsil Chhachhado, Tharparker, Sindh were set on fire.

9.) 2 Hindu Men, Ashok and Chaman, were severely beaten by shopkeepers when they went to buy daily use items in Tando Jan Muhammad,Mir Khuda Bakhsh Colony, Sindh. Police lodged a case against the 2 victims.

10.) Minor Hindu, girl was gang-raped and later died of her injuries. She was first admitted to civil hospital in Umarkot, Sindh in critical condition but later allegedly discharged as the hospital didn’t want attention.

11.) Hindu activist Tekam Malhi was slain by Islamists in his house in Malhi Para Sanghar, Sindh.

12.) 17-year-old Leela Meghwad was found dead in Diplo, Tharparker, Sindh-Pakistan. Police as always says it’s a suicide case

13.) 50-year-old Lalu (s/o Mohan Kohli), father of 4, was found dead hanging from a tree in Shadi Palli, Tehsil Pithoro, district Umerkot, Sindh. Police claims it’s a suicide case.

14.) Houses of Hindu Kohli community were burnt down in Goth Ismail, Sindh.

15.) 14-year-old Hindu girl Banwari Jogi was abducted, raped, forcefully converted to Islam & married in Amar Kot, Sindh.

16.) Hindu widow Somri Kohli and her 4 sons – Ashok, Akash, Mukesh and one other were murdered in Jhimpeer, district Thata, Sindh, to grab their property. Police has now arrested the victim’s family members who tried to pursue the case. 2 girl children are still alive, vulnerable to exploitation by accused.

17.) A Hindu house was set on fire and 6-year-old Suresh bunt alive in Sinjhoro, district Sanghar, Sindh.

18.) Haresh Kumar, a 3rd Grade student, was gang raped at gun point by Muhammad Akhan & others in Tando Bhago, Sindh.

19.) Sandeep Kumar & his family were attacked, Hindu holy books like Gita desecrated, the women ill-treated and the family told to leave Pakistan in Paryalo, Peerjo Goth, Khairpur. When the victims reported the matter to police, they were beaten up and a case registered  against them. Culprit Ahsan Butt is reportedly very influential in the area.

20.) Newly wedded Hindu Girl, Lachhami Kohli, was found dead in Tharparker district, Sindh. Police as usual claimed it was a ‘suicide’.

21.) On the day of Holi, a Hindu youth Daleep (s/o Chaitan Bheel) was found dead in Goth Jamaldin Nuhani, Sindh.

22.) 16-year-old boy Ratnu Kohli was found dead in Golarchi, Badin, Sindh.

23.) Hindu girl Jehni Kohli was abducted & gang-raped for 3 days by Islamists to teach her family a lesson in Kot Kareem Bakhsh, Latifabad, Haiderabad, Sindh.

Most of these crimes have been shared on social media by Pakistani Christian lawyer and activist, Rahat John Austin, who has emigrated out of Pakistan to escape persecution. A few of the crimes have been reported as minor news in mainstream Pakistani media, but by & large such human rights abuses are buried in Pakistani society. Western ‘human rights’ organisations also do not care for Hindu human rights, due to their inherent Abrahamic bias against ‘pagans’.

Such shameful acts in Pakistan are the manifestation of a deep-rooted religious bigotry which is indoctrinated into Pakistanis and fundamentalist Muslims across the world from a young age – this Islamist worldview makes Muslims view non-Muslims, especially ‘idol worshipping’ Hindus, as inferior beings. So when a minor Hindu girl is abducted and converted to Islam, many Muslims rationalize it as an act for the greater good – after all a kafir Hindu is being ‘saved’ from everlasting hell by bringing her to the ‘one true religion’.

The hapless Hindu victims often do not have the resources to pursue the cases, and it is dangerous for anyone living within Pakistan to raise too loud a voice on behalf of Pakistani minorities as there is the perennial risk of swift retribution from the Pakistani Army-jihadi-mullah nexus.

Public in Bharat is also largely unaware of the brutal genocide being carried out against Pakistani Hindus and other minorities as our media also tends to avoid such news in the interest of ‘secularism’ & ‘liberalism’. Politicians, cutting across party lines, hesitate to raise such issues inside or outside Parliament due to fear of being labelled ‘communal’ or ‘majoritarian’. CAA, the one step taken by the Government of Bharat in a long-long time to offer some respite to beleaguered Pakistani Hindu refugees living in Bharat, faced rioting & strong resistance from the entire Islamist-liberal-secular-communist spectrum of society.

While Indian cricketers like Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh have made video appeals to raise funds for the charity of a quasi-Islamist Pakistani cricketer like Shahid Afridi, our cricketing and page 3 Bollywood celebrity world has maintained pin-drop silence on the brutal persecution of Hindus in Pakistan. Pakistani Hindu cricketer Danish Kaneria’s request to Yuvraj and Harbhajan to make a similar appeal for aid to Hindu minorities, did not elicit any response as far as we are aware. Whether this is due to ignorance or political correctness can be debated. But when such brutal crimes against Hindus of Pakistan go unacknowledged, it makes the behavior of Pakophile cricketers like Virat Kohli, Sanjay Manjrekar, or artists like Naseeruddin Shah and others especially hurtful.

So for the liberals and Pakophiles in Bharat who have been gushing at Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar’s appeal to Bharat for supplying ventilators to Pakistan to combat Covid-19, we have only one question – will they first ask Pakistan to stop these brutal crimes against the poor, discriminated Hindus and other minorities?

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