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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Musafar, father of the boy who called for genocide of Hindus arrested

The family of the 10-year-old boy who called for the genocide of non-Muslims in Alappuzha who went missing from their home in Ernakulam has reappeared. Askar Musafar, the minor’s father, told the media that he had attended the Popular Front of India (PFI) rally and then left for a tour with his family. Kerala Police claimed they were searching for the family one week after the incident.

Musafar said his lawyers advised him to return home. He is a butcher by profession who also deals in second-hand cars. Musafar is also an active PFI member. PFI goons surrounded the area and chanted provocative slogans against the administration and the police.

As the situation worsened, police moved Musafar to the Palluruthy police station, and he was handed over to the Alappuzha police, who are investigating the incident. By evening news trickled out that he had been arrested.

PFI leader Yahya Thangal continued the verbal abuse and claimed that the Kerala High Court judges wear saffron underwear. Yesterday, he was speaking in front of an audience and received ample applause for his vulgar comments. Neither the administration, police, nor the bureaucracy complained. Similar abuses were used when the court proclaimed the Gyanvapi videography verdict.

Earlier, journalists who reported from near the terrorist’s house were abused, threatened, and prevented from leaving the area by PFI jihadis. The police had to interfere and free the media persons, including the crew of News 18, Republic Live, and Times Now reporters and crew. PFI terrorists continued to threaten media personnel on social media.

News 18 Alappuzha reporter Saranya Snehajan faced abuse and severe cyberattacks from PFI cybercriminals. Saranya reported that Musafar was a butcher by profession and explained his background. The News 18 reporter has a history of anti-BJP tirades, but she tasted her own medicine this time.

PFI used her report against her and alleged that Saranya insulted Musafar. Saranya shot back and said that she was the daughter of a toddy tapper and that there is nothing to be ashamed of someone’s profession. She noted that one should be embarrassed about the history and communal background.

The same boy had raised similar provocative slogans during the CAA agitation. He said that he didn’t know the meaning of what he said at the PFI rally. The father on the other hand is unapologetic and said “This is not the first time he said it. He said the same during anti-CAA protests too” and wondered what offense he committed.

Congress and the ruling Communist Party leaders tried to whitewash the hate crimes. They claimed that the genocidal cries were against only the Sanghis and not against any community in particular. Kerala police, who were reluctant to act against PFI hatemongers, were forced into action after the Kerala High Court intervened. The court order came following a complaint filed by advocate Vijayakumar of Bharatiya Abhibashaka Parishad.

Several were arrested, including a few local Alappuzha PFI leaders and the organizers of the PFI rally where the provocative slogans were raised. The Pinarayi Vijayan-led communist regime had approved the rally despite intelligence reports that the PFI was trying to create communal tensions by fermenting trouble amongst Muslims in highly volatile Alappuzha.

Permissions for the rally came when the district still retained the bloodstains of BJP OBC Morcha leader advocate Renjith Sreenivasan who was hacked to death by PFI extremists in December 2021. Local police were at the forefront and oversaw all the arrangements for the rally. The police later claimed that the provocative slogans came to their notice only after videos went viral on social media.

How Musafar and his family returned home from hiding unhindered is highly suspicious. He even claimed that he was going to court to claim his innocence. Police reached his house after Musafar gave several interviews to local journalists.

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