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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

‘Mann ki Baat’ of a Gujarati Voter

It is an exciting time to be in poll bound Gujarat and observe the political scenario of the state! However, for a voter, it’s time to make a decision, preferably based on an informed opinion. Now, there are two political parties which are in a position to form a government in Gujarat, so our choice is limited to those two parties, viz. Congress and BJP only. One thing to remember is that you’re casting your vote not only to elect your MLA, but also to decide which political party will form a government- BJP or Congress.

Now, so far as Congress is concerned, it’s been more than 20 years since it’s out of power in Gujarat. Is it only because BJP did so well while in government and satisfied everyone with its governance? Is it even possible? Not at all. The BJP continued its winning streak because it fared reasonably well on governance front, had a dynamic leader in Narendra Modi, and last but not the least, there was no formidable challenger from the Congress whom people could even consider to compare against Modi.

Now, if it was Modi, I wouldn’t be writing this post, but there is indeed a decision to be made since it’s not Modi this time and Gujarat has witnessed quite a few political situations, which not only embarrassed us and dented the image of Gujarat, but also confirmed the declining grip of the ruling party over administration. The only consolation is that the situation is still retrievable, and one does hope that the BJP would do a course correction if elected this time as well.

Taking any voter for granted not only shows your arrogance but also proves that you’re an immature strategist. Therefore, the least one can expect from the master strategist of the BJP is that they’ll not take the communities, over which neither Alpesh Thakor nor Hardik Patel commands any influence, for granted.

Now, why do I think even Patidars and people belonging to Alpesh’s caste too vote for the BJP? The biggest reason I can think of is that doing so would be in the interest of Gujarat.

Even if they refuse to think about the collective interest of Gujarat, even in terms of the interest of their respective communities, it’s desirable that they vote for the BJP.

Have Patidars forgotten the ill treatment meted out to them by successive Congress governments? There’s no chance of them getting what Hardik is demanding even if the people of Gujarat elect all 182 MLAs from Congress. Hence, it is foolish to vote for Congress, thinking that they’ll give you the lollipop Hardik’s been demanding for a while now.

For Alpesh’s community, what exactly is the reason why you should vote for Congress? To revive the KHAM equation and break the Hindu unity into pieces? What will Congress get you that BJP cannot and hasn’t yet given you?

On top of it, the same Congress party insulted Gujarat by calling Gujaratis donkeys in the run up to UP assembly polls. It’s the same Congress party whose workers/supporters slaughtered a calf in public and relished on its meat (beef) just to insult the sentiments of us Hindus.

The only way a Gujarati can even think of contemplating to vote for Congress is that the Congress first tells us who their CM candidate is and their CM candidate publicly apologises for the calf slaughter episode and convinces us Gujaratis how his ‘sane development’, i.e. ડાહ્યો વિકાસ’ would fare better than BJP’s ‘insane development’, i.e. ‘ગાંડો વિકાસ’…

In the end, I would say this much- અમુક લોકો જે કહે છે કે ‘વિકાસ ગાંડો થયો છે’ એમને પણ એટલી તો ખબર હોવી જ જોઈએ કે વિકાસ હતો એટલે જ તમને એને ગાંડો કે ડાહ્યો કહેવાની તક મળી.

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Parin Shah
Parin Shah
Foot-soldier of Hindutva, History Lover, News Junkie, Political Commentator; Electrical Engineer By Training and Electrical Contractor By Profession.


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